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Friday, April 16, 2010


Like this pelican, my Dad flew into Southwest Florida yesterday. He is supposedly here for a "guys trip" with some of his best buds. He has never taken part in the "guys trip" down here before even though my Step-Mom has always tried to encourage him to. This is his first time to embark on such an adventure. Ask Brent or my step-mom and they'll tell you that their hunch is that the only reason why he came down here with the guys this year is because his daughter and his grand kids are now living in Southwest Florida. (a.k.a me, Brennen, and Kenidi) I chuckle to myself because they just might be right. No matter what the reason, I'm so very glad he is here. I'll take any excuse he wants to give as long as he is within hugging distance. :) I'm glad he is down here and able to have fun with his buddies but I'm also glad that we get to steal him away from the said "guys trip" and soak him in for these next few days while he is in town. We are spending the whole day together tomorrow so I hope his buddies aren't jealous. LOL!

So...hoping you guys are enjoying your next few days because I know we will be. I've got the disappearing walls on the back of our house open to the pool today - letting the sunshine and the fresh Florida breeze flow into the house. The sounds of the fountain flowing out back, the seagulls calling to one another and the palm trees swaying are almost too much for my little heart to handle. The rich and exotic tropical flowers are bursting with color down here right now. They are screaming for my camera. I love living in the tropics. Just love it. Especially when my Dad is here too. :)

Have a great weekend everyone. Much love, Angie



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