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Thursday, May 28, 2009


OK well...I survived the MRI. I am home and so very glad to be out of that machine. Up until today, I wouldn't have normally considered myself a claustrophobic person. Beings that I tan in a tanning bed, I thought I'd be OK with the MRI machine and its size. However, I didn't realize that they strapped your forehead down as well as placed a mask type thing over your face and nose area while undergoing the test. On top of that, they place bars up on the sides of your temples and cheeks so that your head can't move about. Apparently if you move even the slightest bit, it jacks up the entire test. At least while in a tanning bed, you can still move, breathe and stretch out. The radiologist told me that I could listen to music while in there but at the last second I opted not to because the head phones were old school headphones with the big puffs that went over your ears. They ultimately constricted me even more and I just couldn't take it. Therefore, the tech gave me ear plugs instead. Those helped but they hurt ferociously. The MRI tunnel (as I call it) was very small. I couldn't stretch out my elbows - it was such close quarters that my elbows were crammed in at my sides. They roll you back into the tunnel and then you are literally inside that thing, unable to move whatsoever, for about 35 minutes. At the 20 minute mark, the radiologist rolled me back out just far enough to put a needle in my arm and inject some contrast dye into my body. Then he rolled me back inside for the remainder of the test. Apparently some of the MRI scans during the test use contrast dye to see certain parts of the brain.

When I finally got out of the thing, I asked the guy if he ever has anyone freak out while in there. He goes..."ALL THE TIME." He said most people don't realize that they are claustrophobic until they undergo this test. I could totally see why. The entire experience was far from pleasant. The good thing about the time I spent inside there, I was able to go thru my entire prayer list and pray for those around me that I had on my mind. I literally had to talk myself out of a panic attack on three different occasions while being confined inside there and the only thing that seemed to help was praying. Imagine that! So...know that if you've asked me for prayers recently, I prayed for you while in there. I prayed for some who hadn't ask for prayers too. I had time to make it thru my prayer list twice while enduring this God awful test. In the end though, I feel Gods master plan and his comfort as I await the test results. Ironically, Brent and I saw a special on the news tonight about not ignoring headache signs. They had a 40 year old woman on there who had a headache for three straight days at one point and then later on down the road ended up having a stroke because of a blood clot in her brain within her basal stem. Praise God she survived. 90% of patients die from that type of brain injury. However, she lived. She talked about how she ignored initial signs and symptoms and mentioned the 3 day headache that was not normal for her. I had a headache that lasted for 4 days which then lead to my eye swelling up like someone punched me, etc. That all landed me in the ER with a CT scan and then treatment from a neurologist. She is the one who sent me for the MRI today. Like this woman on the news mentioned, no amount of aspirin or medication would kill the headache and that wasn't usual for me. I'm hopeful that the test results prove to be healthy and nothing more than the onset of some simple migraines (if migraines are ever simple). Unfortunately, I probably won't know the results until Monday (per the radiologist who conducted the test). Therefore, if you could just drown me and the MRI results in your prayers over the next few days, I'd greatly appreciate it. I've been flooded with messages of prayer and wall posts wishing me well on facebook from many of you. I can't begin to thank you enough. Your thoughts and prayers really helped keep my worries at bay and my mind at ease today. You guys R-O-C-K!!!

For now, I'm off to bed. I've got to finish my packing tomorrow morning after my cardiology appt. Yes, I'm that behind. We head out for the airport around 1pm tomorrow so I better kick it into high gear. This week has really kicked my butt! I'll be sure to touch base from the beach once we arrive. Stay tuned. Lots and lots of new beach pictures to come over the coming weeks. Much love, Angie

PS...A big shout out to the gals working the ER desk at Clarian North today. What fun they were! By the time they were done registering me and checking me in for my MRI, they had pulled up my website on their computers, taken some business cards, talked to me about fashion and design, etc. The entire staff at Clarian North is always superb and today was no different!

PSS...And before you girls yell at me, I "AM" participating in Kelly's home tour again this week. However, the theme this week is kids bedrooms. Therefore, I just linked back to Kenidi's bedroom post from back in March instead of reposting the same thing again. Therefore, if you haven't seen it before, click HERE for the post and pictures.

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Blogger Missy said...

Everybody loves you! And I agree with you, girl. Clarian North is where I always go when I'm inpatient.

5/28/2009 11:19 PM  
Blogger Missy said...

Always praying for you, by the way! I hope all goes well. Sounds like your doctor is on top of it.

5/28/2009 11:20 PM  
Anonymous Kate said...

Hope all is ok Angie!

k8 xxxx

5/29/2009 12:24 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Praying for good outcomes and a safe flight today. And ditto on the thumbs up to Clarian North!

5/29/2009 6:09 AM  
Blogger Molly said...

Hope all is well with you Angie!! Have a safe flight and keep us posted!!! Your bloggin' friend...
~Molly P

5/29/2009 6:55 AM  
Anonymous Mommy said...

Hey don't forget Clarian downtown,Where I work. The IU Simon Cancer Center folks I work with are praying for you too honey! Just when you think you have an intimate relationship with the Lord, He straps you down so He can talk to you some more! He is in control heh? I am praying for your flight and all of my beautiful family, so let me know when you touch down. xoxoxo

5/29/2009 4:34 PM  
Blogger Susie from Bienvenue said...

So glad that icky part is the wait. I will cover you in prayer on my end and for your sweet family in travels as well. Cant wait to see your beach pictures. They just bring a peace over me ....take care friend!

5/29/2009 5:32 PM  
Blogger Jessica Morris said...! I have never heard someone describe this procedure and you had ME feeling claustrophobic just reading about it!!

5/29/2009 11:20 PM  

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