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Saturday, April 04, 2009


We are here - seaside - safe and sound. Sorry for the delay in posting but we've been enjoying the arrival and are now beginning to start the "vegging" process. I'm actually headed out to the pool with my sister in law, Aubree, and our kids right now so I don't have much time to type. However, I was beginning to get "hate mail" regarding not having posted yet. HA HA! Love me some AGD faithful blog readers! Believe it or not, I haven't even had my camera out yet. I promise I'll be using it here soon and will post photos ASAP once I have some. In the meantime, thanks for patience. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Right now...we are enjoying the "walking on sunshine" way of life here in Bonita Beach/Naples and sooooooo not missing the 39 degree weather with snow that the weather man is calling for back in Indy over the next few days. For those of you who are my facebook friends, you've already seen and heard about parts of our trip thus far. It was 89 degrees and full of sun shine when we landed here Thursday. It just doesn't get any better than that! :) Needless to say, this is my kind of vacation. Ha ha!
Hugs to each of you, Angie

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Anonymous Rachel said...

I guess this little sunshine picture will hold me over until we get more pictures!!

I seriously want to see some photos with YOU in them Angie!

Us gals love to see your cute hair, your fabulous wardrobe, and just your overall style!! We miss seeing that girl!

Doing any shopping while there?
We want to see pictures of all your goodies..

I love your blog, I couldn't make it thru the day without it.

Crossing my fingers that one day we'll share a laugh in person!

Love ya girl!

4/04/2009 10:56 AM  
Blogger RockinMom said...

Say hello to beach for me. ;)

4/04/2009 4:23 PM  
Anonymous Mommy said...

Oh angie you need to do some of that famous modeling you used to do as a pre-teen and teen. You used to not be shy at all. You would just throw those clothes on and march those stairs and living room, not to mention when you went to the modeling school recitals. Just show those pearly whites girl!You all keep having fun! xoxoxox

4/04/2009 9:00 PM  

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