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Friday, August 07, 2009


Let's face it, bloggers love cameras - and blog readers love pictures. One of the many questions I get asked about my blog when others are attempting to start one themselves is "What do you think keeps readers coming back to your blog and why?" Well my answer to that is always..."The pictures." Even before I followed my passion with photography and began posting somewhat better images (which are still always evolving and have a long way to go) here on my blog, I still posted the small and itty bitty images here and shared tons of them within my posts to you guys. The readers love pictures. Bottom line.

With that said, I've been wanting to implement a new project here on the blog for some time now. Therefore, in an effort to get my camera out even that much more as well as to prompt you to do the same, I thought having a "Foto Find Friday" would be fun. What that means is that basically each Friday we will have a new theme. You then get to find and take an image of a picture that has that theme within it. The theme might be Summer one week, a "red" theme which means it needs to have red colors in it, or how about a birthday theme, an emotional theme - an image showing emotion, etc. The fun comes in when you are on the hunt for the find. You can use old pictures you've already taken or you can use a new picture that you took just for that weeks theme. The images can be of people, animals, objects, landscapes, products, etc. so long as they pertain to the theme announced for that week. The key is participation. The point to the project is to help aide you in the prompting to use your camera more which in turn will also give you a theme to build off of. By using the themes, we will find the smaller things in life at times that are maybe overlooked. My goal is for you to begin to notice those smaller things here on earth that we would typically take for granted. Everything has beauty within it, we just need to find it showcase it.

Lastly, when participating in this photo project, please link back to my blog using the logo above. As you enter your blog address into the McKLinky list below, you must have a post already up for the Foto Find Friday and the link must link directly to that post which links back to here. Unfortunately, if we click your link and it takes us directly to your blog home page and not to the link or particular blog post with your picture for Foto Find Friday, then your link will be deleted from the list below. You must include the logo - gist of the project so others know how to play along - as well as a direct link to your post where you are participating. This will keep everything flowing nicely and that way no one is having to search way back into your blog to try and find the post for the project. Not only is this a fun outlet and something to divert our attention from the mundane, but it is also a huge blog promoter. If you are looking to drive more traffic to your blog, participating in this project and linking to your blog will definitely draw more readers to you. Basically we will be doing a blog hop. It's a great way to visit new blogs that we never have before. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions regarding how to get and paste the logo code on your blog.

So...let's get started...this weeks theme is: FLOWERS (or plants). We are making it really easy for this first week. Now go and find something that revolves around that theme and share the image here. Enjoy the process and have fun. The deadline is next Friday when the new theme will begin. Here is my entry - shown below - xoxo, Angie

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome home Angie! Sounds like the flight was a little rough. Happy you're on Indiana soil!

deb williams

8/07/2009 9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great, great, great! I love this idea! I couldn't participate in your online photo class so this will be wonderful for me. One question, can I participate if I don't have a blog? Shannon

8/07/2009 10:57 AM  
Blogger Author said...

I've been taking TONS of fun flower pics on our walks lately (as you've probably seen on FB). If my blog wasn't all about cooking, I'd definitely participate! If you ever have a food-themed entry, I'm in!

8/07/2009 12:08 PM  
Anonymous Molly Pearce said...

This sounds like fun chick!!

8/07/2009 12:26 PM  
Blogger Molly said...

Angie I couldn't get your picture link to save to my computer like you requested. Is there a code I need to post it to my blog post? Thanks for hosting this fun Friday event.
~Molly P

8/07/2009 1:45 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Oops! I think I linked wrong. I will do it right next time! This is fun, can't wait for your next assignment.

8/12/2009 2:09 AM  

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