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Monday, June 09, 2008


Well, I'm home. What a weekend. What a blast! I got in late yesterday evening and was just too tired to mess with blogging. I also missed my hubby and my kids too bad to sit down at the computer and give you an update right then. Therefore, I'm just now getting around to it. I had hoped to be able to blog from where we were but we ended up being in such a remote area that the wireless sprint card wouldn't work for me there. So...I just had to wait.

We had 3 full days of impeccable weather. This was a shock to us because the weather report for 2 of those three days was rain, damaging winds, and possible hail. Therefore, we packed up movies, games, etc. in case we were stuck inside all weekend. In the end, we never had to use the games and only watched one movie, "Juno" - a good chick flick. We are all burnt to a crisp but at least we came back looking as though we'd been away on a vacation. Below you will see a photo of the back of the lake house and the boats. It was a gorgeous lake with some incredible homes sprawled along it.

As most of you read, I went with 4 of my girlfriends from high school. The fun thing about not being a "drinker," is that I get to grab the camera and snap shots of my hilarious friends while they are drinking and I'm completely sober. With the two pictures above, we busted out the Michael Jackson Thriller song on my Ipod and jammed to it. This would be 3 of my 4 girlfriends reenacting the THRILLER dance itself while on the boat. Can anyone say
"H-Y-S-T-E-R-I-C-A-L?" Sarah has the thriller moves down pat. (She's the one in the hat) The girl has got skills!

These two pictures shown above and below are a few of the girls in one of the boats ready to head out on the water. I broke out the telephoto lens for this one. YAY!
These shots below would be Krissie and Sarah plunging into what felt like arctic waters. Again, as a non-drinker...I'm lucky. I get to stay behind and snap all of the good shots. Too funny!
ABOVE: The girls "drowning" one another....
ABOVE: This would be Sarah. Sarah - after a long day of fun in the sun. What you unfortunately don't get to see is Sarah just moments later - after I snapped this shot - as she is pounded with a ginormous wave that flew up, over, and into the boat right on top of her head as she was dead asleep. It came right into the boat like someone had opened up Niagara Falls. The other 4 of us laughed until we cried as we saw her jump 10 feet in the air and mutter the first words from her mouth which were...."My phone - my phone!" Needless to say, Sarah is our "texter" of the group. The girl can text so fast - and like nothing I've ever witnessed before.
These two shots are of Krissie and Diahann late one night after our showers. We were hunkered down watching TV, eating up the incredible brownies Di made us for the weekend and just having an all around great time.
BELOW: These are the girls maxin' and relaxin' around the table on the back deck.
The lake house was in such a beautiful location.
BELOW: Sarah on her way out of the cove on the wave runner.
BELOW: This would be Krissie trying to come in for a landing on her wave runner.

Overall, we had a "fantabulous" weekend with tons of laughs. We cannot wait to do it again next year. Krissie and Sarah will be two of the four friends coming down to stay with me in Florida next month so I can't wait to show you those photos too. Lots of fun ahead. Good times~good times as we like to say. A huge thanks to Di for allowing us to use their family lake house for the weekend and for her "mean" grilling skills when she cooked up our chicken kabobs, hamburger patties, and chicken breasts each night. We had a grand ol' time Di and we just love you to pieces! :) The ol' badger, PYT, knock knock jokes, and even our rendezvous' at the DQ on the way home still has me laughing until my jaws ache. What kind of show were they running anyhow? HA HA!

PS...Thanks to all of you who have emailed asking if we are all OK here in Indy. We did get lots of flooding while we were gone over the weekend and the girls and I managed to miss all of it. Luckily, even though our homes sit in some of the hardest hit areas, we each managed to come home to dry basements and houses that were unharmed. Brent and I have neighbors across the street and all throughout our neighborhood that woke up to flooded basements and ruined homes. However, because our home sits up so high in the neighborhood, we escaped all of the damage. Praise God! Please pray for those who weren't so fortunate or so lucky. Lives were lost, belongings and homes were destroyed, etc. Mother Nature can be downright wicked when she wants to be.



Anonymous Sarah Wilson said...

I just read it and laughed out loud....that is some funny stuff. I do so love you girls!!!! Can't wait to get together again!!!!!

6/09/2008 11:53 AM  
Anonymous Diahann said...

How funny!! It was definitely good times. Can't wait till next year. I noticed you cut yourself out of a photo - NOT FAIR!!!!
So glad you came - you are so welcome.

6/09/2008 11:56 AM  
Blogger Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

You bethcha' - that photo of me that I let Sarah take was horrendous with me in it. I was a sweaty, oily, piggy mess by that point in the day. YUCK! You girlie girls always look beautimous though. I'd rather see all of your beautiful faces gracing the pages of my blog than mine. Loved every minute of the trip girls!

XOXOXO, Ang (V.O.R.)

6/09/2008 12:09 PM  
Anonymous Krissie said...

I had a great time as well & love the pic's...EXCEPT the one of me bent over sitting by Di...what a gut shot, me O my! HA! & as far as DQ, I still cant stop laughing!!

6/10/2008 12:23 AM  

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