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Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Just because. No other reason for these images other than that. Because.

Because this child cracks me up. That's all.

We rolled up to the front of Sephora today and she immediately started rubbing her lips with her index finger saying..."ips, ips, ips." Apparently we've made one too many trips to the Sephora store where she has witnessed the purchase of lipsticks or lip gloss. Amazing what this child will pick up on. I say it every day but I'll say it again...she is way smarter then we give her credit for. I know this. I really do. However, sometimes it just takes life moments like the Sephora store outings to remind me just how much she really does "get it."

She gets fashion more than I even get fashion. She truly understands style and loves compliments on things like her clothes, shoes, and sunglasses. Holding true to form, she has a thing for sunglasses just like her Mama.

In other's been a pretty low key week around here thus far. I'm currently pouting over the fact that I just discovered that there is an official TWILIGHT convention tour going on in Indianapolis this weekend and of course I won't be there to go to it. Some of the wolf boys, the one wolf girl (Emily) as well as the girl who played Bree Tanner in Eclipse will be there to sign autographs. No Taylor, Rob, or Kristen though. If so, you can bet your butt I'd be on a plane back home to Indy like last week. LOL! Can you believe the tour is in town 2 weeks before I am set to arrive back home??? What a joke. It's just my luck. Then, the same tour is coming here to Florida - in Orlando - come December. But guess what...I'll have just given birth to our new little bundle of joy at that time. Another strike out. If you are interested in finding out more about the convention tour and whether or not one is coming to your area, click HERE. And if you go, you'd better send me pictures - maybe even an autograph or two if you can pull it off. :-)

Yes, you heard right. We'll be driving back home to Indy for two weeks on July 30th. We'll be in town thru August 13th. Several of you have contacted me about scheduling a photography session with me once in town. Beings that I'm home a bit longer than normal this go round, I am taking a few clients while home. If you are interested, please email me directly at I have about 3 slots left. Aside from some fun with clients, I'm looking forward to time with my family and pool days with my girlfriends as well as the sleep over/slumber party we've all lined up together. Good times. Good times.

Kenidi starts horse therapy again tomorrow. She has been off for the summer and is really missing "Dotty." The staff at the stables asked her to participate in a riding group that they formed for a select few kids this summer and we were honored to have the spot. She is thrilled to be booting back up and riding again. Needless to say, her pregnant Mama is not looking forward to being at the stables in this Florida heat though. No, not so much. Thank goodness I have our battery operated fan water bottles from Disney World though. I'm thinking that those silly $17 water bottles are fixing to come in handy yet again.

Other than that, I haven't been doing much this week aside from stuffing my face with some fresh peanut butter fudge from Kilwin's down on 5th avenue here in Naples. I finally had to toss it though because the sugar in it was giving me heart palpitations that were out of this world and because I've got to weigh in at my OB appointment next Wednesday morning. HA! I don't dare step on that scale and have any extra fudge baby weight. I've only gained one pound in my 5 months of pregnancy thus far and I thoroughly intend on keeping that number as low as low can go while I finish out this next 4.5 months. I was so sick in the beginning that I think the nausea helped with no weight gain. Now though...fudge is my enemy. Why I couldn't have behaved this way with my eating habits in my first two pregnancies I have no idea. With Brennen and Kenidi, I ate enough food on any given day to feed Ethiopia and several other areas too. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate was what I ate with Brennen. I craved it like it was oxygen. I literally gained 60lbs. with him while preggo. While pregnant with Kenidi, I ate chips and salsa daily from Chili's restaurant. I mean "daily." I would call in to go orders and pick them up all the time. All that salt on their chips was clearly not a good idea. I gained 40lbs. with her pregnancy. With this pregnancy though, I haven't even thought about chocolate one time or junk much at all. My biggest cravings this time around has been salads, soups, and fruit. Go figure! It would be nice if I could keep that up once I had the baby too. I'm sure that will NEVER happen though. Wishful hoping I guess. Either way, I'm behaving for now. My OB was so proud at my last doctor appointment. She is so strict about unnecessary pregnancy weight and I'm grateful for the amount of intimidation she causes me when I want to consume that 4th bite of fudge. LOL! For now though, I'm off to chill for the evening. We spent a long day today running much needed errands. My feet are paying for it. Much love, Angie

PS...Confession time. Eminem's new song, Love the way you lie, (playing on my playlist right now) featuring Rhianna is one of my new favorite tunes. I realize there is some rough language in parts of it. Please bare with me as I wear this song out and eventually delete it from my playlist. Until then, if you find that Eminem isn't one of your more favorite singers, you might want to turn your volume on your computer off or hold you hands over your ears as you read. However, if you are like me and thoroughly love this song, rock on sista's - rock on!

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Blogger Molly said...

Love the pictures from Disney! I went there when I was little and it was hottt but very fun and memorable. Kenidi is too cute sitting on the bench and loving Sephora. I go gaga when I enter Sephora too and sniff and test everything! Hope you are feeling great and having a fabulous week!!
~Molly P

7/08/2010 11:06 AM  
Blogger SugarberrySensations said...

Angie, I love your pictures of Kenidi, and her Sephora lip gloss story!!!! And I have to tell you - I'm totally addicted to the new song! I love it and listen to it all the time!
Thanks for my new song addiction! =)


7/09/2010 7:27 PM  

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