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Friday, April 11, 2008


I rarely find a CD that houses a full library of great songs. However, Leona Lewis's new CD titled "Spirit" (which I love) just ROCKS! It took me several days to locate it because they were sold out of it each time I went somewhere and searched. (even in Florida) I have it in hand now and have been jamming to it all morning with Kenidi. Leona herself is just stunning and her music on this track is beautiful as well. Her words are deep and extremely emotional. Every song - and I mean EVERY SONG - is good on this CD. It's definitely a must have. You might know her song "Bleeding Love" just from my blog or from hearing it on the radio. With as good as that one is, the rest of her CD is even better.
Some of my fav's on the album are:
1) Bleeding Love
2) Better in time (ROCKS the HOUSE - link to the video here: v=VrNoDUblAtE)
3) Footprints in the sand - video here:
4) Take a bow
***I've added a lot of these songs to the first five or so songs on my blog playlist. So, if you are reading this in an email update, you can go directly to the blog to hear them play as soon as you log on there. Again, this album is AWESOME!


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