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Friday, April 04, 2008


Really, what is with girls now days? First it was the phone message from the girls in his class at school that I told you guys about and now this. Yesterday while on the beach, I'm sitting there watching Brennen build sand castles by himself. Then, all of a sudden, these high school girls walk up to him randomly and ask if he'd like them to help him build it. He looks back at me - all shy - but smiling. I just nodded my head "yes" to let him know it was OK for him to be talking to them. They spent over an hour & a half with him building quite the sand castle before Brennen eventually ditched them for his little buddy from home (that he met while here on the beach and has played with each day). I felt kind of bad when he took off running for little Sam and left the two of them sitting there high and dry. Then, I laughed and thought to myself..."That's my boy-stay away from them girls! Girls are trouble." I did manage to ask to snap a few photos of the girls before Brennen left them. They were willing participants. I never mentioned the fact that they'd be on the world wide web this morning though. I hope they are OK with that. :) They were very sweet young ladies either way. See the dark blob in the ocean above? It's a manatee. It's a HUGE manatee but you can't tell that here. I tried diligently to get a good shot of it as it would come up for air and poke its head above water. However, my camera couldn't capture it fast enough. Now, had I had "Razzi" with me...I would've got some great shots because she has NO delay. That is what I get for leaving her inside the house most of the week. The manatee was right there, swimming in the shallow water around everyone. It and several dolphins played there most of the afternoon yesterday. It was so awesome to watch and see all of them up close. However, their presence had the beach in a real uproar. Everyone removed themselves from the water and followed the manatee all the way down the beach when it decide to leave. You would've thought that there was a shark in the water by the way everyone got out. I can't say that I blame them though. That manatee was as long as a car and one of the biggest things I've ever seen in the water - that close especially. I had no idea that those things were that huge. He was very intimidating to say the least. ABOVE: Everyone out of the water and migrating down the beach-following the manatee.
ABOVE: Brennen sunning it up yesterday after a quick break of grilled cheeseburgers, chips, and coleslaw on the beach.
ABOVE: View of Spring Breakers on the beach from the Bonita Bay Condo complex
ABOVE & BELOW: Brennen & Kenidi last night in the kitchen
Well, we are off to prepare for the last two days of our vacation. We head out of here late tomorrow evening. (Saturday night) That means we have two beach days left to make and pack in as many memories as we can. We are scheduled to have some new family portraits done on the beach tonight before dinner. Hopefully those turn out well. Getting Kenidi to smile on que these days has become really tough. The photographer taking the pictures is the same one who did them for us about 2 years ago here. He did a fantastic job then so I'm having faith that he will this time too. In the meantime, have a great Friday. I'll try my best to post an update tomorrow morning. However, if I don't, it'll probably be Monday before you hear from me again. (once we are back home in Indy and settled) To my fellow Hoosiers, get that warmer Indy weather ready. When we roll in there again late Sunday, I had best step out of the truck to feel some warm Spring weather after being in this sunshine for the past 10 days. :)
PS...A big thanks to Melissa from Indy for sending me the note yesterday about Tricia. She is the gal who had the premature baby a few months ago who also has CF. (Cystic Fibrosis) Baby Gwyneth is doing well and growing great. She is still in the NICU at Duke. However, I was unaware that this week (because we've been on vacation), that Tricia got a donor call and underwent a double lung transplant during the night Tuesday and into Wednesday. Melissa sent me the note notifying me of the surgery so I checked on Nathan's blog (Tricia's husband) and got my fill. Tricia is breathing mainly on her own with her two new lungs and will continue to be on a vent that provides small amounts of help should she need it. You can catch up on their story and how she is doing with the new lungs by going to Nathan's blog:
The next few hours and days are crucial to Tricia's recovery and the success of her two new lungs. What an amazing God we serve! To be a person projected to die one day and hours later you are healthy with someone else's two new lungs in your body. (Thanks to organ donation) As I sat on the beach yesterday and watched the tide rush in and rush out....I found myself almost in tears for those who don't believe in God. I noticed how sometimes the water would touch my toes and other times it never made it. It had me thinking "Why sometimes and not others?" That then lead me to the thoughts of the good Lord above and his plans for this earth and how he created it all and for what purpose. I had to regain my composure and regroup at one point because of the others sitting around me. I sat in silence just thinking...God tells the sun when to rise and when to set. He tells the ocean where to start and where to stop. He tells the moon when to shine and when to dim. He brings one thru life and then thru death only to provide healthy organs and the breath of life to another living soul. It is emotional for me to imagine those without the Lord in their life. Today as we pray for Tricia, and little Payton Dillon's brain surgery recovery out in Tennessee, let's also pray for those unfamiliar with God's love and his presence. God is good~all the time! All the time~God is good!
Much love and prayers, Angie


Blogger ellen said...

Kenidi is gorgeous even when she's not smiling! So don't worry about her taking cues, she'll captivate each frame no matter what. Looking forward to seeing the portraits and displaying one or two here in Illinois.

Safe travels,

4/04/2008 3:22 PM  
Blogger MilePost13 said...

Thank you!

4/11/2008 11:24 PM  

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