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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


For the first time in over ten years, I traveled thru an airport this morning without my children in tow. It was odd. Strangely unfamiliar actually. When we travel, the kids are always with us. I am missing them already. :( With that oneness though, I am able to whip out my laptop and type in peace though from 30,000 feet in the air. I can't decide which I prefer best...Kenidi climbing all over my laptop when she is present or if her and Brennen not being here with us causes too much "Mommy ache" as I commonly refer to it. Well, yeah...I know which I prefer best. I'd take the climbing across my laptop any day. Wink wink! ;0)

As we left Indy this morning (which required a 4am wake up call that I'm not real happy about), it was 42 degrees. At touchdown into the Southwest Florida airport, the temps are forecasted to hit 92 degrees for the high today. Needless to say, it's an "instant summer" kind of thing. It is that instantaneous climate change that I always love when you go from flying out of the Midwest into the Southern tropics of Florida any time of the year. It is also why our family chooses to travel to the Southern most tip of Florida rather than anywhere else within the state. Other locals in Florida are not this warm year round like Naples is. No matter what time of the year, the temperatures never disappoint - nor does the overall forecast. So for that, I am thankful today. I'm enjoying the sunshine even though it will be short lived due to our quick flight in and out.

Thank you for all of your prayers for safe flights as we peruse the friendly skies this morning and later tonight. You ladies know how much I always appreciate those travel prayers. So...until tomorrows update...enjoy your day and be safe. Details to come...

Much love, Angie

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Blogger Kristin said...

Praying for you to have a safe trip!

10/06/2009 1:44 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Wow it is "Instant Summer". It's 50 and sunny here in Colorado on this bright beautiful day...boy do I miss the beach though!!!

Can't wait to hear the details!

Have a "Rockin" Day!

10/06/2009 2:56 PM  
Blogger Sparkles N' Sports said...

Wow, what a change! I can't believe waking up and it being 42 degrees, it's still so warm down here in Texas! Enjoy your time in Florida, maybe you'll run into my cousin Tamara :-)

10/06/2009 7:38 PM  
Blogger Pam said...

Safe travels!

10/06/2009 10:50 PM  
Anonymous Mommy said...

You get that glow everytime, even when you don't get in the Sun. I sure had fun with the kiddo's! I want to go with you next time you leave though, If it will make you feel any better,I will crawl across your lap, ha ha. Boy times have changed, seems like just a little while ago when you were climbing across my lap!

10/07/2009 3:40 PM  
Blogger KK said...

Praying for you and your family without ceasing. Blessings and peace of mind today and every day.
Matthew 21:22

10/08/2009 8:57 PM  
Blogger glam R baby said...

Hmmm....what 'cha got up your sleeve girl?? I'm assuming something but I guess I will see if I am right in time!! Even though I'm pretty good at guessing your secrets!! :o) LOVE you GIRL!!


10/09/2009 3:09 AM  

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