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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Happy Thursday ya'll. Just wanted to say that "YES," the Spring/Summer 09' designs are well on their way. Here are some of the new collection. I know how much you guys all love these sneak peeks. HA! I've had some emails recently inquiring about when I'd be releasing the new designs. They were supposed to be already out there for you by now. However, with my health scare and the craziness of the past two weeks...I'm way behind. I had initially planned on taking shots of these here in Indy and listing them ASAP. However, I've decided to hold off and snap the shots of Kenidi in them while at the beach in two weeks. I think the ocean will make a much better back drop for them rather than our dead brown winter grass here in Indiana.

So...please continue to be patient with me. I will get the product shots for them done while in Florida that first week in April. I'll list them right after that. Just in time for Spring and Summer. YAY! All three of these new designs will be featured...I promise!

And yes...even the one shown below too. I know you've already seen its sneak peek but I thought I'd share it again in case you've forgotten about it. It's gonna' go great with a summer tan. :)

For now, I'm off to ship some orders for some dear clients. (mirrors, lip balm, and all) Ha ha! And answer your questions about the AGD lip balm...I can't sell it individually. I've decided to just keep it a special perk for those who purchase from AGD. So sorry! Thanks for all of your interest in it though. You ladies love your lip balm as much as I do. Hee hee! Hugs, Angie

PS...Thought you guys might find it interesting to know that the above/top two sets were inspired off of two outfits I found that I wanted for Kenidi in a photo for a store online. Changed them up a bit and made the design to fit her - to fit us. Our fabrics - our look. It's hard to shop from department stores anymore when I know that it can be "made" at home (a.k.a. with Karen's mad skillz too) :)

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Blogger Rachel said...

Oh Angie those look fabulous! I can't wait to see them!

I am amazed at your talent!

I'm glad you are doing okay.. loving the lip balm!

Have a blessed day!

3/19/2009 10:37 AM  
Blogger Little Miss Lexie Designs said...

Love it love it love it...such talent....when I come over to do her shades, I am gonna hit you up about your serger.....mine gives me fits your email...thank you..I am gonna respond to it today! thanks

3/19/2009 10:39 AM  
Blogger brooke said...

offa...looks like my ladies may just be sportin some AGD this summer! those fabrics have definitely caught my attention!! plus i HAVE to know what that {smell} is...haha.
side note....a little sappy was i last night...happens when the man is gone and the house is quiet and dark...but your little gal is a total inspiration and i am so excited for her to be able to work with her new best friend gideon!!

3/19/2009 10:46 AM  
Blogger The Seaman Family said...

They look so gorgeous! I can't wait to see the whole outfits! And I'm so happy for Kenidi about her new therapy lessons; one of these days, she'll be running on a horse all by herself. So exciting!

3/20/2009 8:57 AM  

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