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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


We touched back down in Indy at 6:20pm last night.
I stepped off the plane in my flip flops. It was a mere 26 degrees.
I rebelled! Flip flops or bust. Let's also mention that Brennen came home in shorts.
He rebelled as well and I allowed it.

Go CPS now. We don't care. We are just kind of crazy like that. Crazy kind of family. And gosh knows we love being crazy. (Hence, the song. A great one at that. Turn up your speaker volume and enjoy it while reading this) Craziness!
Back to point...who cared about who was staring and whispering. We were being rebels together. Mother and Son. Love that!

We woke up to snow this morning. Don't love that! Nope...not so much. In fact, I detest that part. I was almost disgusted when I saw it. In fact, not "almost"...I WAS disgusted! How do you go from 83 degrees with sun, sand, and palm trees to 26 degrees, with snow and sleet in a matter of 2 hours? What is wrong with this picture people?

Either way, I got this in my email inbox earlier and had to share. It's from Kenidi's teacher. You know, Alison? The one I speak about on this blog from time to time? Here is what part of her email read:
I’m including a picture from this morning’s SuperTarget field trip. Miss Kenidi has been super tired today and conked out on the way back. (on the bus) I snapped a quick picture to send you…it was too cute to pass up! Hope you’re having a good first day back home. :)

It appears as though our little Miss Kenidi experienced a bit too much R&R over the past 2.5 weeks while we were away. I'm sure she was dreaming of funyons, blues clues, dances with daddy on the beach, musical chairs on the lanai, etc. right at that very moment. Hysterical! Sleeping on the bus...Does it get any better than that? Well, maybe if you were sleeping on the beach. Thanks for taking the time to send this picture to me Alison. Brent and I cracked up. Too funny!

Either way, back to making orders, shipping them, doing a boat load of laundry, putting away suitcases, waiting for 2.5 weeks worth of "held" mail to show up from the mail lady(oh joy! - Not!), and simply missing the noise. The bickering amongst siblings. The mouth of a 9 year old. The scenes on the beach from a 5 year old with special needs. The ringing of my husbands cell phone(constantly). Yeap, just missing it all. Just when your brain tells you that you've had enough and your ready to kick your family to the curb after 2.5 weeks of being together 24/7, your heart kicks in and reminds you otherwise. Brent sent me an email this morning that read nothing but "I miss you already."
Made. me. cry.
Truth is...he has only been gone at the office for 7 hours but I miss him already too. I miss them. The kids. The monsters. The little hellions. I miss them and they've only been gone a few hours. Like I told Brent when I replied back to his email, "the silence without them here is now almost deafening." I find my heart extremely heavy today for the Travolta's as I sit in this silence. Just me, God, and the silence. Praying for their peace. Praying for their unexpected horrific silence. Just praying!
In him always, Angie

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Blogger Rachel said...

This was a great post...funny how we do miss them when we have the lil bit of alone time.

So how does it that Kenidi gets to go on field trips to SuperTarget; how cool is that? We were lucky to go to the symphony LOL

1/06/2009 2:25 PM  
Blogger Angie Seaman said...

Thanx Rachel! Yes, her class gets to take weekly field trips and they are usually geared around "community based projects." They have a cooking class in class from time to time and thus why they go to these type places to purchase the food. They teach them to be independent - putting food in the cart on their own - finding specifically labeled grocery items, etc. It's too cool! They also get to swim at a local indoor pool once a week for field trips as well. Brennen is so ticked that he doesn't get two field trips each week like she does. Ha ha! Her class and the staff within it ROCK! We couldn't be more pleased.
Hope you are keeping the shells warm for me sista'! I mean it...I want a weekly report. Ha ha!
Hugs, Angie

1/06/2009 2:35 PM  
Blogger hdbl said...


would love to meet for coffee soon..

i spent some time with carin over the break.

i sent you an email i think hopefully you got it but i'm sure you are inundated with craziness!!

how wierd we live so close.

blessings on your new year.

matt went back today too and i feel....empty.

met him for lunch at northview cuz i missed him so much!

i can relate!

1/06/2009 3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad you all made it home safe and sound. I say rebel if ya want. Alicen cooks in her special needs class also, a couple of weeks ago her class made peanut butter cookies and they burnt them. I wish I could be a little fly on the wall and witness the action. So Awesome. Her teacher writes in her notebook each day and I read it the very first thing when I get home, so fun.
Glad your home, and please don't work too hard. HEE HEE, our work is never done is it.
Christina (a preemie mom)

1/06/2009 4:02 PM  
Blogger Sabra said...

Awww...that picture is awesome!
That e-mail is sweet! Sure...out kidlets drive us crazy but we love it! Squeeze 'em tight!

1/06/2009 6:08 PM  
Anonymous Mommy said...

You always have a way of going from one emotion to another. That picture is so cute of Kenidi. It reminds me of when we were at "Chez Jean's" that time and you fell asleep in the chair. Barbara covered you with a lacy shawl. I just love that you have a husband that loves you so much! You must be so proud also that you have a Son that loves his mommy so much that he wants to be with you and rebel with you, ha ha

1/06/2009 7:29 PM  
Blogger Deidra Brown said...

Hi Angie I got your message thanks for the encouraging words. I needed that. I will talk to you soon. Glad to see that you are back at home.

1/06/2009 10:01 PM  
Blogger katy said...

Well, it's just pitiful you had to rejoin us all in the real world...LOL. Really though, it looks like you guys had a wonderful time! BTW, I love the pic in the other post where Kennedy is laying in the sand with a reddish shirt cute! Happy New Year!!!!

1/06/2009 10:48 PM  
Blogger Missy said...

Love the Kenidi pic. Sure hope a fly doesn't land in there. lol.
Sorry, that's something goofy my grandma would say and she's been in my thoughts today!

Anyway, welcome home. You were SUPPOSED to bring us sunshine and warm weather, girlfreeeeend. SOOOooo, what's up? We are in need of relief. ;-)

Well, welcome home anyway. I was really feeling it today.....the daily grind is back..uggh. Hello 2009.

Hope you guys have a wonderful new year!

Melissa Roark

1/06/2009 11:54 PM  

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