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Friday, September 24, 2010


Last night I got the pleasure of shooting with some of my fellow Naples Photography peeps during a night photography shoot on downtown 5th avenue here in Naples. It started to rain early on in the evening but luckily it stopped by the time we needed to be out there. I enjoy being able to share my passion with such amazing people like the fellow photographers in this group with me. It is so fun to have the same interest and be able to learn from one another all at the same time. We have monthly get togethers and walk-abouts around town where we go and shoot together. The instructor also offers awesome classes that we can attend if it interests us. Needless to say, I attend everything I possibly can so that I can learn anything and everything about the world of photography. It's a constant learning process and that is what I love most about it. It's never a dull subject because there is always more to learn. That aspect keeps it all very exciting.

The shot of the trees lit up above was taken in front of the Sugden theater on 5th Avenue. It's a gorgeous spot that they keep lit up year round. Love that!

I love shooting on 5th avenue anytime I can. Downtown Naples is what I like to call a "mini" Rodeo Drive. The cars that line the streets are amazing. The shops are adorable. The people watching is fantastic. And the restaurants are phenomenal. Not only that but you walk steps down the street and right into the beach. The ocean/coast line is right there. It's an awesome place to live by. Gorgeous is an understatement. Rain or shine - it's truly like living in paradise everyday. In the shot above, I wanted to capture some light streaks from the cars going by. Thus the ribbon effect from the headlights. The process involves slowing your shutter speed way down and capturing the lights even though the cars that produce the headlight streaks are ghost like and not visible.

In this picture above, I was after "star bursts" with the lights. I wanted that effect on the green traffic light at the intersection and the lighting along the awnings of the businesses.

The fountains above are located outside the McCabe's Irish Pub on 5th Ave. McCabe's is the restaurant for the Inn of 5th hotel. (LOVE THAT HOTEL!) All of the restaurants in downtown Naples have tables that line the sidewalks outside. It is so fun to walk up and down 5th and then have dinner under the palm trees at the restaurants. The ambiance is always amazing in this area. Lots going on...

Again, I was after the light streaks from cars in the above shot. I loved the colored lights across the street and in the bushes here. The hubby and I had dinner at Bistro 821 the other night and sat right outside where this shot was aimed. It was a beautiful evening with the gulf breeze blowing and true to form Florida weather. Good times.

This one was just another close up shot of the water fountain in front of McCabe's.

And this ice cream shop...??? Well believe it or not - it is the only place we've been able to find a neon sign at in Naples. I loved that the bike was parked in front of it with the little red flashing light on it.

Even the parking garages in Naples are gorgeous. (above)

This was an alley (above) and I was again trying to capture some star bursts on the lights. If you look closely, you'll notice I caught some red tail light streaks going by at the far end of the alley as a car passed thru my shot.

I had a great night with my Naples photography peeps and a great night just waddling walking around on 5th Avenue. It's always comical how many people approach us about what we are doing when we are there together with all of our cameras. Good times!

I hope all of you have a spectacular weekend. We've got dinner plans with our neighbors/friends this evening (back down on 5th avenue - YAY!) and then a low key weekend to just veg out. I love weekends when we have nothing planned. I'll be gearing up for my first ever shoot with the new magazine I mentioned yesterday. They've lined up a job for me and I'll be heading out to do it come Monday. Please say a little prayer for this nervous nelly in me. New situations are always good at giving me the nervous jitters from time to time. :)

Much love, Angie

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Blogger Jill said...

I can't even explain to you how much I want to be IN these photos! Looks like such a beautiful place! LOVE that photo of the fountain and the tress with lights. It just looks so festive.

9/24/2010 4:18 PM  
Anonymous Mommy said...

Angie, you bring a whole new look to 5th AVE. It is awesome, no doubt, but you could certainly bring in the tourists with these shots! Just think, I live a few blocks down the street from there! I don't think the folks on 5th AVE. would appreciate my car parked out in front of their establishments though, ha ha. You will do better than fine on your photo shoots little momma, like you always tell me, have FAITH! XOXOXO

9/28/2010 1:35 PM  

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