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Friday, July 24, 2009


Just a few house cleaning items today to discuss. I've had several questions recently and thought I'd take the space here to answer them real quick today...

1) When will your new fall AGD designs be featured & available for purchase? These will be shot and featured here on the blog before I head back home to Indiana. We had a slight measurement adjustment that needed made to one of the designs so that was the cause of the delay. Therefore, keep your eyes peeled late next week. I'm hoping to find time to photograph these sets and get them featured shortly after that. Thanks for your continued interest and your patience.

2) When will our photos be due for the AGD celebration give-a-way?
After announcing the plans for the give-a-way, I've had several people contact me asking if I could wait a week to start the give-a-way contest. Apparently there are a ton of people going on vacation this next week and they wanted to get some fun shots of an AGD sign in their image while away in their vacation destination spot. I thought this was a great idea as well so we will now be holding the contest beginning next Friday, July 31st. That means that you have between now and next Friday to come up with your picture idea for the drawing. Remember, this is NOT a photo contest. We will NOT be judging your pictures. They are strictly just for fun. However, in order to enter the drawing, you must submit a photo with a sign regarding AGD within it. A good example of what I'm after can be found here on MckMama's blog. This is her son Stellan's name gallery. I got the idea from her back when Stellan was going thru his heart surgery. Great fun! If you click that link and scroll through the pictures, you'll get ideas or maybe inspiration on how to do the AGD picture with your sign in it. You'll just need to make sure you have the city & state or your country listed somewhere within your photo with the AGD name. Just so far today alone, we've had readers from Poland, Pakistan, Italy, Austria, Canada, the United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago, and Ireland hit the blog. (and of course tons of you from the ol' U.S.A) Therefore, I know there are many countries out there representin' for AGD. I can't wait to see what all you guys come up with. The blog post will go up next Friday the 31st so plan to have your image ready by then. Once you see my blog post go up about it, you'll include your blog post on your own blog with the photo in your update. You will then link from Mcklinky from my blog to yours so that everyone can see the picture you took. For those of you who don't have a blog, send me your picture via email ( in between now and then. I'll add your picture to my blog for viewing. At the end of the submission date, all names of those who entered will be placed into a hat and one name will be pulled from it. That one person will win a goodie "beach themed" bag full of wonderful surprises. The goodie bag already has a value of over $100 and it's rising. I'm telling you, you WANT to participate in this contest! Some of my favorite stores & products like Swoozies, Sephora, Philosophy skin care, etc. have items featured in the goodie bag. Definitely girlie, definitely beachy, definitely fun!

3) When will the registration begin for your next "beginner" photography class? Registration for the new class will start very soon. Once it does, I'll post the announcement regarding sign ups here on the AGD blog as well as on my photography blog. I can tell you that the next class will start promptly on September 1st. My month of August is completely swamped so I wanted to wait until September to start the next one. I wanted to be able to devote all of the time I could to the 2nd class and thought that September would be easier to do that then in August. Keep your eyes peeled, the class registration announcement will be going up soon. And like before, we are only opening 20 spots again. Those 20 spots sold out fast for the first class so as soon as you see the registration go up, I recommend signing up ASAP. I'm looking forward to "meeting" the next round of you.

4) Rumor has it that you are looking for photography "test shot" candidates who will earn a session for FREE when you return to Indy next month? Is this true? If so, how do we get involved? Yes, this is true. WOW! Word travels fast on the streets. Ha ha! I'm on the hunt for a couple of families, a couple of newborns, some pregnant bellies, some children, and a couple of seniors to participate in some photography sessions shot by me. If you reside in Indiana and are interested in finding out how you can receive a FREE session with me as well as a FREE 8x10 with that sitting, contact me at My schedule is filling up for August and September so if you are interested whatsoever, or know someone who might be, please let me know ASAP. If there is someone you know that is pregnant and would like to have some maternity images shot, or if you know someone getting ready to deliver a baby in the next month or two, pass my name on to them and have them contact me ASAP. I'll post more on this soon.

5) Will you be doing another Q&A session here on the blog again in the near future? I have so many questions about sewing/photography/Life in general that I'd love to ask you. Sure. I have no problem offering another Q&A session here on the AGD blog. If you guys ever have questions you'd like to ask me, feel free to email them to me or leave them in the comment section here on the blog. I'll pool them together and answer them on the blog in one big post.

6) Will you be offering any of your new jewelry designs again soon? Yes. I am eager to get home and back into my bead box. That 200 lb. bag wasn't conducive to carry on a flight with my 500lb. camera bag and my 300lb. lap top. Yes, these are exaggerations! :) Therefore, I had to leave the bead bag/suitcase at home this trip. Once I get back to Indy and get the kids off to school starting on the 11th of August, I'll have more time to begin beading again. I'm anxious to release some new designs fo' sho'!

7) Will we see you at BlogHer 09' in Chicago this year? Nope. Obviously not because I'm in FL for the summer. However, word just hit the street that BlogHer '2010' will be held in NYC next year on August 5th-7th. I'd love to go and make a "group party" of it. If any of you other bloggers or blog readers would like to go to, let me know. It would be a great girls weekend with tons of fun at the BlogHer event as well as all of the fun hotel parties to be had in between the event itself. If there are any takers, especially from Indiana, I'd love to fly with ya sista's! Let me know if anyone is up for making plans. It's a great event!

8) And just for fun...I got this question the other day from a dear sweet friend and blog follower (Thanks Jill!) So, I'm curious to know...are you missing Indiana at all? Just a little tiny bit? :-) Does it feel good at all to come back or do you wish you could stay south for good? Ummm...let's see...I'm missing my "real" bed and my "real" kitchen. Other than that...I'm pretty much good here in Southwest Florida. Ha ha! Indiana had such a rough winter and an even more "silly" Summer with low temps and lots of rain. Therefore, I'm in no hurry to get back home because of the weather and what I know lays waiting for me there. (school shopping, 6am mornings when school starts back, therapy sessions for Kenidi, a new school for Kenidi - separate from Brennen this year - doctor appts. at the cardiologist and neurologist for me, sports games and practices for Brennen and so on) Basically, "Life" is waiting for me back home. It's been put on hold for the past 10 weeks while here and I've loved every minute of that. There are pieces of me that are ready to return home and ready to conquer all of the travels and fun over the next two months regarding photography and such but then there seems to me more pieces of me wanting to stay here in FL this year. Typically, at the end of each summer, I'm ready to be home by now. I'm ready to jump up and down on my real bed and eat from my real kitchen, etc. But this year seems different. I have more of me wanting to stay then I do wanting to go home. That is scary. Whatever you do, don't tell my husband I said that. If he found out, he hound me even all that much more about moving to Florida full time. It's out little secret, K? Wink wink! ;)

xoxo, Angie

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angie, How are you feeling ? Hows your heart?

deb williams

7/24/2009 8:52 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

BlogHer in NYC next year? I'm so there!

Would love to meet up again once you are back home and settled.

7/24/2009 11:32 PM  
Anonymous Laura Robinson said...

Hey Angie I'm pregnant and due in October. My belly is getting bigger by the moment. I'm currently on bedrest so my schedule is pretty open. Let me know if I am a good candidate for your pictures. Laura Robinson

7/26/2009 5:17 PM  
Anonymous Alison Rubel said...

Hey Angie~ Are you still interested in shooting Lauren? Let me know :) I am hoping to get some pics done in the month or so around her 3 mo. (which is this Tuesday). If you're still interested, we're still interested! Drop me an email or FB message...

7/26/2009 9:00 PM  
Anonymous house cleaning atlanta said...

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10/07/2009 7:41 AM  

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