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Saturday, May 24, 2008


If you have never read Angie Smith's blog and "their" story, you MUST do so - like now. Her post today is one of the best things I've ever stumbled upon in my life. Here is a link to her blog and to the post she updated with last night: Angie is the wife of Todd Smith, singer from the Christian band, Selah.

To read their story of loss, grace, tragedy, faith, and undying hope from the beginning to the end, start here:

In the meantime, know that our thoughts and prayers are always with you Angie as well as with your entire family. Audrey is beautiful. God is good - all the time. And for my blog readers/visitors, check out Angie's comments from friends, family, and total strangers under each of her blog posts. They are living proof that God "never wastes pain!"

In him always, Angie Seaman


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,

I have been following her blog for a while now. I cry every time I read. One of the things that blessed my heart the most was when Angie listed all the people who came to know Christ through the life of Audrey Caroline. Amazing isn't it? God could use a life that out of the womb lasted only hours but had an eternal impact on those who she came to know.. God is so good.

5/24/2008 1:17 PM  
Blogger katy said...

I am new to blogging, I only have a couple of friends on my other blogs links, and then your website (which I get emails from way back when I found you on ebay :-) and then I have the Audrey Caroline blog posted (which I got the link from Celebrity babies website) when I just came to check out your website and heard her song playing I was confused (All that I can say...what a fabulous fabulous song!), then I saw you blogged about her blog...haha! Anyway, I do love reading her blog, even though she has a sad story to tell, it is also one of hope and faith, and she writes so beautifully! With you sharing about her, now even more people will be touched by her story :-) In His Hands, Katy

5/24/2008 9:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read Angie's blog, as well. Every time I read it I cry. She's got such powerful words. If only I could write as well as she does.

5/24/2008 10:51 PM  
Blogger MamaMia said...

My husband and I first fell in love with Selah when they visited our church several years ago.

I just recently started blogging about six months ago and stumbled upon Angie's blog via my blogging circles.

In fact, I linked to her blog in an April post of mine.

Anyway, what an awesome, faithful family that is an inspiration to me. Thanks for reminding me of that.

BTW, I discovered your blog via my best friend's blog (Dancing Queen). Hope you don't mind me stopping by.

Beautiful blog design.

Now how's that for a novel...sorry.

5/25/2008 1:14 AM  
Anonymous Rhonda and Bailee said...


Thank you for sharing this. It really touched our hearts! I do not think we have told you, but Bailee's middle name is Hope! Bailee loves the song by Selah, You Raise Me Up. It has very special meaning to her. As we all listened to the song we realized why it meant so much to her. Even though she cannot stand alone, God is always holding on to her, and raising her up in situations when she needs him most!! Thank you again Angie, for sharing this,and thank you for your Faith in HIM that shines always on your blog!!!

We love you!
Rhonda and Bailee

5/25/2008 11:01 AM  

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