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Sunday, October 11, 2009


I had a great shoot with a very handsome ten year old boy yesterday. He opted for a grungy urban approach so we rocked it out with his guitar and rolled thru the small town creating a stir with his skateboard. The locals knew we weren't from around those parts but they enjoyed observing the shoot go down either way. In fact, the event created quite an audience on the street. We had fun with it and my subject enjoyed every second of it.

This small town has a great old and worn feel. Thus, why I love it. It was perfect for our backdrop...

Even though we did have to share our alley ways with another photographer who showed up during our session and ultimately got all up "in my grill" as they would say. Yes, she even proceeded to come shoot back to back with me - literally 2 feet from where I was shooting in the same spot. Come on now peeps...the world is an open and free space but can you at least wait your turn??? Patience is key my friend. Patience. Funny thing was, she would shoot up against each wall I had used and everywhere I had just shot. Brent text'ed me a text message across my phone at one point (he was several feet away and watching from afar). His text message made me laugh. All it said was "COPY CAT." (meaning H-E-R) I had to refrain from busting out laughing right in front of her because she was back to back with me at that second. Funny stuff! I almost had to yell..."Step off" at one point. However, what will be - will be. It's all good!

I told my subject that he should have his "Mom" make the shot shown below into a big poster or canvas wall wrap in his bedroom. It looks like something straight off the front of a CD case...

The shot below was his serious look. Dontcha' love it??? That blue, roughed up, wall makes me swoon...

And this is how he rolls...

I told Brent that he looks so grown up, like a teenager in these two pictures (above and below). Where has our baby gone?

I never knew a blue dumpster could look so good. Wink wink! ;0)

And just for fun...

Thanks for rocking and rolling with me yesterday "B-Ster." It was a very cool session and one that I'll remember always. :)

I love you, Mom

PS...Girls, he is t-a-k-e-n!

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Anonymous Missy said...

Angie, these are GREAT! You are really doing such cool work!!!

10/11/2009 9:23 AM  
Anonymous Sara said...

He looks so grown up!

10/11/2009 9:24 AM  
Blogger Crystal said...

What fun!!! They are awesome!!! I am sure he is bouncing off the walls looking at the photos. Such a rockstar!!! Great job Brennen, and you too Angie!!!!

10/11/2009 10:15 AM  
Anonymous Nicole Ryan said...

He looks like the lead singer of Rascal Flatts. I bet his Momma approves of his skateboard...very "Ed Hardy-ish"!!!

10/11/2009 10:30 AM  
Anonymous Jeannette T. said...

What great pictures! I love your work! What a handsome boy you have!

10/11/2009 11:07 AM  
Anonymous Amy G. said...

Awesome pics Angie - and such a handsome model!!!!

10/11/2009 11:32 AM  
Anonymous Karen Redick said...

These are great! Lucky, lucky guy!

10/11/2009 11:38 AM  
Anonymous Denise Armbruster said...

These are awesome Angie. Reminds me of my grandson, loves the guitar and loves the skateboard.

10/11/2009 11:40 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

Awesome shots of your little man!

10/11/2009 12:12 PM  
Anonymous Carissa (Brown Eyed Fox) said...

what fun... those are SO fun!
i'm telling ya he is such a cutie... he has the best smile!

i can just imagine what a hoot... the two of yall playing yesterday! he'll treasure the pics AND the special time!

really great angie! sure would love for you to shoot cambell. she would LOVE that! we need a visit back to indi!

10/11/2009 12:35 PM  
Anonymous Deb Williams said...

Great photos, Ang!

10/11/2009 12:36 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

These are fantastic!!!! Love them girl!!! I agree with using the one with him and his guitar for a canvas wrap that would look awesome!

10/11/2009 1:02 PM  
Blogger julia said...

wonderful pictures - you did an amazing job - it looks like you really "got" him.

10/11/2009 1:25 PM  
Anonymous Mommy and Grandma Sue said...

Hey big guy. Looking good. How many girls were standing by watching this photo shoot? You will be an overnight star after this. Can I have your autograph now before the line gets too long?
Good shots Mom!!

10/11/2009 2:32 PM  
Blogger Kristin said...

Oh wow, Angie! Those are such great photos!!! I love them all....what a handsome boy you have! I agree....some of those look just like off a CD cover! I love the one of him up in the air!

10/11/2009 7:17 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Awesome job!

10/11/2009 7:54 PM  
Blogger Leslie said...

Awesome pics Angie! Love the "look" and feel of these, what kind of actions are you using? I just did my kiddos Chrismtas pics today and would love this type of look. I just got CS4 and have not had a chance to play with it, Grandma got sick the day after I got it.
Trust me, you will see your little boy change before your very eyes, these next few years will amaze you! What a cutie patootie! You sure rock! And that lady would have gotten on my nerves too!

10/11/2009 7:57 PM  
Anonymous Beth Leffler said...

These are great. He has to love how they turned out. You are extremely talented. If you ever need some mini-models I have three.

10/12/2009 7:15 AM  
Anonymous Tosha Storm Matthews (Facebook import) said...

Ok why do you live up there and I live here? I need 3 yr. pics of Kade...Bummer!!!

10/12/2009 7:17 AM  
Anonymous Michelle Halvey said...

These are amazing!

10/12/2009 7:17 AM  
Anonymous Jennifer Smith Dennison (Facebook import) said...

Love the photos Angie! Brennen definitely looks the part of the rockstar!

10/12/2009 7:18 AM  
Anonymous Rhonda Bryant said...

AWESOME!!!!! These pictures are INCEDIBLE!!!!!!!!

10/12/2009 10:52 AM  
Blogger Super B's Mom said...

Oh Angie...these are AWESOME!! What a handsome little man you have. You captured so much personality!!

10/12/2009 12:34 PM  
Anonymous Wanda said...

Great pic's Angie! I'm sure you had a blast and it even looks like the B-Ster had a great time too! If I were to choose a favorite photo if would be #5, it portrays the innocence of a young pre-teen. Young kids grow up way to fast and being able to capture that innocence on film is awesome. Keep up the good work raising those kiddo's of yours, from an old dear make me proud. Blessings, Wanda

10/12/2009 10:57 PM  
Anonymous krissy said...

Fantastic pictures! I love the shots. Very, very nice. I'm partial to the black and white. I've got to take some of my photos and do that.

10/13/2009 1:40 AM  
Blogger Pineapple Princess said...

He is so handsome!

You photography blows me away every time. I'm in love with every angle you shoot!

10/13/2009 10:43 PM  

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