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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Five. Just five more days. Cinque, Cinco, Cinci, Cinq. Five. As one of my fellow photographer peeps put it...I'm so bored while waiting this out that I'm now learning how to count down the days in foreign languages. LOL!

Who would've ever guessed that when I wrote this post back in April of this year, that we'd get to this moment in time, with only five days to go - so quickly? I swear this pregnancy has flown by at a lightening fast rate. I can't believe I'm saying that considering how miserable I've felt in the past couple of weeks but the truth really has flown by. I've hit that pivotal point where I'm ready to "evict" this kiddo. At 38 and a half weeks, I feel he has "baked" in there long enough. It's time to smoke this baby out of his hole. LOL! I'm glad he has decided to hold off on his arrival until this week though. It makes it much easier on my parents to get here - as expected. They fly in this Wednesday evening and I'm just as excited to get them here as I am to get our lil' man here. :)

Brennen put the baby swing together for me on Thanksgiving. He wanted to do it all himself and he did. My Mom supervised him while she was here but he assembled that thing like an ol' pro. After we did that, Brent dug the Christmas tree and decorations out for us. We spent the evening putting the tree up together and getting the house Christmas ready. I wanted to do it all before I go into the hospital this week because I didn't want to mess with all of that once I was home and barely able to move. My goal is to knock out all of my Christmas shopping in the next 5 days as well - so that it is completely done too. I realize I'm asking for a miracle here but that never stopped me before. It's worth a shot and I'm going to attempt to accomplish it all in between all of my other scheduled appointments. Hair, last OB appt., nails/pedicure, a good ol' waxing, school visits for Kenidi next week, grocery shopping, a pre-op appointment at the hospital and so forth.

We have to be at the hospital by 6am Thursday morning. My c-section is scheduled to begin at 7:15am. I hope to be out of the OR by 8am and in a recovery room until 9am. From 9am on...I should be in my postpartum room and enjoying our newborn. I have two of my photography peeps coming in to take photos of the big day for us. They are braving those early morning hours and getting there where I'm wheeled back to the OR at 7:15am. I can't begin to express how grateful I am that they will both be there documenting the arrival of our 3rd little one and for the fact that they are going to be my "eyes" while I'm missing beautiful moments because of undergoing another c-section. I'm sure they will have gorgeous images to share and I know they plan to post "some" of them on facebook. Therefore, if you are a friend of mine on facebook, keep a look out for them. And of course once I'm able to move myself, I'll be taking my own pictures and will do a post here on the ol' blog as soon as humanly possible. I plan to have Brent or Brennen update my page on Facebook as much as possible that morning. For those who are friends of mine on FB, you'll get step by step accounts of what all is happening as it happens. I'm praying that I won't be so drugged up that I can't enjoy that first day or that I'm not dry heaving and sick like I was with my last two c-sections (for hours following the surgery) to where I can't soak all of those first few hours in clearly and coherently. Speaking of praying, any prayers you guys can send our way over this next week would be phenomenal. I'm extremely anxious about undergoing the spinal this time and having to endure that surgery and recovery process yet again in my life. I've been praying that God will give me an unbelievable amount of peace that morning and the days leading up to the birth. If all of my prayer warriors can pray for my peace and sense of calm as well, I'd be forever grateful. I know many of you have already begun emailing me and posting little notes on my FB page letting me know that you are praying for our family in the coming days and that you can't wait to see photos of our little guy. I can't thank you enough for your prayers and for your words of support, love, and encouragement. There is no way to put into words what all of your friendships mean to me. Cyber driven or not. Hundreds of you have been a part of our lives for many many years - long time and loyal, faithful, blog readers. I realize this moment in our lives is just as big an event for all of you as it is for us. Because of that, I'm so thankful and so blessed by each of your caring, prayerful, and kind demeanor's. Your hearts are huge and we are definitely feelin' the love. Thank you so very much for being here for us during such a joyous occasion. We can't wait to share "him" with all of you come Thursday. :)

I hope to blog a few more times in between now and then should time allow it.
XOXO, Angie and Baby Seaman

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Blogger Tonia Hobbs said...

I am so excited for you!! I will be praying! I cant wait to see pictures of sweet one!

11/27/2010 3:23 PM  
Blogger katy said...

How exciting! He's almost here :-) Saying a prayer everything goes fabulous! Can't wait to see pictures!!!!

11/28/2010 2:11 AM  
Blogger Maria said...

Angie~I've enjoyed your blog & am praying for a quick & easy recovery for you. You sound like super woman (or is it crazy woman?)
with all of your plans for the next 5 days. You go girl! It will be a wonderful Christmas for all of you with the little guy finally here.
Sending much love & prayers your way. Can't wait to see pictures.

11/28/2010 9:30 AM  

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