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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

WORD OUT WEDNESDAY we are gonna get the word out on some products that I just love, love, love at the moment. Therefore, we are appropriately titling today's blog post as "Word Out Wednesday." First up though, I thought we needed a little bit of "Jessie's girl" playing in the background while we shopped. Therefore, if you are reading this in an email update, go to my blog directly so that you can get the full effect of Rick Springfield and the ol' Jessie's Girl days. If your computer volume is turned down, crank it up. Don't worry about your co-workers...hand them a big fat piece of bubblegum, a pencil to pretend that it's a microphone, and just ROCK ON together. All of you can dance like no one is watching. Too fun! Why don't we have music like this anymore now days?
Anywho, the first several things are items I use on a daily basis - sometimes multiple times a day. First up, the "Ocean Potion" lotions. LOVE THAT! I found these in while vacationing in Florida last week. I purchased them at the Mango Bay gift/surf shop in Bonita Beach. I'm sure a ton of the other Florida surf shops carry these as well. I went in looking for an aloe and came out with the orange bottle first. As you can see by how much I've used, I'm "feelin" it. I've used it on the kids all week long too. Before we left for the trip back home to Indy, I told Brent to run me by Mango Bay Surf Shop again so I could grab several more bottles of it to take home and last us through the summer until we came back in June/July. I knew they'd be great to have around the pool this season. Well, when I went back, they were completely sold out of the orange bottle with aloe. They told me that people flock for the stuff and buy it up off the shelf as soon as they get more in. So...the girl at the store introduced me to her favorite over the orange with aloe. It's called the "Hemp Seed for dry skin." Let me just tell you....this stuff ROCKS! I'm a huge critic of lotions. I lather my whole body in lotion everyday when I come out of the shower. This past week, I've layered my whole body in lotion at least three times a day after frying my skin in that hot Florida sun during our vacation. My skin needs tons of moisture right now and this stuff does the trick. For $7.50 a bottle, you can't go wrong. All of you Florida residents, get ya some. It's better than any department store moisturizer that you'd spend $60 on. I promise. They do have a website you can purchase it from and the bottles are only $5.99 a piece from them directly. What a bargain! Here is the link to their site out of Cocoa , Florida:
Next up, what's in my bag? My handbag that is. These three little items are a must for my daily routine. I have always been a DIOR girl when it comes to mascara so you'll never find me without that. But...recently I tried this new cover girl lash blast "brushless" mascara and LOVE LOVE LOVE it too. Now, I use both. I use the Diorshow first and then layer it with the lash blast by Cover Girl. The two of them work fabulous together. In the middle you see a lip jar by Nars. I'm addicted to their "Hot wired" color right now. It's a pretty fuchsia shade that goes great with a dark tan for the summer months and feels great on your lips. I used it almost everyday in while in Florida (not while in the direct sun again though) and am still wearing it today. With my face so burnt from the Florida sun right now, these are the only three products you will find me using on my face over the next couple of weeks until I return to "normal." They are my survival kit to say the least.
Speaking of Florida again, how about this gorgeous shade of nail polish from OPI's new collection? I'm in love with the name of it. It's called "Keys to my Karma." Like the Nars lip gloss above, this color looks fab with tan skin. It's on my toes and my fingers right now. I know, I know...its a no-no to match your toes and fingers now days but I did it anyway because of my obsession with this shade. Stunning for Summer!

Up next, BLUSH-The Topless undershirt. Get a load of these things. See the black shirt underneath the gray thermal this lady has on? Well, it's topless. It's meant to just be a layering device - a layering trick for the eye. Blush makes these in all different colors, in several patterned prints, and also makes them for maternity needs as well. We all layer - it's a major trend right now and has been for years. However, this little gadget keeps the bulkiness to a low roar and still sends you away looking trendy and hip. Here is the link to their website with all of the colors and patterns: These would bring the house down with all of your tank tops this summer. Too trendy! LOVE THEM!
OK...this next product is nothing short of genius. I just ordered it last night and cannot wait to get them here. I ssooooooooo wish I would have found these before leaving on my trip. Either way, they'll be perfect with all of the tank tops this summer. Meet the "Strapper." You must go to their site right now before reading on so that you can see how this works:
Isn't it flippin' genius? I just want to kiss the girls that invented this product. I grabbed several colors and plan to wear them out this summer. Why couldn't I have thought of this? Word out Wednesday - we are definitely getting it out there. Every woman needs a set of these - no matter how young or how old.
Lastly, I hate belts. OK - let me back up - I always tell my kids that "hate" is a BIG word and because of how BIG of a word it is....I don't allow them to use that word in our house. Therefore, I will rephrase that statement. I "loathe" belts. There, that sounds better - not as harsh. I cannot stand having to wear belts with a cute pair of jeans and a kickin' top. They are chunky, bulky, and always in my way. Sometimes you can find a really rockin' belt that is only there for the purpose of doing up an outfit you are wearing but even that is rare. So, when I stumbled upon this little gadget, I just had to share:
It's called the "Invisibelt." Check out the write up below that I grabbed from their website. It shows a great visual of what their product does for you:
So there you have it....some of my fav's right now. It's been a while since I've shared some of my favorite finds so I thought today would make a great day for sharing and "getting the word out."
PS...Feel free to come back again later today if you and your co-workers, friends, etc. want to jam out some more to "Jessie's girl." It does the body good! :)


Anonymous Kathy Dillon (TN) Payton's Mommy said...

LOVE your music! I hoped onto your blog just a few minutes ago while I was going some research on the Internet (to have some good background music) and Jessie's Girl came on!!!!!
Take care,

P.S. I love the shots of the bag--the orange is great and a super color for Tennessee!

4/09/2008 10:08 AM  
Anonymous Missy Mouton said...

I JUST got your email and have already ordered the Strapper! I just ordered one in a nude for now until I make sure I like it. That way it will go with everything. I HATE , yes big word, strapless bras and I wear tanks all the time, so I was pumped to see this. I have bought so many of your favorite finds! I love them! Keem ‘em coming sista!

4/09/2008 12:17 PM  
Blogger Scarlett said...

Great tips, girl!!! Thanks!

4/09/2008 12:38 PM  
Blogger Bunny Chic Boutique said...

I'm going to get some of that lip gloss ~ exactly what I need.

Glad you love the Ocean Potion! They're a great company ~ always supporting our local community. Ocean Potion is available in Wal-marts throughout the US ~ maybe in Indiana too?

AND your "Citrus Water" handbag is an absolute "must have"!!

Thanks for getting the "word out" and sharing all of those Fabulous Finds ~

Have a "hoppy" Day ~


4/10/2008 10:37 AM  
Anonymous Tracy Vance said...

Girl...LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ocean Potion! I stumbled upon it last year at...get this...WAL-MART!!! Yes, Wal-Mart! It's the only place I can find it around here and I buy it in bulk too this time of year!!! :)

I couldn't believe it when I read your email! I thought I was the only Ocean Potion junkie!!! :)


4/10/2008 10:51 AM  
Blogger PamperingBeki said...

Well since I think you're about the coolest chick out there, I'm going to run out right now and buy every one of these! Haha!

4/11/2008 5:42 PM  

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