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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Pediatrician appointment for both Brennen & Kenidi today...Check!
Find out Brennen has bronchitis...Check!
Confirm Kenidi's ear infection is gone again & her ears are clear to fly...Check!
Run to Walgreens and fill prescription for Brennen's bronchitis...Check!
Physical Therapy appointment for Kenidi on the horse...Check!
Pick up my new contacts that came in from eye doctor...Check!
Go to cardiologist appointment (follow up) for me...Check!
Learn that the cardiologist wants me to undergo another test this Friday morning before our flight out...Check!
Neurology appt. follow up for me...Check!
Find out that neurologist wants me to undergo an MRI before we leave town...Check!
OB appointment for little ol' me today - such fun...Check!
Hair appointment today for me...Check!
Meet a great new friend/blog reader at hair appointment today...Check!
Find out that said new friend is president of the PTO @ Kenidi's new school...Check!
Confirm once again that God is good and that he is always working...always taking care of us...Check! Check! and RECHECK!
Pull out three suitcases for our trip...Check!
Begin packing and stuffing those suitcases...barely Check!
Have husband teach me how to stuff a sleeping bag into its original storage bag. Laugh. Check!
Dermatology appt. for me - yet to come - tomorrow morning.
Have a yummy breakfast after dermatology appt. with Karen - yet to come - tomorrow morning.
Pack up supplies for Karen regarding new AGD orders - yet to do tonight.
Have an MRI concerning my headaches - yet to come - tomorrow.
Ask for prayers for a normal outcome on my MRI...doing that right now.
Please pray. I appreciate the prayers. The prayers help me find peace in a worry filled world.
Take Kenidi to her occupational therapy appt. on the horse - tomorrow evening.
Get hooked up to an IV & undergo additional cardiology test - yet to come - Friday morning.
Hop a plane to paradise - yet to come - Friday afternoon - 3:13pm Hoosier time.
Stay there in paradise, slow down, & just breathe for entire summer - in preparation.
Cuddle with my 5 year old in our bed as she sleeps & exhales her sweet baby breath against my cheek.
Currently in progress.
Love that girl and our boy...Check. Check. and RECHECK!
Pray that I don't fall asleep at the laptop as I type right now...Check!
Apologize to my blog readers (you) for the lack of a decent post today due to my crazy schedule...Check!

So sorry. Be back tomorrow.
xoxo, Angie



Anonymous Mommy said...

Make sure you check in with your Mommy concerning all these other checks! Pray for my daughter, grandson,grandaughter,Son-n-law CHECK! Mommy Loves You!

5/27/2009 10:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prayers are going up, Angie.

5/27/2009 10:15 PM  
Blogger brooke said...

oh my goodness lady...your plate is FULL!!! i am definitely sending prayers up and all around! few days of chaos for a summer of bliss...sign me up!! sleep well and enjoy that little one!!

5/27/2009 10:38 PM  
Blogger Crystal said...

Prayers being sent your way!! I will be thinking about you!!!

5/27/2009 11:01 PM  
Blogger Missy said...

Whew! Add
Schedule massage while in FLA!

I will be praying for no abnormalities on your tests. Prayers for a clean bill of health!

5/27/2009 11:36 PM  
Blogger Molly said...

Angie you are in my prayers as always. I hope everything comes back OK and nothing major. Like I told my dad when he was having to go through all his tests just think about us going to the beach and something peaceful. My dads results came back that he had thunderball headaches, so maybe thats what you have :) I hope Brennan gets better soon!! Praying for you now!!!
~Molly P

5/28/2009 9:02 AM  
Blogger KK said...

1. You've worn me out just reading this:)
2. Praying for the tests you'll be going through, for the Dr.'s to have positive news for you and for them to have the wisdom to know what to do to help you.
Praying for your entire family... check,
Matthew 21:22
Psalm 46:10

5/28/2009 10:24 AM  
Blogger Jamie Lynn said...

Lots of prayers to ya and your family! Have an amazing time in Fla.!

5/28/2009 10:33 AM  
Anonymous Kari Lancaster said...

ok, i felt sorry for you until i read the part about being in paradise for the summer.. that is my life too but i stay here for the summer!! you suck!! just kidding, have a good time and wish i could be there!! not going to FL this summer because I found out i have to pay a ton in taxes!! YUK!!

5/28/2009 1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OB appt?!?! Say what?!?!!!

LONG time reader, first time poster,

Mary Kate

5/28/2009 6:07 PM  
Blogger Susie from Bienvenue said...

Praying for my sweet friend and her dear family...check!
I just love list...hehe. Take care~

5/28/2009 6:23 PM  
Blogger katy said...

good grief, woman! don't forget to breathe...

5/28/2009 10:59 PM  
Anonymous Karen R said...

Express gratitude for being part of your checklist. Check.

Chuckling on the inside about the "other stuff" you left out of your checklist, and hoping all is well. Check.

The time was certainly too short, will all of our YAK YAK YAKKING and stuffing omelets into our faces. I'm glad I got to share some of your "down time" between appointments.

I'll miss you when you're gone, but I'm happy that you will have such a fabulous summer. Enjoy your family and enjoy the beach. Keep all the heat and humidity down there! HAHA

Love ya bunches,

5/29/2009 12:28 AM  

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