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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Oh how I love thee.
LA Fitness that is.
I managed to talk Brent into joining the gym with me again this past week. Back in the day, he and I would leave Brennen at his Mom's or my Dad's and hit the gym together. We were definitely "into" working out back then. It was our date night together and we loved it. It became our hobby of fun together and we had a blast while doing it as a husband and wife "team." We trained with trainers at that gym until mine moved away. (Boo hoo Rachel!!!) She reads my blog from her new "home" state with her new "hubby" so I'm not afraid to continue begging for her to MOVE BACK TO INDY. Please, please, please come home-back to Indiana. We need you! I need you! Ha ha! Rachel went on to work for Beverly International. (fitness products) She was who kept me in line and taught me anything and everything that I've ever learned about proper nutrition. I can honestly say that she had me in the best shape of my life. As a fitness competitor herself, it was obvious that she knew very well what she was talking about. Not only did she talk it - but she lived it. She lived that lifestyle which therefore helped me to live it. Once Rachel left, I lost all motivation. Not only that but I got pregnant with Kenidi - did manage to lose all of the baby weight from that pregnancy - but have battled to get back to that tone-ness and size that I once was. I want sculpted shoulders again and lean leg muscles. I want our "fitness magazine" bodies back. Yes, Brent and I managed to loose a bunch of the baby weight and other weight back then which landed us a spot within Fitness magazine. The article is actually framed on our basement wall downstairs. It's what I like to call our 15 minutes of fame wall as well as our claim to shame now that we aren't in as good of shape as we once prided ourselves on. Ironically, Fitness magazine called again about 2 years ago and wanted to do a follow up story. Needless to say, we let them know that now was not a good time. Ha ha!
I have a tendency to eat like a cow when I'm pregnant - well I eat like a cow even when I'm not pregnant but that is beside the point. Anywho, I gain a plenty of weight anytime I've been preggo. With Brennen I gained 60 lbs. and with Kenidi I still managed to gain 40 lbs. I joke now and say that with our third child, maybe I'll shed another 20 and continue to go down by only gaining 20 lbs. this next time. HA! What a joke! Yeah - right! Either way, I know that I want to shed approximately another 15 lbs. before embarking on this third pregnancy sometime late this year. I don't want to go into it knowing how much weight I gain normally let alone the fact that I'm not where I want to be physically.
So...Brent joined LA Fitness with me this past week. We've committed to each other that we would go three days a week "together." I also plan to try out some of their classes when Brent is working during the day and the kids can use their awesome childcare facility. They have hip hop classes, Pilate's, yoga, kickboxing, spinning, cardio jam, etc. You name it - they've got it. Did I mention that they also house some beautiful cherry wood locker rooms too? The place looks like a custom home inside - not like the sweaty ol' gyms and locker rooms that I remember.
I tell you all of this because I want the accountability. We leave for Florida at the end of next month and I want to be hitting it hard in the gym before, during, and after our vacation. Lucky for us, they have a brand new LA Fitness that we can use there in Naples while we are away. So...should anyone else want to do a cyber - accountability plan with me, shoot me a line or two. Gosh knows I need all of the help I can get. In the meantime, I'm going to spend this last day shoving every peanut butter M&M, baskets of chips and salsa, mountain dews, and anything else I can consume as my last ha-rah! It's time to get serious again. The good thing about this though - is that I've got that handsome husband back in the gym with me again. We've had so much fun working out together each night this week. They are truly like our little doses of date nights. Just the two of us lifting weights or running on the treadmills side by side and discussing the day we've just had. He even manages to hit the panic button every now and again on my treadmill when I'm not looking so that it stops me on a dime and propels me forward. Yes, Brent thinks he is funny. Only because he is so darn good looking do I allow this type of behavior to continue. He'll get his though - don't you worry! Too fun! Too fun!
Much love,
MMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (a.k.a. the girl who eats like a cow-all the time)


Blogger Vicki said...

good for you!! I am another "girl who eats like a cow-all the time".. I love go
od food... unfortunately it doesn't love me!!
I have been walking 5 miles a day and joined wight watchers 10 weeks ago.. I am down 30lbs right now and want to loose another 20... there is no pregnancy at the end of my weight loss though.... sigh.. not that I'd mind... but those days are over for me!!

Keep us posted on how you do!!
You go girl!!!!

5/15/2008 7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there, its Kathy (Payton's mom) in Tennessee! Its funny you posted this tonight . . . I sat tonight at the hospital after Payton's doctor appointment feeding my STARVING children and eating a cheeseburger and fries--thinking to myself its time to stop eating like this (again). I was real motivated about two years ago, lost 45 lbs, ran the mini marathon a year ago in Indy but unfortunately have gained about 12 lbs back (just recently, must be stress!!) . . . wanna start the summer, on line, AGD support group for the girls that eat like cows! I told my husband that I want to run/walk the mini marathon again next May in Indy . . . . . I think its time to start trainning again!

5/15/2008 8:50 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

Angie, this is awesome! I love that you make it your date night. Talk about motivation!

I bet you will love the classes....I've started pilates in the past year and love it! It's like you can feel results as you're leaving the class. Now THAT'S motivation!

I'm trying to be consistent with my workouts as well, so we can keep each other motivated from different sides of the city! :)

5/15/2008 8:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Help! Tell me how to lose weight! I am 26 years old and have had two babies in the past two years! I am desperate to lose weight but want to do it a proper way. Help me with nutrition! Thanks..

5/16/2008 7:27 AM  
Blogger Katie said...

I will be the only one so far to say it. Angie I think you have a great body and most woman would die to look like you. Don't loose any weight you are already small just tone up a little. I do understand wanting to get in shape though. I'm a small girl but I hate when I'm so out of shape. I used to be a big runner now I run after 3 kids all day.

5/16/2008 8:25 AM  
Blogger Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

Awww...thanks Katie. I soooo appreciate that. Your such a sweetheart! And hey - maybe we can start some kind of AGD accountability/support group here amongst us girls like Kathy suggested. Let me think that over and see if there is a way we can do it. I'll keep you guys posted on that aspect. And Rachel, we could discuss nutrition aspects, give recipes, etc. go girl! Keep up the awesome work sista! We need your motivation! And Sara, if we do move North to Carmel maybe I can try out some of those pilates classes with you too. Hee hee! :)
Thanks for all of your support girls! It would be fun to tackle something like this together each week.

Blessings, Angie

5/16/2008 9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Count me in on this too...
I need to loose at least 15lbs, no 20lbs, no 25lbs, ok just kidding. More like 40lbs. Ha!Ha!


5/16/2008 9:47 AM  
Blogger PamperingBeki said...

Haha!! You're going to think I'm nuts but I think I actually have that issue stashed aways somewhere! I had no idea you were in it.

I've saved stacks and stacks of Fitness and Shape magazines.

At one point, I was very into fitness as well. *sigh* I really need to get back to that mental state. My body could surely use it.

5/16/2008 12:27 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

Definitely! Having a pilates partner would make me that much more accountable!

I'm trying to not get too excited that you may be coming this way! :)

BTW, I'd be in for an AGD accountability group. We could call it, well, I don't know what we could call it (darn momnesia!) but you could do a weekly fitness/health tip of the week and/or have everyone do a weekly check-in....what is your goal, what did you do this week to reach it, what change did you make this week, etc. Love it!

5/16/2008 1:37 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

OK-Count me in! Since September of last year I have dropped 57 lbs...most of that was baby weight from Avery so I still have far to go! I am doing a medically supervised diet and I weigh in every Wednesday morning,I was thinking on doing a "Weigh in Wednesday" blog to hold myslef accountable.I am game for anything you come up with-I can use all the support I can get!

My hubby and I have been hitting the gym hardcore for the past month.It is great having him there
to push me that extra 5 minutes on the cardio equipment. He gets his laughs in while we are there like Brent does-He will come up from behind me,smack my heiny and when I turn to look behind me-he increases my speed and incline!!Men!!!!

5/16/2008 2:20 PM  

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