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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Just an's been brought to my attention in the past 24 hours that some of you have emailed me but I'm not receiving the emails. SHOCKER! I'm so sorry! Not a big shock considering what I go thru with Yahoo/SBCglobal on what seems like a monthly basis. Either way, for those of you who have tried to get in touch with me but haven't heard back, you might try emailing me again. I'm all caught up on responding to emails from my end (that I know of). Amazing what 10 days at the beach will do for your inbox, eh? Ha ha! Therefore, if you haven't received a reply from me, then I probably never got it.

Also, I wanted to make mention of a specific prayer request here on the AGD blog. Most times all of the prayer requests go on the AGD prayer blog now. However, I wanted to make mention of this one here as well beings that there is a fundraiser tied to it. My dear, sweet, friend...Crystal, who helps me rock out all of the designs I want brought to life on my blogs, websites, etc., has a daughter (Bentley) who will be undergoing open heart surgery next month. Bentley's story went up on the AGD prayer blog yesterday but I wanted to mention it here on this blog as well. In order to help with medical costs for the surgery, Bentley's friends and family have ordered bracelets that we can purchase to show our support for her. They are $5 a piece and can be purchased at a price break/discounted rate when ordering 6 or more. They read "I HEART BENTLEY." What a fitting name considering her up and coming heart surgery. As a Mom, Crystal has been stressed and worrying over this surgery since Bentley's birth. They've known it was coming all along. As the days draw closer, I'm sure Crystal gets more and more uneasy. What Mom wouldn't? Can you help us lift Crystal, baby Bentley, and the rest of their family up in prayer as they approach this day?

I will keep everyone posted on the day of the surgery as much as I can depending on when Crystal can update everyone. Until then, let's add her their situation to our prayer lists and purchase some bracelets should our funds allow it. OK?

Being fierce with my faith...Angie

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