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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Last night I got the true pleasure of being the "paparazzi" at a red carpet event here in Naples. Well, it was the Hilton hotels idea of a red carpet event anyway. The Hilton needed photographers for their Oscar themed red carpet event and I went with bells on - ready to shoot the night away...true paparazzi style.

The hotel here in Naples is stunning and was done up to the hilt for last nights event. Marino transportation had their staff and owner there as well to promote the night. The marketing executive for Marino transportation gave us all t-shirts at the end of the night that had "I LOVE TONY" on the front of them. Tony is the owner's name. The back side had their corporate logo on them. I thought it was funny considering how Tony is also my Dad's name. I initially thought I'd give the shirt to my step-mom beings that it says I LOVE TONY really big but I quickly realized that the XL size would swallow her whole. Therefore, it is going to be my new "bum around the house" pregnant tee. :)

Everyone that came to the event looked FAB! It was a huge party for over 300 travel agents across the country. The Hilton really put on a show - drawing back to the old world theme of the Oscars back in the day. They handed out colorful boas to all of us, sunglasses, tiaras, big cocktail rings, etc. just to add to the party flare. I brought most of my loot home to Kenidi. Of course the bubble gum pink boa and the big pink cocktail ring propelled her right into her element. LOL!

Marilyn Monroe was there. So was Anna Nicole Smith. My favorite was the Audrey Hepburn look alike. (of course) And on the far left end of the image below, you will see Peggy. Peggy is in black and wearing the tiara on the far right end of this image. She is the leader of our Naples photography group. We love her! Such a great gal.

Below you will see more of the Audrey Hepburn look alike again. I missed Cher - didn't get to snap her photo before she left. Bummer! The night was full of smiles and tons of laughs. Loved that!

The best part to the evening was just being able to hang, gather, laugh, and shoot with my fellow "paparazzi pals." These are just some of my camera obsessed friends from the Naples photography group I belong to. There is nothing better than enjoying moments with others who share the same passion as you.

When the people walked the red carpet, they loved every minute of the Hollywood style Paparazzi action. Some of them really soaked it up - making it even more fun for us.

The Hilton had women in mermaid suits out in their pool, dancers who rocked the dance floor to songs like "I gotta feeling," the Naples improv group came and did their thang', and even the Naples Zoo came in with animals and reptiles to entertain the attendees. It was a great night had by all...

And in the end, the Hilton not only gave all of us photographers a free dinner and free drinks for the night, but they also gave us a gift certificate for one free nights stay in one of their rooms in between now and December 2011. They were extremely generous in the compensation department. Again, it was a FAB evening - the images just do not do it justice. I'm so thankful to be a part of the Naples photography community with all of these wonderful peers of mine. They've really helped make my move here all that much easier. It really helps that they have cameras as appendages just like myself. :) Huge thanks to Peggy, Shannon and the staff at Marino transportation, the Hilton hotel in Naples and its entire staff, etc. for such a wonderful night chalked full of fun. Good times! Good times!

Until next time, Angie

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Blogger Molly said...

This looks like total fun Angie! Did you get any pictres of the mermaids? I would have loved to have seen them! Loving the look a likes too!
~Molly P

8/04/2010 5:53 AM  

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