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Monday, January 05, 2009


This is what our last day on the beach looked like yesterday. Blue skies, a hot 83 degrees, white sand, kids playing, etc. I took Brennen and we hung out and did some Mommy/son time alone. See little Miss Kenidi doesn't understand that the ocean is too cold to swim in this time of the year. On numerous occasions this trip, she has dove in the water, clothes, shoes, and all in an effort to swim with the fish. Ha ha! Brent has then had to go in after her in his clothes, shoes, and all. Thus, why Kenidi will be coming home without a brown bean tan this trip. She stayed home most afternoons with Daddy, having lunch with him, watching continual episodes of Blue Clues with him and playing musical chairs outside in the lanai around the pool with him. Brennen got in the ocean up to his knees a few times but for the most part, the water was just too cold. So yesterday, Brennen and Mommy spent 4 hours oceanside just playing in the sand, tanning it up, and closing our eyes as we embraced the last few hours of the waves crashing against the shore before we have to return home.

There was hardly anyone around. Just us and our Beach B/F/F's (the birds). Yeap, they made one last appearance in hopes of getting "Paparazzi'ed" before we go. And boy did they ever. Many of them did fly over stunts for us and everything this time. Too fun to watch. It's amazing to me how close they come to my hands and my lens. I think they are so used to people on the beach that they come right up to you like its nothing. We are sticking with the story that they just enjoy strutting their stuff in front of my cameras and that we are all B/F/F's because of the photo ops I give them in exchange. HA! I mean let's face it...they are celebrities here on this ol' blog. Right?

This shot above was a group of pelicans that continued to fly overhead and in formation all afternoon long. They were so beautiful! And below...I captured a seagull coming in for a landing all while almost taking out another one of his own pals.

The image below is of a single pelican flying right above my head, doing what they do best... Looking stunning!

Although this next shot below was caught on the fly and left me unprepared, I still love it. Look at those wings. You guys know how much I have a love affair with all things "wingy." Hee hee! :) He came in for a landing right at my feet and I snapped the shot right before his little legs hit the ground.

And this little dude below kept bringing around things in his mouth. He tried to eat everything in sight. I caught him with this something or another and thought I'd share it here too.

This seagull below isn't really as close as it looks to my head like some of the previous shots. Thank goodness for telephoto zoom lens. I love my glass. They are so good at capturing images like this one that are impossible in a normal situation.

And there he went...flying right past us. Up in the sky with the planes and all. How fun it must be to know that God blessed you with wings. What a view they must have every second of every day...

Then lastly, these are my favorite red long beaked birds. I don't know their technical name but I do love them. I call them "Red" when there.

Here are two of my favorite houses shoreside on Bonita Beach. You should see the front of these bad boys. They are stunning homes. The owner of the white house was out on her top balcony while we were there yesterday. She was yelling down and talking to an older couple that they obviously knew on the beach. I wondered if she knew how blessed she was to wake up to a view like that every morning. Gorgeous!

Here is Brennen doing what he does...hanging out with Mom in the sand.

I thought that I might order canvas wrapped prints done in color or possibly even black and white of these next few prints below. I have a large wall in our great room that is craving some large prints. I plan to make it a photo wall with all of my photography pictures captured of the kids, the beach, and so on during our vacation memories thru the years. Beings that our new home is decorated in a beachy/cottage feel, I thought these close ups of hands and feet in the sand will be great for the photo wall collection.

My toes won't be on the wall though. Of course way jose'! I don't mind putting them here though - in small print. :)

For now, I'm off to finish packing. It's 9am and our flight leaves for home at 3:45pm today. I'm sad and heart sick to return back to Indy's winter weather. However, in the end, it is home. Normally I'm ready to come home by the end of each trip. This time however, I'm not. I really hate leaving this trip and bringing it to an end. I just wish I was a beach shell to stay on the beach 24/7, swim with the dolphins, sun bathe in the rays, etc. Beings that I'm not though, I guess the shells will have to remain there along with our Beach B/F/F's until we return again later this year. They are always lonely without us. I'm sure of it...

Thanks for sharing this vacation with us. I've enjoyed being able to share with you all. As always, please pray for safe travels tonight as we fly home. If all is on time, we will touch back down in Indy at 6:30pm on the dot tonight. I'll update tomorrow from the comforts of home.

Happy Monday...Angie

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Blogger Kristin said...

Beautiful images!
Have a safe trip!

1/05/2009 9:33 AM  
Blogger Molly said...

Angie I love your pictures their beautiful. Hope you all have a safe flight home. I am jealous of how many shells I have seen on the beach in your photos. Here in NC there are hardly any shells at all, I love walking and collecting them. It looks like you could literally scoop a handful up and savor their beauty. Ok enough rambling. Have a safe trip home girl!!!
~ Molly P
PS. Hopefully you will have a nicer flight attendant.

1/05/2009 10:32 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Your gonna have a hard time picking photos from this trip to go on the wall in your great you have so many great photos to choose from.

So glad you and Brennan had some great alone time; it's just great to spend one on one time with each child.

all the best; safe travels!!!

PS I will keep the beach company while your back home :)

1/05/2009 10:56 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Angie, I have been enjoying your pictures, I love photography, and take lots of pictures, but am in no way anywhere as good as you. I live in Florida, near Tampa, so you aren't too far away from me in these pix. The bird "Red" is actually a White Ibis, and they are always here in Florida, we do have some beautiful birds, and I have always been a birdwatcher and took lots of pictures of them when I could. I will tell you a little story, I was on a cliff in Washington State staring out over the ocean when right there in front of me, like I could reach out and touch him, was an eagle. It was the most amazing thing, I stood there, transfixed, watching with my mouth open, until he was passed me, then I remembered I had my camera around my neck. No picture, except in my mind, but I will remember it always. Take care on your way home and thanks for sharing.

1/05/2009 12:06 PM  
Blogger Dancing Queen said...

we stayed home pretty much for christmas vacation & today, kids back at school, decorations getting ready to be taken down, is soooo depressing...glad you had such an awesome trip & to see your elf made it there too! i'm so glad i found a book/elf for made our christmas time so much fun! thanks for sharing:)

1/05/2009 2:31 PM  
Anonymous Grandma Sue said...

You cut Brennen's hair!

1/05/2009 6:01 PM  
Anonymous The Bryant girls said...

Dear Angie, Brent, Brennen, and Kenidi,

We are praying for you right now as you are in the air!!!!
Bailee is soooooooooooo excited about her shoes!!! Thank you!!!!!! Bailee has enjoyed these shoes more than anything she has ever gotten! HUGE BLESSING TO US!!!!!

We love you!!!!!!!
Rhonda, Bailee, and Brooklyn

1/05/2009 6:15 PM  
Anonymous krissy said...

I would feel bad for you, leaving the beach and all but this is one tough task when I am sitting in Kodiak, Alaska in 7 degree weather - before factoring in the windchill! I will not be off this island again for another 18 month, so I will continue to live vicariously through you and all the exotic locals you visit. I am from Florida, so in July of 2010 when the Coast Guard is through torturing us, we will move back to our home near the Gulf of Mexico. Until then, you are doing me proud soaking up the sun, chillin' on the beach, and having some warm family moments in paradise. If it gets that good on earth, just imagine what perfection heaven must be!!!! joy, joy, joy.....
thanks angie. I love your post. and now with facebook, you have doubled my time with you!!!!!!!! Oh, and by the way, Alaska does have its amazing moments too. January is just sparce on them. We have the most gorgeous scenery you and your camera can ever imagine. It's just best enjoyed in the summer!
Peace out girl!

1/06/2009 2:35 AM  
Blogger Angie Seaman said...

Krissy, I have heard that Alaska is stunning. I think I would enjoy seeing it someday - in the summer -like you said. I bet it is gorgeous. What a change that must be for you considering you are from Florida. WOW! Kudo's to you sista'! I think I'd be a big baby by now. Ha ha!

Molly, we had a much nicer flight attendant on our way home last night. We sat in the front row and she sat up there toward the end of the flight in her own little seat and talked to us a lot about Kenidi. She was a young girl and loved kids. Used to teach preschool I guess. Therefore, she was very compassionate and understanding when it came to Kenidi and her condition.

Bailee, your next round of shoes were mailed out yesterday from Florida sweetheart. They are supposed to be delivered to your door step on Thursday of this week via Fed Ex. Enjoy!

Yes Mom...we had Brennen's hair cut while in Florida. We went for a trim. However, I looked over at one point while the gal was cutting it and all was fine. Next thing you know, I'm on the phone with Dad and look over again only to find that she had practically buzzed him. Needless to say, none of us were very pleased. Lucky for us, his hair grows really fast. :(

And had best keep that beach warm and comfy for me while we are away gur-fren! I need weekly reports/updates. Can you handle that? Ha ha!

Hugs, Angie

1/06/2009 8:16 AM  
Blogger Angie Seaman said...

Carolyn - I am so glad you told me the name of that white Ibis bird. That is very helpful. I always wish I knew what all of them were called. Oh and your experience regarding the eagle, I think I would have died and gone to heaven. WOW! How humbling that moment must have been, eh? I bet he was beautiful! Like you, I would have forgotten that my camera was even around my neck during a moment like that. Too fun! Thanks for sharing and for your kind words. Keep in touch via this here ol' blog. K? It was great to hear from you.

Thanks, Angie

1/06/2009 8:25 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I love, love, love your photos. I am getting ready to get a new camera for my birthday. (My hubby doesn't know what he is getting ready to do.) Any advice you can give on the type of camera (brand, ISO, etc.) so that I can be sure to get a good one. Also, what actions to do use for your photos? Thanks so much.

1/06/2009 11:31 AM  

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