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Saturday, October 10, 2009


Fall is in full force here in Indiana. There are mums everywhere. Side thought...I wonder if Florida has mums in the fall. ;) Wink wink! Although I've never cared for the true look of a mum, I do like their colors. When paired together with multiple hues/color combos, they are fierce in the eye candy department.

It is a brisk 57 degrees here in Indy at the moment so we are heading out as fam, to do a photo shoot. A photo shoot with a handsome young stud in a small urban town - a 10 year old boy who suddenly wants his pictures taken now that he has seen another cute boy gracing the front & back sides of his Moms photography business cards. Yes friends, we have spotted a tinge of jealousy recently since Brennen found out that because he wouldn't model for me, I ultimately had to use another child - another boy - in my marketing material. Needless to say, he is now extremely excited about the shoot today and so am I. I hope to have some images to share with each of you following the big event. Pray for my sanity though. Between him telling me what he is and isn't going to wear for the shoot and him telling me which skateboard, guitar, etc. that he is or isn't going to bring, I finally told him that I was fixin' to fire him as my "client." He has been warned that I'm running the show today - as Mom AND as "photographer." Ha ha! I've sent the bribe masters into overtime and basically coerced him into believing that when I do my job as a photographer, kids ALWAYS listen to me and that they ALWAYS do what I tell them to. We'll see how long I can roll with this ridiculous story before it all crumbles in my lap - or in front of my lens rather. Just wish us luck. I'm embarking on uncharted territory with this one.

Happy Saturday, Ang

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Anonymous Tamara said...

Hi Angie, How funny to read this as I just came in from a failed impromptu photo shoot with my just turned 11 year old son. I was going to walk him over to a friend's house, and actually it was the exceptionally (and unexpectedly) well-coordinated colors in his choice of clothing, backpack, and shoes, along with the gorgeous fall day, that inspired me to run back in the house to grab the "challenging" camera. Alas, my fledgling skills do not make me fast and proficient enough for his limited attention span and scooter speed. The dappled sunlight through the trees and long afternoon shadows didn't help either. Technically I know you are having much better luck. Hope your subject's enthusiasm holds out longer than mine did!

10/10/2009 6:34 PM  
Blogger RockinMom said...

Aaaah yes. Taking picture of our own children. I think we are in the same boat. My daughter LOVES to be in front of the camera. Hams things up every time. Well, almost every time.It's been a little more difficult the last couple times. My BOYS! You would think I have hot pokers in their pants or something. The oldest is the worst. Drives me batty. We have a family photo shoot next week and I am really hoping to get a nice enough picture to be put on a canvas for our family room. Chances are it is not going to happen though. When I told him what color he had to wear and that he had to wear a SWEATER I thought he was going to explode. My goodness.. TEENAGERS! ;)
Anyway, LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors of fall. In IL the leaves are changing. I have plans to get up in the wee hours of the morning on Monday and get some sunrise pictures with the fall colors. There is this an old barn in the middle of a field I have been ITCHING to get pictures of as the sunrises. The glitch is, it's private property. So I am going to have be a wild girl and trespass. If you don't hear from me in the next couple days that means I am sitting in jail.
The things us girls do for a great picture I tell ya. ;)

10/10/2009 8:13 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Oooh I can't wait to see these!!!

And please fill me in on the ;) and FL...I have seen that a few times the last week ;0) Heheheheh

Have a great weekend!

10/10/2009 9:05 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

Hi Angie,

Beautiful pics as always! I just wanted to stop by and say a big THANK YOU for all your sweet messages you've left for me lately. I just wanted you to know how much they meant to me. It's amazing how the kind words of others can carry you through tough times. Take care!


10/10/2009 11:30 PM  

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