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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Prayers for Stellan
I know that I typically place prayers over on my prayer blog. However, tonight I felt it necessary to place this prayer over here - on the AGD blog - for an immediate rally of prayer from our prayer warriors who frequent all of my blogs - but mainly this one.

Many of you know MckMama and her son Stellan by now. If you don't, you can read this blog and follow the story there. Apparently Stellan is back in the hospital again and isn't doing very well. This is a direct result of his SVT (very rapid beating of the hearts upper chamber). As a person who suffers from a very similar heart condition and then some - due to my recent PFO discovery (patent foramen ovale - pin hole size hole in my heart), Stellan's story is very near and dear to my me. If you've never experienced tachycardia with your own heart (palpitations, rapid beating, heart racing 90 miles an hour, pulse pounding, etc.) then it might be hard to understand the scary nature of this medical issue. Tachycardia can take your day and turn it upside down within seconds once it sets in. I personally experience increased tachycardia after eating certain foods, drinking or consuming any caffeine whatsoever, taking specific asprin for headaches, etc. And once it happens, sometimes it can take a full 24 hours or more to get your heart calmed down again. When your heart is racing and beating out of your chest uncontrollably, it is very frightening. Many times you have similar symptoms to a heart attack patient. Tachycardia causes you to "have to have" deep mind over matter skills. If you don't, it can literally drive you crazy. You question over and over whether this time it could be "real." Should you go to the ER, etc.? Mind you - this is all as an adult. Stellan is just a baby and experiencing SVT three times as bad as my tachycardia. He has already been through one heart ablation several months ago. He went home after a couple of months in the hospital and seemed to be doing well - as well as could be for the condition he owns. Now things have worsened for him again. It just crushes me and makes me physically ill for he and his family. Especially Mckmama. They've all been through so much in the past year. Please keep Stellan in your prayers constantly. He needs us again and we need to rise to the occasion. His SVT has weakened him and he needs our prayers for strength.

Lastly, thank you to those of you who are always sending me notes inquiring about my health. Since learning of my PFO condition at the end of May, I will admit that life is different for me. Every little feeling or pain in my chest freaks me out. Due to the risk of strokes with PFO, even my limbs falling asleep in a normal situation have caused me grief that I didn't have before. To be honest, I loose a lot of sleep and time in the day thinking about this. Worrying about this. When I find myself lost in the "what if's," I immediately pray and ask God for peace, strength, and guidance to get through the moment. I'm constantly having to remind myself of his promises and constantly having to run the "enemy" off as he attempts to drag me down a road of bad thoughts. Scary thoughts. Terrifying and horrific thoughts. I truly think of this heart issue hour by hour these days. When I look at my kids and get lost in thoughts of them, my mind will sometimes turn to the worry or the what if's again. It's definitely spiritual warfare inside my head 24/7 since learning of my PFO.

I see my cardiologist for a follow up two weeks after we return to Indy. Future plans on how to handle this condition will be discussed as well as the fact that I hope to get some questions answered regarding some sudden increased heart palpitations that are leaving me restless, loosing sleep, and far from calm again. The palpitations had quit totally until about 3 weeks ago. On a good note though, the migraines I had been experiencing due to the PFO have almost completely stopped since being placed on the heart medicine for my PFO condition. Along with that medication and the high dose of aspirin each day that my doctor has me taking to reduce stroke risks, I have had all but maybe 3 headaches/migraines in the past 10 weeks since arriving here in Florida. In a nutshell, that is HUGE progress for me considering I was having a minimum of that in one week before I began the medicine ritual. I can't even begin to express what a difference my quality of life has been like since the migraines have stopped. I'm so very thankful for an incredible cardiologist and an incredible neurologist who obviously know their stuff. God is good!

Thank you for the continued prayers and your support in general. There are no words to describe what you guys mean to me. And your prayers...they are priceless. Please keep me on your prayer list but also add Stellan too. He really needs us right now.

In his grip always, Angie

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praying for Stellan.

And you Ang. Glad see see your post about your health. Everything you say about palpitations/tachycardia is absolutely true. It's something that doesn't drift far from your mind.

deb williams

7/27/2009 12:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I follow Stellan's site already ans started reading yours via Kellys Korner. I cann completely relate to the tachycardia. I've been dealing w/ it for almost 6 years now. Back in June had surgery called a cardiac ablation to try and control my junctural tachycardia. Unfortunately, it was not successful. I am now on new meds to try and get it under control. After reading your last post I felt like finally someone knows EXCACTLY what I'm going thru!! I will keep you & Stellan in my prayers. I love your blog by the way!! All your pics are great!!
Angie from Texas

7/27/2009 11:22 AM  
Blogger Angie Seaman said...

Thank you so much Angie from Texas. I appreciate the compliments on my blog and my images. You are too sweet. You and Deb (who signed the blog above you), are both experienced at the tachycardia issues. It is awful to live with, isn't it? I'm so very sorry to read that your surgery wasn't successful. I'm sure that is dissapointing. Feel free to email me directly if you ever need to chat. I know the day to day can be tough when living with something like this. Also, thanks for being a blog reader. I love hearing from you guys. It's great to have you introduce yourself. Stay in touch!

Deb, thanks for your kind words too girl. You are so never drifts far from my mind. Ever! I appreciate you asking about me. Means a lot!

Hugs to both of you,

7/27/2009 2:45 PM  
Anonymous Nicole Ryan said...

"Remember to hand back to God what you are not able to handle. Do your best, then hand it back, for the rest is not yours to handle. It will be worked out for you...."

I saw this quote after reading your bog and I thought I would send it your it!!

7/27/2009 3:08 PM  
Blogger Angie Seaman said...

Thanks Nicole! U are the bomb diggity gur-fren! Love that! Thanks for sending it on to me. It means so much!

Hugs, Angie

7/27/2009 3:17 PM  
Anonymous Mommy said...


7/27/2009 6:18 PM  

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