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Saturday, January 03, 2009


Just a few of my favorite things that I plan to put to good use this afternoon. My beat up but oh so comfy flip flops, a pair of my favorite shades that won't leave line marks across my face from tan lines, my magazine favorite while down South (A Gulfshore Life) and a good read about photography. All while listening to my favorite tunes on this...

A small, beat up, lil' radio that Brennen got as a gift from someone several years ago. It has now become one of my best friends while at the beach whenever we are here. It's tattered, scratched, chipped, and has no battery cover anymore. However, like the energizer just keeps on going and going and going. LOVE THAT! And for such a small thing, it can sure pump out the tunes for us. I like this better than using my Ipod at the beach because I can still hear what the kids are saying and doing around me. With ear buds from the Iphone in my ears, it makes it more tough to listen and listen closely.

There you have it. My beach essentials. (with the exception of my tanning oil concoctions and my "Angie" towel). It is set to be another sunny and gorgeous 83 degree day today here in Sunny Florida. Same predictions for tomorrow. We plan to hit the beach both days. Maybe I'll get a few more shots while there. Either way, we'll be home late Monday evening and I dread stepping off that plane back in Indy. I hear the temps have held steady in the 30's the past few days. Let's see 83 degrees down to 30 degrees. just doesn't sound fun to me. Is it time for Spring yet? :)
xoxoxo, Angie
PS...I had no idea that all of you were such "Facebookers." I can't thank each of you enough for all of the emails and notes on my new facebook page yesterday. I am also extremely appreciative of the thirty or so blog lurkers that read my blog faithfully who came out of the closest and introduced themselves for the first time to me on facebook yesterday. LOVED THAT! Brent and I layed on the bed together last night for like two hours searching, looking, and finding all of our old friends from the past whom we hadn't seen in years. We also enjoyed reading all about your families on your own pages. So fun! Brent teased me and said that gaining 62 friends on facebook in a couple of hours was pretty promising. Ha ha! I just love you guys!
PSS...For the Angie Seaman Photography "photo of the day," click HERE.

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Anonymous Nina ~ Seminole, FL said...

Love it!! And you are so going to be addicted to Facebook!! It is amazing and a totaly time consumer lol, but in a good way...well maybe not...
Remember on one of your florida trips you did a blog about Ocean Potion? It was that lotion you found at a beach store and you were totally addicted to it? Well I found it over the summer at WalMart!!! It is less than $4 a bottle at WalMart...I am totally addicted to the green one, Hemp Seed I think... anyway wanted to let you know you could get it at WalMart here in FL...

love ya girl!

1/03/2009 11:20 AM  
Blogger Alicia said...

Hey Angie,
I know what you mean about the weather!! When we lived in Hawaii, we moved back to California in mid November. I just remember leaving on a beautiful Hawaii day, and then the next morning waking up to a DEPRESSING, cloudy, gray, rainy morning!! Oh..and I was prego & hormonal at the time, so that made it even worst!!!

Oh..and about'll see how some acquaintances from the past will write to you like you have been buddy buddy with them in school! LOL! But, that's what great about can get excited about someone and it won't seem weird!!

1/03/2009 11:40 AM  
Anonymous Kim said...

Hi Angie, That is too funny about that little radio I actually own, (well my kids got them a couple of years ago from Granny) a pink and a black one, they do really rock for as small as they are, the things we have in common, ha! ha!
Take care, and get some sun for me, I think S.A.D. is kicking in for me, so I could use some SUN!!!

1/03/2009 5:05 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Oh girl I so heart those sunglasses...can you believe a Florida girl like me doesn't own a pair of sunglasses...I know it's very sad!!! I get the sun in my eyes on the way into work and on my way back...these would look hot on me; I just know it! I'm sure you ROCK them out!!!!

1/03/2009 6:10 PM  
Blogger Cortney K. said...

Love love love the Ed Hardy's girl! I too am a facebook diva but haven't logged on yet to get added. See you there!
Still in shock trying to process what the Travolta family must be suffering through. That is a pain that must be indescribable and almost beyond living through. My heart ache's for all parents that have had a loss of a child. Word's can't describe....

1/03/2009 6:21 PM  
Blogger Hana said...

I'm soooo jealous of all the fabulous beach time you are getting in FL. I'm a Miami native living in NC, 3-4hrs away from the beach. I do love NC..all my family is here...but I'm a Miami beach bum at heart! Enjoy the rest of your time there!

1/03/2009 10:35 PM  
Blogger Becky said...

Looking for to your blog in 2009. You really know how to know exactly what is going on in my life with your posts on your blog. I'm also excited to have hooked up with you on Facebook. Happy New Year. Wish I was having a great time with you in Florida.

1/04/2009 12:01 AM  

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