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Wednesday, August 04, 2010


When everyone hears me mention the urban-grunge environments that I miss so much when it comes to shoots/photography in Indiana, this is a perfect example of what I mean. These type of graffiti-ridden environments are non-existent in Naples, Florida. My Dad and I actually found this location one day when we were headed back to his house, cutting thru an old area of town last Fall. I've been dying to get here and shoot ever since. I couldn't wait to come home to Indy and utilize this spot for the backdrop of a photography session (which you will see soon). These are just some images of the area itself and how overly cool it is.

I love art and I love color. Therefore, it is a no brainer that I'm infatuated with any urban-esque style setting. The run down old buildings that have been here for years and the neighborhoods in general cannot be replicated. You know the type - they are the areas where you really shouldn't be because technically they are quite dangerous parts of town. For me though, that rush or the adrenaline is what makes a shoot like this so much fun. You're off the beaten path, out of your comfort zone, totally out of the box in regard to your normal world. With those qualities, the shoots come alive and provoke so much creativity from behind a lens. When I scout and find locations like this, they truly make my heart skip a beat as I pull up on them. They inspire me in ways like nothing else can.

I've got a notorious reputation as a photographer for jumping/hopping fences, being run off private property, etc. One of my favorite photographer mentors is Tamara Lackey. I remember her saying to us in Atlanta last year that if we haven't been run out of somewhere yet as a photographer, then we aren't in the right locations or we aren't doing something right. I laughed when she said that because I sooooo agree. When you hear me joking about how I hope I don't end up in jail when I'm out location scouting or shooting, this is why. I have a tendency to push the envelope a tad bit when it comes to finding really cool backdrops. Today was no different. I went back to the area that my Dad and I accidentally found last year and scouted out my plan for my upcoming shoot there. I was startled by a few "where did you come from" individuals that popped up from out of no where in alley's or from behind buildings without me expecting it. Dangerous...yes. Fun...heck to the yeah! I know, I know...I have issues. Either way, these spots are why Indy runs deep in my veins when it comes to photography sessions. I can't get this look in Naples and quite really ticks me off. A girl needs some dirt, some grunge, some old, some rustic, & even some scary - every now and again. Naples is so daggone clean and new that it has me wanting to vomit at times. I want nostalgia, history, and buildings that have literally seen hell and back. I want the scary, "don't you dare go there alone" areas.

The old abandoned lots are the best. When I see a "no trespassing" sign, my brain instantly says..."ooohhhh, let's go in there." It's like how Tim McGraw sings, "I need you like a needle needs a vein." Well, I need graffiti and grunge like I need oxygen.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not at all saying that I'm all like 'she-ra' or like some total bad a_ _ that thinks she can take on a gang that might meet me behind one of these buildings or in a dark alley some day. I will tell you that I pray like a crazy woman every time my feet hit the concrete in these areas though and I KEEP praying until I'm back in my car with the doors locked again. God is my 'homeboy' though and I have total faith that he can whoop a whole lot of gangsta's. I don't care if you are in the crypts, the bloods, or the east side mafia. God has to watch over me like Edward has to Bella in New Moon. I'm constantly provoking an onslaught of total stupidity when it comes to scouting. LOL!

Like this shoot I did with a younger client last summer, I'm always "misbehaving."

Needless to say, I'm having a ball back home in Indiana. Aside from the fun of scouting, it's been great to hang out with my Dad each day, wake up in their house to great food and tons of love, chill by their pool with the kids, see my dearest friends, frequent my favorite stores and restaurants in town, etc. I'm hitting the North side again today as I'm scheduled to take Mr. Popular, (a.k.a Brennen), to another one of his friends houses up there. That kid has me on a tight leash these next two weeks while running him here and there all over kingdom come to see his pals. While on the North side today, I'm having lunch with my gur-fren Karen and then the two of us are hitting my favorite cupcake shop for dessert. (Holy Cow Cupcakes) Good times! Good times! There is so much I miss when I'm not here in Indy so I'm trying to soak it all up while I have the time. We won't be back to Indiana again until next year sometime - after our new little one/baby Seaman is born. Therefore, I'm making the best of this trip while I have the time. :) Until my next post... ~Angie

PS...All photos without the young girl in them were taken with my iphone 4 camera.

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Anonymous Karen R said...

SO looking forward to tomorrow! Oh, it's already today.

I've been looking for clues in these pictures to figure out the location! I'm stumped! I'm guessing it's not TOO far from where I grew up.

Gotta go and print out those Groupons! MMmmmmm!

8/04/2010 12:17 AM  
Blogger Madison said...

Holy cow! Your phone takes awesome pictures!

8/04/2010 10:37 PM  
Blogger Deanna said...

Awesome grunge! I bet you were rockin' it with your glass! How lucky you are to have that place, even if you do have to wait until your back in Indy to utilize it! It's crazy how beautiful graffiti can be!

8/05/2010 12:13 AM  

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