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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Despite the helldacious heat here in Indiana, we decided to brave it all and head out to the county fair a couple of nights ago. Ironically, the heat wasn't so bad and we even found several pockets of shade to stand in as we stuffed our faces with the FAB fair food that graces the concession stands there each year.

Of course I was there armed with my camera and managed to snap some very simple but oh so colorful shots of our surroundings. We even saw the typical crazies. You know...the ones who ride those ridiculous rides like these...

The crowd was down considerably because people are willing to tackle the heat here this year. left tons of room for us to roam. I am always amazed at what types of foods they come out with each year. This year...the shocker was deep fried kool-aid. Yeap, you heard me. Kool aid. Come again???

There is deep fried everything at the fair. Even deep fried cookie dough. Now we're talkin'...

My favorite part of any fair is just all of the colors. There is so much color in life if we are just willing to look for it. At the fairs though, they throw it in yo' face. Like here..."Take some pink! Take some purple! Oh and how about some orange and bright sunny yellow too!!!" POW! POW! POW! Color is everywhere there and you never have to "search" it out. You'd have to be blind to miss the vibrant punch of the color wheel at any fair.

Lovin' these old school shades that I stumbled upon at a random table for sale. They're makin' their come back. ROCK ON!

Of course we all had to win Kenidi every stuffed animal under the sun during our journey there.

It's comical to me that I participated in that considering how many stuffed animals I pitch on a yearly basis out of my kids rooms. Kenidi has this set of baskets at my Dads that they keep stocked with toys and coloring books for her. Every hour on the hour...she dumps it all out. And every hour on the other Dad and I pick it all back up and place it where it all goes. You see...I get my OCD issues from him. He has always taught me that everything has its place. Therefore, when there is stuff laying out all over the makes me shake with distress. Almost darn near convulsions really. I told my Dad the other day that I wished I had a video camera of him and I picking that junk all back up and putting it away every two seconds and then Kenidi just returning the favor by getting it all back out again. It's a constant game to her. So...not only does my poor dad have the usual sprawled out all over his floor now...he also has cheap ol' fair toys dumped all over the place too. To know him is to know that it's silently killing him inside. However, he'd NEVER say it. LOL! He just keeps picking it up and putting it all away again. Speaking of my dad...check him out...this was at the fair the other night too...

Love that man!

Both him and Brennen played some games while there. In the words of my dad during this moment below..."Gimme' some dddaawwwggg!"

Kross did exceptionally well in the heat that night. He was obsessed with our water bottles. The pictures say it all...

Love that shot of Brennen and Kross with my step-mom Cathy. Kross is trying to be sneaky and steal her water bottle there. Too funny! I love his face in this shot below...

Kenidi Grace loved the sights. She played skee ball (sp?) and threw the balls in the fish bowls. My aunt and Brennen both won fish so now my Dad has two new family members in his house as well. LOL! Kenidi also played the water duck game and loved that. It's great to see her being able to participate in the stuff we all do.

I caught Brennen in the middle of his corn dog (BARF!). He wasn't very happy about it either...

It's hard to believe half of our trip to Ind is already over. We only have another week and a half here before we head back to Naples. I've enjoyed lounging around the pool with my best girlfriends, dinners and daily vegging with my Dad and Cathy, and shooting my photography sessions that I've booked while here. It's been a FAB trip thus far. I've got a girls night out planned with my friends this Friday and several more shoots to do before I head out. I'm soaking up all of the goodness that Indy has to offer before I have to say my "until next time's."

Speaking of until next time...until the next blog post...keep smiling, look for the color in life, and enjoy these summer nights. I'm off to go consume some more cotton candy.

Much love...Angie

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Blogger Madison said...

Great photos!

7/28/2011 11:06 PM  
Blogger katy said...

i HEART all the color in these photos!!!! great pictures :)

7/30/2011 5:08 PM  

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