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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Guess where we've been this afternoon? Yeap, to the local Naples cupcakery. I saw an ad for it in one of my area magazines so we piled in the car this afternoon and made a pit stop. Do not fear...the beach photos are coming back soon. I am catching heat for posting so many "food" pictures. Apparently it is making a lot of you hungry. Sorry! We'll resume our normal programming tomorrow. Ha ha!

Until then, feast your eyes on some little red velvet cupcakes, a funky monkey cupcake (banana cake, creamy peanut butter filling with chocolate ganache and peanut butter cream. Topped with a banana chip garnish), Carmel pecan cupcakes, chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and so forth. The pictures don't do them justice. Never do!

The fun thing about them, other than just "eating" them, was also being able to take pictures of them. :) I'll use any excuse to break out my camera. And I do mean "any" excuse.

All in all, it was a pretty low key day here in sunny Southwest Florida. After cupcakes we had to make a trip to the store to get Brennen a new cell phone. We let Kenidi play with his phone one night while here (when we first arrived) and somehow she lost it. We've turned this house upside down and backwards but it is still MIA. Not only that but she lost my good watch too. Needless to say, we aren't allowing her to "play" with things anymore. She obviously has her own black hole that she keeps stuffing everything into. Maybe one day we'll discover her little hiding spot. Until then, everything is just gone. We knew better!

We are headed out to dinner now. Enjoy your evening and eat a cupcake if you can. xoxo, Angie

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Blogger Crystal said...

Delicious! Totally not the post I should have read.. I and "trying" to start eatting healthy starting yesterday. Guess this was a good test for me.. ha!

7/14/2009 10:58 PM  
Blogger Crystal said...

Oh and I love the photos!! Beautiful!!

7/14/2009 10:58 PM  
Anonymous Sheryl W said...

how do you stay so thin eating out so much and eating things like those delicious looking cupcakes ?
Please share :)

7/15/2009 10:45 AM  
Blogger Bernie said...

These pictures are awesome! I live near a cute cupcake place. It is called Georgetown Cupcake. So, if you are ever visiting DC you can get some great and cute cupcakes there too! The site is:



7/15/2009 11:27 AM  
Blogger Angie Seaman said...


I don't girl - far from skinny! REAL far! Ha ha! The cupcakes and things like Mexican food are my problem. :)

Thanks Bernie and Crystal for the compliments on my pictures. Love ya girls!

Hugs, Angie

7/15/2009 1:40 PM  
Anonymous Mommy said...

I get so hungry when I read your blog! I am almost always at work, so for the most part, I cannot get anywhere to get food like that, Thank God! Your pictures look so much like the real thing, that I could almost gain weight just looking! xoxoxox

7/15/2009 8:41 PM  
Anonymous Karen R said...

I keep hoping that when I come back someone will have eaten those cupcakes and put me out of my misery!!

They're still here, as pretty as ever!

7/16/2009 7:57 PM  
Blogger katy said...

when you find that black hole, please check for my collection of silverware, the necklace my hubby got me for my birthday last year, and the matches to all our single shoes...
I have a theory they are all hanging out somewhere together...

7/17/2009 12:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those cupcakes look so yummy!!! Cupcakes are my weakness! Your pictures are beautiful!

Lisa in SC

7/17/2009 10:04 AM  
Blogger IRENE said...

So yummy! Excellent light and corners.

7/19/2009 11:42 PM  

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