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Tuesday, July 27, 2010



After a full year of being asked to offer a post processing techniques photoshop class, I've finally taken the leap and decided to schedule one. So many of you take my beginner online photography class and then want more. I've been asked to conduct a level 2 photography class as well as the post processing techniques class. For now, I'm going to embark on the post processing request and see how it goes. If this class is received as well as the beginner photography classes, I hope to continue offering it in the future (schedule permitting baby Seaman's arrival - and for those who've still haven't agreed on his name yet. LOL!) Anyway, the first photoshop post processing techniques class will be offered LIVE on the night of August 18th from 7:30pm-9:30om. What does LIVE mean? It means that you will log onto a site and watch/hear me walk thru photos and post process them right on your computer screen. You will need either a phone or a set of headphones with a mic (preferred option) for this class. I use the headphones which Brent got for me from Radio Shack one time and I love them. They allow my hands to be free during the classes. For an hour and a half (maybe a bit longer given how the class goes), you will get to watch how I would post process images. You will be able to see my computer screen LIVE and hear me in real time as I teach you the process of going from point A to point B with a photograph that came straight out of the camera.

Each student in the class will be asked to submit 5 photos of their choosing. I will select at least one image from each student - maybe more - time permitting and edit those images in front of you via our computers. The cost per student is $99 for that 1.5-2 hour class. I am only allowing a maximum of 15 students for this class. I know it is a much smaller number than we normally offer for the beginner photography course but the reason being is time. I want to be able to answer all of your questions and get thru as many images as I can so I intend to keep the class # low to stay on schedule that evening. If you are interested in the class, feel free to sign up HERE. I have already had numerous students ask for me to hold them a spot. I cannot hold spots until payment has been made. Therefore, act quick! This class is and always has been in high demand.

Minor details...yes, you can join us if you only have photoshop elements. Some topics discussed won't be an option for your software program but they are still good things to learn for when you make the upgrade to the full photoshop program. We will also be learning things that DO pertain to what you can do in Elements. If you have an older full photoshop program like CS or CS2, you can still take the class as well. Also, you do NOT need to have gone thru my beginner photography class in order to take this one. We welcome you either way. However, if you've taken my beginner class...this class will be that much easier to understand. For those still wanting to land a seat in my beginner photography class that starts online this coming Sunday evening, you can also register HERE for that class too. We have a few seats remaining and intend on those to sell out before the end of the week this week.

Lastly, here are just a few of the topics we will discuss/touch on in the post processing photoshop techniques class (geared toward beginner photoshop users)...

1) Tools/Tool bar
2) Cropping
3) Curves
4) Layers
5) Masking
6) Opacity
7) Opening/Saving images
8) Color correction (we will briefly discuss this)
9) Sharpening for web & prints
10) Workflow
11) Hue/Saturation
12) Popping colors
13) ...and so much more

I will also give you a link to a particular website that has great discounts on Photoshop programs at the end of class. I'm also hoping to have a couple of other photographers donate a discount code for some of their textures/actions that I will be using in the class. In the meantime, please let me know should you have any additional questions about this class. Register!

Looking forward to having you in class, Angie

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