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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Yes, I'm alive. However, I am having trouble uploading photos to my blog in the past 24 hours.
Therefore, please bare with me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that blogger will get the issue fixed ASAP. In the meantime, I'm just running from point A to point B going mach 25 with my hair own fire. HA! Joke - I just love that line in the ol' TOP GUN movie though. Anywho, I've been helping out in Brennen's class the last week and a half which has been great fun for he and I. I have photos to share with you from yesterday's experience - the dissection of owl pellets - once Blogger gets this bug or error fixed on the site. What a day that was yesterday. :) Then tomorrow - Thursday, I'll be chaperoning a field trip with his class to our local zoo. I'm praying for sunny and warm weather. On another note, I've also been able to have dinner and lunch twice with some of my girlfriends in the past week. It's always good to get that girlfriend time in. I have an exciting charity event downtown next Thursday that I'm looking forward to with girlfriends also. Don't worry-they'll be plenty of pictures to share with ya'all. This Friday day and Friday night, Brent and I will be involved in an some awesome moments that I can't share with you until after the engagements actually take place. Consider it all a surprise. Small hint: I'll be there front and center like a true "groupie." Another small hint, check out the song/band at the top of my playlist when you first log onto my blog right now. Exciting times coming in the days ahead for sure! Speaking of exciting, the pool company came and opened our pool on Monday. Therefore, we are looking forward to the start of many weekends in the pool with friends and family. My girlfriends and I are especially looking forward to our "girlie girl" pool days together that we invented last year. Again, good times ahead in the days and weeks to come. I truly just love this time of the year.
In regard to AGD, I am now officially on my "sewing hiatus." That means that I will not be fulfilling any other sewing orders for custom clothing or home decor until approximately the end of June. (give or take a few days) In the meantime, I'll be focusing on catching up the orders and such that still need shipped and new ensemble sketches or designs for the Summer/Fall season. I'll solely be working on jewelry designs and introducing ROCKIN' new pieces. Any jewelry related designs you see on the website are still available for immediate purchase and shipment. I'm not taking a hiatus in relation to those - just sewing.
Today, I'm off to get the kids to school and do some much needed shopping for these events I have coming up Friday as well as the charity event next week. If I find any favorite new things while out, I'll be sure to share them here. For now, just keep your fingers crossed that the photo option here on blogger starts working again very soon.
Much love, Angie


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