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Saturday, April 05, 2008


It's hard to embrace the fact that we are on the last day of our Spring Break vacation. Later tonight, we'll be on the road again-headed back to Indy and the cooler temps that await us. Although we'll be back here for an extended stay in June/July, its still sad to accept the fact that we are done here for now. However, we-like always after each vacation-are taking home some great family memories. These pictures you've seen over the past week on the AGD blog are just a small glimpse into the window of laughs and fun we've experienced while here. I've included a few more from our day & evening on Friday. (yesterday)
ABOVE: Dad/Papa Tony (Angie's dad) can go back to calling Kenidi "brownie, brownie, brownie" because she sure is brown after this trip. Some of these pictures show it and some don't. She clearly inherited the "DeNease" skin type - that is for sure!

Kenidi Grace is such a water bug. She just WILL NOT stay out of the waves. ABOVE: I'm beginning to think Kenidi has a fetish with shoes-all shoes-even other peoples shoes. Here she is wearing Brennen's water shoes.
ABOVE & BELOW: Brennen playing with the friends he met here on the beach that ironically live 5 minutes from us back home in Indy.
ABOVE: Daddy working - again!
ABOVE & BELOW: Kenidi before dinner last night. We ate at Ruth Chris at the Coconut Point mall there in Bonita Springs. Luckily, we were seated next to an elderly couple from the Venice Beach area. They reside in New Hampshire during the summer months. Kenidi was a handful and they took to her like glue even given her outbursts. They have 9 grandchildren and treated her as though she was one of theirs. Not only that but we got stopped every 2 feet where ever we went last night while she was wearing her white and denim AGD ruffled outfit. I managed to pass out some business cards because of my walking little billboard.

ABOVE: Brennen & Kenidi in front of the garage at the house
ABOVE: Brennen vegging out after his shower
ABOVE: The lease on my truck is up in the next month. When we return home to Indy, I need to decide on a new vehicle in the next couple of weeks. Brent has been trying to either talk me into doing another new Escalade or a car again rather than an SUV this time. Although, I love my truck, I can't really enjoy the thought of doing another lease on another truck that is the same thing I've driven for the past two years. However, I've had a hard time finding another SUV that I like as much as my Escalade. As far as going back into a car as Brent suggested, I have had a hard time embracing that thought too because of football gear, two kids with plans for a third baby soon, etc. I haven't driven a car since I've had kids-9 years basically. However, tonight after dinner we decided to look at cars while here in Naples and dream a little. We hit some of the cool car lots for fun and I found a new car that just hit the dealership lot recently that I LOVE! It's shown in the picture I posted above. (The Jaguar XF)
I hadn't seen these on the road yet until we hit their store tonight. Imagine it with dark tinted windows, black interior, and chrome wheels. Uh huh! That's what I'm talkin' about! Here is Brennen posing in front of the black one for me above. I'm a black car girl and this one just ROCKED!!! Brennen also posed with me in the picture you see below. It happens to be one of Brent and I's favorite rides. (The Aston Martin) This one was a cool funky blue color. Beautimous! Just beautimous! So, should any of us have a mere $140,000 just sitting around in pocket change, this is the car for us. :) ABOVE: Brennen in front of Brent's fav - the Bentley! This one is just a small pocket change amount of $250,000.00
ABOVE & BELOW: Him posing w/the Porsche models that he insisted on having a picture in front of.

We had too much fun! That shiny black Jaguar XF is definitely calling my name. Do you think it would handle well in the Indiana snow? HA! I'd sure be willing to test it out. :)

Anywho, we are off for now. It's time to maximize our last day here in gorgeous sunny Florida. I'll be back bloggin' on Monday with a reality check to the gut. No more beach! No more 88/89 degree temps, no more steak and fresh lobster, etc. In the end though, although vacations are incredible and so very needed....there is really no place like home. Until Monday, please pray for us as we make the 17 hour travel/drive back home. We so appreciate it.

The Griswald's (soon to be "The Seaman's" again come Monday when real life returns)


Anonymous Kimerly (Nashville, TN) said...

I feel your gift is so much bigger than even your business. Your true
warmth that radiates from your pages of this website are most inspiring. Continue with your work creating lasting dreams for others and never lose that wonderous, genuine love of God you hold in your heart and mind.
Thanks for being so real!

4/05/2008 5:51 PM  

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