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Monday, May 12, 2008


Awww....Mother's Day. We had a great one this year. I actually have three Moms that I get to celebrate the big day with. My own mom, shown with me & the kids in the photo above, then my Mother in law Debbie whom I adore like one of my own Moms, and then my other Mom I've had basically all my life-my step Mom Cathy who is like a real Mom to me as well. I've always been fortunate to have a Mom and a Step-Mom that always got along so it has been such a privilege to have "2 Moms" all of my life. Then, when I married Brent at age 18, I was blessed with Deb - my wonderful Mother in law. I always say that I have the BEST mother in law in the world and I truly mean that with every fiber of my being. I could tell Debbie anything that I could tell my real Moms. She is my friend and an incredible grandmother to my children. All of my Moms make ROCKIN' Grandma's. My kids are showered with love from all three of them and for that I am thankful. I never had a grandma growing up that I could hang out with, get by with murder with, be spoiled by, etc. Therefore...Brent and I are so glad that our kids have three of them that invest a ton of time into both of our kids.
After church yesterday, which was an awesome sermon by the way, that only reiterated and confirmed my will to continue the fight with Kenidi's school battle, we went to Brent's sister Jill's house for a lunch with his Mom and his siblings for Mother's Day. In the picture above, you can see Brent's Mom, Debbie opening her Mother's day gifts from us. We got her and my step-Mom Ipod's this year.
ABOVE: Grandma Debbie all excited about her Ipod that we gave her and giving my Father in law a great big ol' hug because of it.
ABOVE: Debbie and Jill (her daughter-my sis in law) with Kenidi in front of all of Debbie's new Mother's Day goodies.
ABOVE: Aunt Jill posing with Kenidi after she pulled her hair back in some piggy tails for her. Aunt Jill can do some "mean" piggy tails. Mommy can never get them even or aligned together. Aunt Jill has got it going on~! :) We loved them!
ABOVE: Here is Brennen with some of his cousins. Lots of soon to be estrogen around him in this picture. Ha ha! ABOVE: My sweet sweet niece, Allie. Aren't her eyes to die for? And those natural curls? Oh my!
ABOVE: Brent with his Mom, his brother Brad, and his sister Jill
ABOVE: Uncle Brad with Kenidi asleep in his arms. She adores her uncle Drew-Drew!
ABOVE: Grandma Sue's gift. (Angie's Mom) We took Grandma Sue her gift in a bucket full of sand yesterday. The deal was that she had to "dig" for her Mother's Day gift this year. As you can see in the photos below, she is digging and the kids are helping her make a huge mess while doing it.
She finally finds an envelope in the bottom of the bucket. Inside that envelope is a plane ticket to Florida. As many already know, we'll be in Florida come June/July and my Mom will now be able to fly down and stay with us for a bit while we are there.
She was so excited that she began to cry. Now you know where I get my emotional side from....
:) Love you Mom!
BELOW: Brent and Brennen wrestling and doing what Dads and sons do while at Grandma Sue's house.

After visiting with Grandma Debbie and then my own Mom, we went to my other Moms house. (and my Dad's house of course) Dad and Cathy had just come home from an afternoon at the track. Yes, the Indy 500. Cath gets the fun privilege of working the Rolls Royce suite each year there at the track and yesterday was no different. I guess that is one of the fun perks you get when you work for their corporate executive offices here in Indiana. Here is Grandma Cathy opening her Mothers day gift - an Ipod too.
BELOW: Kenidi posing with Grandma Cathy!

And ABOVE: Brent and the kids in my Dad's den last night. Brennen loves being in there and studying all of the cool books and gadgets that my Dad has. I must point out that Kenidi looks JUST LIKE I did at her age in this photo above. There is a picture of me at her age floating around somewhere and I have the exact same cheesy grin on my face with pig tails. The similarities are amazing. Normally I don't notice stuff like that with my own kids but in this picture I did. As you can see, we had a great day. Yesterday was a great day to be a Mom. I love all three of my Mother's dearly and thank them for helping shape, mold, and direct me into what and who I am today. I still have a ton of learning to do and I'm so blessed that they are by my side to help me along the way. I have been given three amazing women in my life that I'm able to call "my" Moms. I love you guys! Thanks for everything you do. Thanks for all that you are and all that you aren't.
For now, I'm off to go hit the gym with that handsome hubby of mine. We both need to go work off some steam and gear up for more. Ha ha!
XOXOXO, Brent, Angie, Brennen, & Kenidi


Blogger Stacey Moore said...

looks like a fun day!! lots of cute pictures!!

5/12/2008 10:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How creative. I love the way you gave your mom the tickets. I just had Chad look at this. Hopefully he will catch on soon to the word creative.


5/13/2008 9:35 PM  

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