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Saturday, October 08, 2011


Hi all. I'm so sorry for the delay in posting here lately. I've come to the conclusion that I'd like to have one blog and one blog only. It's very difficult for me to keep up with my photography business blog as well as this personal blog here on the AGD site. Therefore, I've decided to make the official announcement that I've closed down my AGD website due to my photography business taking off far more than I ever could have imagined. My photography passion leaves me no time to sew the boutique clothing or design jewelry anymore as I always did in the past. Having a new little one also puts a damper on those plans. So...I closed my AGD website and will now be closing this blog too. I plan to leave it up and running so that others can always go back and read how it all began. However, from here on out...I'll be blogging full time over on my photography business blog which can be found by going HERE. I'll be blogging not only business there but personal as I always have.

Thank you to everyone whom has stuck by me since July of 2006 when I first opened this little spot on the web. Your encouragement, support, prayers, comments, compliments and so on have allowed me to become who I am today. For those of you who never judged me but yet loved me for who I am as well as who I am not...well...I cannot thank you enough. Thank you to my loyal AGD clients for buying my designs as well as for becoming my friends. Angelica Grace Designs was formed during a time when I needed an outlet - back when we were first learning of Kenidi's special needs diagnosis. AGD and all of its supporters carried me thru the trenches many times when I wanted to curl up into the fetal position and quit. You guys kept me going. Each and every one of you. And yes...even the select few negative n/ellies. You too...pushed me to keep crawling and to keep my head toward the sunshine. Thank you for the drive to be better, the determination to prove others wrong, and the ability to look back and smile - better yet - "grin" from ear to ear. In the end, here I am today. Still swimming.

This little part of my world has seen me thru the birth of my children, the birth of two businesses, the re-birth of many personal issues, the re-birth following a move across 4 states, and the many trials of just everyday life in general. Angelica Grace Designs was and always will be my "baby." I'm very proud of all that AGD accomplished in it's short time. It's very surreal to know others are wearing your designs clear across the country and even across the globe. My international clients are just as important to me as my clients located in the United States. I love all of you and always will.

So for now...I ask that you join me on yet another chapter - a new journey. Well not new but you get the point. I ask that we not say goodbye but yet that you stick by my side and watch with us how the next book will unfold. And should you ever find yourself with a need for photography, you know where to find me. Again, I'll be HERE (blogging personal and business together).

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Hope to see you on the flip side at Angie Seaman Photography. Much love, Angie

PS...Once on the Angie Seaman Photography blog, there is a way to sign up/subscribe to my blog there just as many of you always had here. Go to the navigation bar on the top of the page and find "subscribe." You can enter your email address there and opt in for an email including my most recent posts - everytime I post. :)

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Have you ever in all your life???

Granted...I am WAAAAYYYY biased but come on. Do those little chompers just make your heart skip a beat in the way they do mine? Probably not. Either way, I just had to share.

I opened the front door, let some natural light shine straight in, and then clicked away with Kross sitting in our entry way this morning. I wanted to get some 9 month shots and document him for this month as I do every month. He wasn't in the greatest of moods but you'd never know it here. That kid is such a ham. I'm taking full advantage of it too because one day soon...he'll detest my camera. I'm sure of it.

Speaking of clicking away, I did a fun retro pin up shoot this past weekend with some photographer friends of mine. It was a fun day and of course the clouds and crayola blue skies were there to "represent." :)

Of course the images are processed to look like an old time retro pin up girl calendar. It was different for me and totally out of my ordinary way of shooting but boy was it fun. A local Inn here in Naples allowed us to shoot at their location near the beach. Just shooting with my favorite photography peeps and challenging one another with something different was the best part of it all. The models were great to work with too. They were such troopers in that heat. It was blazing out and there were times where I had to sit down with a bottled water because I felt like I was going to hit the ground and pass out. Not good. I survived though and we trucked right on thru that Florida heat.

Suicide doors on this old car...crazy cool...

We got to use one of the rooms for some of the images too. It helped cool us down - air conditioning - YAY!

I'm so grateful for how well my photography business has been going here in Florida. I've worked very hard to pound the pavement and make a name for myself. It's a daily process - one that takes lots of work - but it has paid off for me and I pray it continues to do so. I'm thankful for the relationships I've established here. Those relationships have lead me to jobs where shooting for magazine spreads are consistently part of my line up now.

Albeit intimidating to work in the editorial world, it's challenging yet rewarding as well. And yes...I'll admit that it's a gratifying moment to skim thru a magazine while sitting in a doctors office and find images you've shot within it. Grateful indeed!

With that said, my clients and those relationships mentioned above have lead to a full and very busy season for me in the coming months. I'm pretty much booked thru the end of the year with the exception of a few random openings for tourists that stumble upon me. If you're coming to Southwest Florida at all in the next 6-8 months and were wanting portraits taken by me while here, please schedule in advance. I don't like having to turn people away. It breaks my heart. Therefore, hit me up as soon as possible and we'll solidify your place on my calendar. To all of you whom have helped propel my business in Indiana as well as here in Florida, I cannot thank you enough. It means more to me then you'll ever know. Seriously! I honestly couldn't have done it without you guys and all of your word of mouth referrals. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With that said, I'll sign off with a pretty little instagram image from my weekly phone dump. I took this while driving thru one of our outdoor mall areas a few days ago.

PS...If you haven't stopped by my Angie Seaman Photography blog lately, pop on over and see what all I've been up to. :)(ANGIE SEAMAN PHOTOGRAPHY) Happy Tuesday my friends. Much love, Angie

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Friday, August 26, 2011


It's Friday again. That means it's phone dump day. I've started sharing a few photos taken with my cell phone throughout the week here on my blog. The above shot was taken just this morning. Kross and I got his other two siblings off to school and then we hit the beach for a little "sugaring of our toes." Kross has it down to a science. No need to teach that certified beach bum how to do up the beach. He's mastered it already.

When we got there, I was carrying him and a big beach bag. I looked down and saw the shadow of my legs and captured my big ol' Mommy yoga pants flappin' in the sand via the reflection. Snapped the moment.

Although Hurricane Irene was originally heading right for us, it turned right and suddenly started veering up the East coast of Florida in stead. The beach was quiet and serene this morning. The water was dirty, sand brown, but the clouds and sky were still and beautiful as ever. You can tell a storm is brewing somewhere though. Mother ocean was roughed up, brown, and clearly ticked off.

The black and white version adds a bit more drama...wouldn't ya say?

This is what the sky really looked like...crayola blue as always...

Without rain though, there are never any rainbows. For any of you who know me well enough, you know that is one of my favorite quotes and has always been listed on my facebook page too. We are still in what is considered the "rainy season" here in South Florida. That means it rains at least once a day for about 30 minutes to an hour and then dries up and becomes as beautiful as it was before the rain. After one of those downpours off the ocean the other night, I captured this rainbow as the skies began to clear...

My favorite time is after the storm passes when the whole sky opens up and the brilliant orange colors pop out and shine this gorgeous golden light down on us...

When I came out of Dillard's the other night, the whole place was lit up like an orange fire ball. You can see that yummy golden light creating palm tree shadows on the front entrance of the mall in this shot below...

GAW-JUS! Love me some golden hour light. The light right before the sun sets. Amazing stuff

I always love to shoot in the morning around here too. More amazing stuff. I took the image below straight out the roof of my car the other morning as Brennen and I sat and ate our Starbucks oatmeal right before I took him to school. Yes...lucky for him (and me) there is a Starbucks almost in the parking lot of his school. Dunkin donuts too. Shame. Oh the shame. LOL!

The sun flare was magnificent on this morning and my iphone LOVES sun flare. Anytime I can capture some flare with my phone or my real camera, I'm all over it. I believe that sun flare is just another gift to us from God. Embrace the flare. :)

For now, I'm off to go finish editing some sessions. Can you believe that my brand new laptop is already in the shop? Won't hold a charge. The charge jack/port won't work when I charge it with my cord. Dang the bad luck. I swear laptops hate me. Yes, I said the word HATE as much as I "HATE" to. HA HA! I'm cursed when it comes to these computers. They are my work horses and I truly work them to death. Literally. Anyway, it's gone for two to three weeks so I'm back to editing in my office which I detest. So does Kross. That little dude is on the move and wants to be everywhere but holed up in my den right now. He has life so rough.

Have a great weekend and check back next week. Lots happening on the photography front. Lots of good news. Lots of cool shoots. Life is good. Love you guys.


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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


In the hustle and bustle of our travels back and forth to Indiana, I realized this week that I hadn't taken any photos of Kross for his 8 month anniversary. So...I we headed out the door last night to watch the sunset at the beach and to snap some "beach baby" shots of Kross. Needless to say, Kross was stoked. I'd love to know what he was looking up in the sky at in the top image and what he was thinking at that moment. If he could talk, I believe he'd be saying "Power to the surf" in this shot below...

Beings that Kross was born with the love of the beach running thru his veins, there is no doubt that he is a certified beach bum by DNA association due to his Mother being a beach bum at heart. So when he began sugaring his hands and toes in the sand the moment he got there...I knew he felt right at home. What I would have given to have grown up on at the seashore, on the coast, in the warm gulf waters with the wicked white surf.

It's a good darn thing a little sand ingestion never hurt a kid before because Kross ingested enough last night to feed a small army. Well ok...maybe a small bucket load anyway. LOL!

As a friend of mine said, he looks like he just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar here...

Like..."Who me???"

I love this boys smile. He can light up a room in an instant with these looks...

I think one of my favorite parts to the evening were these shots though...the blackmail shots of the future...

He was waving to passing beach-goers in this shot below. They were cracking up that he was "nek-ed." He kept on smiling and just kept waving to all of them like it was no big thang. :)

OK...I lied. My favorite part of the night was this moment...when Brennen was swimming with his baby brother...

God is good!

Until next time...Angie

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I've been obsessed with the instagram app on my iphone4 recently. I love being able to snap a shot, throw a filter & quick border around it and then instantly share it with hundreds or even thousands of others all at one time. Technology today never ceases to amaze me. With that said, I have a blogger on my daily blog reads that I love and I noticed she is doing a "phone dump" of her photos once a week. I thought this was a great idea. For those of you who haven't ever friended me on facebook, you miss out on A LOT of photos I share on there that never actually hit my personal blog. So...I thought the weekly phone dump from time to time would be great to do as well. I figured I'd share some of the photos I've taken via my cell throughout the past 7 days. The top one above was of my Dad holding Kross in his irrigation sprinklers the night before we left Indy. I love that shot. It reminds me of an old vintage image from years gone by or something. The joy that both of their smiles bring to me in that one photo is indescribable. Thank you camera phones!

The next shot is one that I snapped out of the car window as we left the Indiana state line in our rear-view mirror last Friday evening and crossed over into Kentucky via the Louisville bridge. Brent always laughs at me when we pull out of Indiana after our visits there. He tells me that I cry from the time I leave my Dad's driveway until at least Louisville each trip. Truth be told, he's probably right. It never helps when my Dad sends me texts such as exhibit A...(sorry Dad...I know you dislike when I share your texts but word pictures always help tell a story waaayyyyyy better. As a blogger, my job is to tell a story the best way I know how. That involves sharing your awesome words too. Nothing is sacred in our family, I know. LOL!)

Do you see now why a daughter might cry her heart out all the way from Indy to Kentucky after receiving a text from her dad telling her that he misses her already and that she needs to move back home? I must mention that he sends these each time I leave - before I'm ever even out of his neighborhood. See why I love him so much??? It's very clear what an exceptional father he is, isn't it? I know I brag on him a lot but really...this type stuff just confirms it all. I cherish my Dad's text messages. I should've listened to him when he tried to give me the box of Kleenex's from inside his house as I left though. I assured him that I had plenty of baby wipes in the car to use should I need them. Always heed a Father's advice. Always. Even when it comes to a simple box of Kleenex's. Dad's are always right.

At some point in the 18 hour drive back to Naples each time, I finally regain my composure, put away the Kleenex's and regroup. I sit and watch the sky, the clouds, the sunshine or rain as we drive that horrific drive back to Florida. I have high hopes that reciting what I'm grateful for (crayola blue skies, puffy white cotton ball type clouds, the golden sunshine, etc.) in my head throughout the drive will help pass the time quicker. It never does. Eighteen hours is still 18 frappin' hours. No matter how you look at it...the drive sucks. Bottom line. The only time it starts to get better is on the 2nd day - when you're about 45 minutes from home per the Navigation screen that you've been watching the whole 18 hour trip like it's the movie Twilight or something and Edward is secretly placed within the screen somewhere. also begin to get delusional along that drive too. It's a serious side effect. Anyway, back to my point. You roll down the windows and begin to smell the sea salt air. It's a fo' sho' sign that you're in the home stretch now. In no time, you look to your right - and then to your left - only to see scenes like this again...

Moments are driving over the ocean and the sun is setting...reminding you of that gratitude list that is forever embedded in your brain at this point...

Eventually, you pull up in the driveway and are never so glad to get out and touch your feet to the ground in all your life. You hit your bed that night still reciting the gratitude list..."sunsets, Starbucks, my parents, my friends, my kids, my own bed, air conditioning, palm trees, the salt life, my camera, my eyes to visualize shoots, pringals new honey butter stix, the fact that I didn't have to kill my husband this trip because he finally decided to stop at a hotel rather than drive straight through, and so on. Home is good. Real good. However, I have two homes. One where I lay my head every night and one where I lay my heart. You can guess which is which.

The next morning, I always jump up to watch the sun rise over the pond behind our house. It has a magnificent way of shining the most beautiful honey golden light down on the water as well as the tips of the palm tree leaves. The colors as the sun rises are amazing around here. When you live just 5 minutes down the street from the ocean, everyday is amazing around here. Even on the days when the enemy sets out to ruin your gratitude list or your "peppified spirit," you can still manage to always find something to be thankful for. A-L-W-A-Y-S!!! Like being able to stand under palm trees each and every day.

Even when it's raining on the palms and your power is out in your house due to the storm, life is still amazing and the palm trees are still beautiful.

Yes, life is good.

On a final note, before signing off tonight, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who posted here on the blog last week, privately emailed me, called, texted, facebooked, etc. in regards to Kenidi's situation. I had no idea that my post last week would provoke such an outpouring of support. It breaks my heart that so many of you are experiencing similar trials in your own lives. On a positive note though, your words of encouragement, advice, and your own experiences helped our family beyond imagine. You guys armed us with so much knowledge that we didn't have previous to my post. Your own journey has helped prepare us for ours. There are no words to thank you guys for your love and true concern for our Kenidi. We are 4 days into her new medicine (Tenex) and unfortunately haven't noticed any positive changes. She is extremely tired because of it and can barely keep her eyes open most of the day. The doctor warned us that this would happen in the beginning and so did some of you who have your own children on this particular medicine. We are hopeful that her body will adjust to the dosage soon. We were told to give the prescription three weeks before we made a decision to switch to resperdal. So...we will give it 2.5 more weeks. It's still very early and we are still very faithful. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. We'll go to plan B at that point. For now though, I know without a shadow of a doubt that all will work out as it should and that like always...God is leading the way. Again though, thank you to each of you for continually being so supportive of our family in the past 5 years since I began this blog. I always know I can come back here, to my online cyber-space friends, and find encouragement and advice thru this blog when needed. All of you are on my gratitude list.

Much love, Angie

PS...If you'd like to friend me on my personal Facebook page, you can do so by clicking on the following link: ANGIE ON FACEBOOK If you would like to become a fan of my Angie Seaman Photography fan page, feel free to do so by clicking this link: BECOME A FAN I'm always posting new session images there that you never see here on my blog. I also post "casting calls" for models that we need for certain creative shoots there too. It's a great place to keep an eye out on all of the Angie Seaman Photography happenings. No matter what...I just appreciate your support. :)

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Friday, July 29, 2011


If Kenidi could verbalize her feelings right now, I'm guessing that these days she'd be packing Kross a suitcase and waving by to him as she booted him out the front door. She loves and adores her baby brother with all her heart but I honestly believe she is just now beginning to realize that he is here to stay and isn't going anywhere. In the beginning, he was like a new toy to her. We had small issues but she was pretty gentle with him from the get go. Because we have slowly but surely been noticing more aggressive behavior from Kenidi over the past year to year and a half, we knew that Kross's arrival would be touch and go with her as well. Over the past 8 months since his birth, I've watched her go from gentle to down right violent with him. We can't sit him down or look away from him/her for even a split second. Her aggressive behavior has not only expelled over and onto him but onto us and other people as well. We battle her hitting, kicking, spitting, biting, pinching, etc. What was once just a melt down when we went to leave the beach or a park is now an everyday occurrence and has caused our normal "out and about" life to come to a screeching halt.

As I sit down to type this, my heart hurts when I reflect back on how much Kenidi's demeanor has changed over the past year and a half. She really is a totally different child. We can no longer fly on airplanes or travel period because of the outbursts, aggression, and publicly displayed melt-downs that involve just about anyone within a 20 mile radius of us. We can't take her out to eat at restaurants or stroll along and hold her hand thru the mall anymore. If she is out and about, she has to be strapped into her special needs stroller. There is no rhyme or reason to her madness. We used to think it was an attention issue but now we realize these are uncontrollable outbursts where she will lash out at anyone within her reach. I was in denial for a long time...just believing and hoping it was only a phase. Ya know...the kind of stuff they pick up at school and bring home??? However, the behaviors have only increased. Each day she is growing bigger and stronger and it's becoming harder and harder for me as well as everyone else to manage her when she lets loose. I tell you all of this because just as I have in the past 5 years since beginning this blog, I'm writing to find therapy in the moment. By the time the evenings roll around each day, I'm physically and mentally wiped out. I've had numerous days of emotional spells where I just finally burst into tears from the exhaustion, frustration, and utter heartbreak as I watch our daughter act out in ways she is unable to control. Ways we aren't able to control anymore either. Kenidi is still the loving, affectionate child she's always been. However, there is a side to her personality now that is tough, harsh, and dangerous.

I had a neurologist in Miami last year witness a melt-down of hers and his exact words to me were..."You know there is medicine for this?" I walked out of his office, pushed open the handicap doors to the parking lot, looked at my Mom and swore to her with fury in my eyes that I'd never go back to that doctor again. I can remember how angry I was with his words. I couldn't believe he would suggest that I needed to medicate my child. Almost a year later, I now wish I would have headed to his advice then. I was in denial.

So...a big reason for our trip back to Indy this time was to have Kenidi seen by her Riley doctors here in Indianapolis. Brent and I took her and both kids this past Tuesday morning to her appointment with her neurologist. He was also the geneticist that ran the tests on Brent and I right after we were told of Kenidi's diagnosis back in 2005. After two hours in his office, Kenidi had reached her limit and was exhibiting full on meltdown behavior by the time he saw us. She proved to him, the child psychologist on hand, as well as a student resident doctor that she had the strength and ability to take everyone of us in that room on and then beat the hell out of anyone she had the chance to. It's sound rough and it was. Thankfully though, because what she did in front of the docs, we didn't have to do too much explaining. It was clear that medicine was necessary. I left the hospital that day with mixed emotions. I was feeling defeated, deflated, and like a failure as a Mom. I had prayed for so long that I could "fix" her without medication. Her appointment Tuesday was confirmation that there was no longer anytime left for my attempts to "fix" her. This was our reality and something had to give. Our family life is suffering because we can't venture out like we used to. Brennen pays the price for that. Kross someday might too. The thought of how much things have changed as Kenidi's demeanor has changed is gut-wrenching. There have been talks of taking vacations without her, dinners out while she stays home with a sitter, etc. It all rips my heart out to the core. She's our daughter - part of our family. She should be experiencing these journeys, these memories with us.

In order to begin the new medication, she had to go for an EKG first. The doc wants to start her out on Tenex. (sp?) If there are any of you out there who have any experience with this drug and children, please email me. I'd love to hear your feedback. The EKG was done today and now we wait the results of it to make sure it was normal before she can begin the tenex. If the Tenex doesn't show positive signs of working in the next two weeks, they are going to move on to the big guns as they called it. Risperdal. Risperdal is used to treat strong and irrational behaviors. It's scary. Both medicines are. I have no idea what the future holds but I'm praying with every fiber of my being that these medicines do more help than harm. Only time will tell. My how things have changed. my usual attempt to always find laughter and positivity in my life...I saw a photo on pinterest today and decided to do our own version of it with Kenidi and Kross. I grabbed my camera and used it as a therapeutic tool. The end result is what you see below...

I'm giving all of the glory to God - as always - for this journey. I've prayed to him with my expectations of healing for Kenidi. I've pleaded with him to grant us peace within our family and mainly within her little body. I'm no longer in denial and realize that this is the only option left. We are left with no other choice but to help Kenidi thru medication. I'm hopeful that these meds will work. Please pray with me over the coming weeks as we embark on yet another foggy journey in the Seaman family. God is leading our hands and giving me - and us - the strength to keep putting one foot in front of the next. For those of you with special needs children, I know you understand this TOTALLY. I owe my family a HUGE thanks for helping me to combat the meltdowns Kenidi has displayed since arriving in Indiana. I couldn't have made it thru the past 2 weeks without them. Transition is horrific on Kenidi's little system. If you take her out of her routine, you can expect all hell to break loose literally. God love her...

Thanks for listening to me today. I know it's been a long time since I've "dumped" on all of my readers like this. Sometimes you just need to purge everything that is floating around in your head though and today was my day. As you all know, I purge via writing. I journal to heal. Always have - always will. Yes, my writings have put my family on major display at times in the past but I don't care. It's my life. It's my truth. It's me being real. Take it or leave it.

Thank you God for being my Rock. My savior. Literally. You've heard my prayers and you know my expectations. Please heal my baby girl.

In him, Angie

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Despite the helldacious heat here in Indiana, we decided to brave it all and head out to the county fair a couple of nights ago. Ironically, the heat wasn't so bad and we even found several pockets of shade to stand in as we stuffed our faces with the FAB fair food that graces the concession stands there each year.

Of course I was there armed with my camera and managed to snap some very simple but oh so colorful shots of our surroundings. We even saw the typical crazies. You know...the ones who ride those ridiculous rides like these...

The crowd was down considerably because people are willing to tackle the heat here this year. left tons of room for us to roam. I am always amazed at what types of foods they come out with each year. This year...the shocker was deep fried kool-aid. Yeap, you heard me. Kool aid. Come again???

There is deep fried everything at the fair. Even deep fried cookie dough. Now we're talkin'...

My favorite part of any fair is just all of the colors. There is so much color in life if we are just willing to look for it. At the fairs though, they throw it in yo' face. Like here..."Take some pink! Take some purple! Oh and how about some orange and bright sunny yellow too!!!" POW! POW! POW! Color is everywhere there and you never have to "search" it out. You'd have to be blind to miss the vibrant punch of the color wheel at any fair.

Lovin' these old school shades that I stumbled upon at a random table for sale. They're makin' their come back. ROCK ON!

Of course we all had to win Kenidi every stuffed animal under the sun during our journey there.

It's comical to me that I participated in that considering how many stuffed animals I pitch on a yearly basis out of my kids rooms. Kenidi has this set of baskets at my Dads that they keep stocked with toys and coloring books for her. Every hour on the hour...she dumps it all out. And every hour on the other Dad and I pick it all back up and place it where it all goes. You see...I get my OCD issues from him. He has always taught me that everything has its place. Therefore, when there is stuff laying out all over the makes me shake with distress. Almost darn near convulsions really. I told my Dad the other day that I wished I had a video camera of him and I picking that junk all back up and putting it away every two seconds and then Kenidi just returning the favor by getting it all back out again. It's a constant game to her. So...not only does my poor dad have the usual sprawled out all over his floor now...he also has cheap ol' fair toys dumped all over the place too. To know him is to know that it's silently killing him inside. However, he'd NEVER say it. LOL! He just keeps picking it up and putting it all away again. Speaking of my dad...check him out...this was at the fair the other night too...

Love that man!

Both him and Brennen played some games while there. In the words of my dad during this moment below..."Gimme' some dddaawwwggg!"

Kross did exceptionally well in the heat that night. He was obsessed with our water bottles. The pictures say it all...

Love that shot of Brennen and Kross with my step-mom Cathy. Kross is trying to be sneaky and steal her water bottle there. Too funny! I love his face in this shot below...

Kenidi Grace loved the sights. She played skee ball (sp?) and threw the balls in the fish bowls. My aunt and Brennen both won fish so now my Dad has two new family members in his house as well. LOL! Kenidi also played the water duck game and loved that. It's great to see her being able to participate in the stuff we all do.

I caught Brennen in the middle of his corn dog (BARF!). He wasn't very happy about it either...

It's hard to believe half of our trip to Ind is already over. We only have another week and a half here before we head back to Naples. I've enjoyed lounging around the pool with my best girlfriends, dinners and daily vegging with my Dad and Cathy, and shooting my photography sessions that I've booked while here. It's been a FAB trip thus far. I've got a girls night out planned with my friends this Friday and several more shoots to do before I head out. I'm soaking up all of the goodness that Indy has to offer before I have to say my "until next time's."

Speaking of until next time...until the next blog post...keep smiling, look for the color in life, and enjoy these summer nights. I'm off to go consume some more cotton candy.

Much love...Angie

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