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Thursday, April 09, 2009


I found these glasses in a store down here in Florida. I just had to have them and make the "motto" mine.

Hold the sea, hug the sky, dare to dream I can fly.

WOW! Love that quote. With my love for the sea, the clouds, and any and all things with wings (to fly), I thought that they couldn't be any more fitting.

We are now headed out to the pool for the day. I have more photos to share but haven't uploaded all of them yet. When I do, I'll post more. Hopefully tonight or in the morning maybe. Until then, ROCK out your day no matter where you are. xoxoxo, Angie

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Anonymous Mommy said...

I love the way you think little Angel, and the way you uplift yourself no matter what kind of strife the ol Devil tries to throw your way. He is running rampant right now. Miss you guys so much!xoxoxox

4/09/2009 3:23 PM  
Anonymous Susan Maurillo said...

Fly girl!!!

4/09/2009 11:04 PM  

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