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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Kenidi got her first taste of the Sun N' Fun Lagoon here in Naples the other day. It's a wonderful water park in Southwest Florida that sports 5 different pools, a lazy river, 5 massive water slides, a playground, and an area with these spurting ground fountains that Kenidi just loves. She would spend all day running around in them if we'd let her. She also loved the lazy river which Mama does too so that was a real win-win for me. I stuck her on my tube with me and we just floated and floated - trying to avoid the over head waterfalls that Brennen kept pushing us directly under. What a snake that little 11 year old of mine is. He thought it was so funny to watch us get drenched. On a side note, I took these images with my little point and shoot so that I didn't have to carry my big camera to the water park that day. Thank goodness!

The only problem we had that day was when I took Kenidi into the "tadpool" area. It's a pool for newborns to age 6 but Kenidi seemed to be the oldest one in that area. The rest of them were more toddler aged and therefore, Kenidi traumatized a few of them. She kept wanting to go down the slide in that area and one child decided to come up the slide the wrong way. Instead of Kenidi listening to me when I told her to stay at the top and not come down until the little girl had moved, she decided to come plowing right on down the slide, knocking the little girls legs right out from underneath her - leaving her trailing on top of Kenidi - both face to face - stomach to stomach - down the bottom half of the slide. I was mortified. Kenidi seemed to enjoy every moment of it too. She was laughing hysterically and the other child seemed to stand up in absolute terror (she was about 2 years old). Needless to say, I ultimately decided to take Kenidi and leave the "tadpool" area rather than be kicked out of there by staff or something eventually. And in the end, she was ticked off - of course - and wanted back in the tadpool area the rest of the day. All in all, it was a wonderful day. Grandma Debbie is still here in town with us too so Brennen suckered her into tackling the great big water slides with him. As I told one of her fellow teacher friends on facebook (Hi Susan!), Grandma "D" rocked those water slides. :0)

We are planning to veg out by the pool today and just hit the beach for sunset this evening. It's been a great week with Grandma Debbie here in town and we hate to see her have to go back home tomorrow night. As mentioned earlier though, we are hoping to get back to Indy mid August though - before the kids start back to school - so it will be great to see friends and family again in a couple of months. Hoping all of you are enjoying your summer thus far. Much love, Angie

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Anonymous Grandma Sue said...

That's my girl Kenidi! Happy Birthday to my little Princess, 7 today---yaaaaaa! xoxoxoxo Grandma Sue loves you!

6/18/2010 12:09 PM  

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