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Thursday, March 06, 2008


I just wanted to personally post today and shout out a great big huge THANK YOU to all of you who contacted Brent and I yesterday with well wishes and CONGRATS for our 14 year anniversary. Some were phone calls, some were cards that arrived in the mail, and a ton of them were emails. Either way, we were truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of emails we received after the blog that was posted yesterday (below). We came home from dinner last night and read through more emails that were waiting for us and all we could say was "WOW!" Some of the emails were extremely heartfelt, very deep, and very personal. There were a ton that I wish I could've shared with my blog visitors but know that they are truly personal to us and to those who sent them. Therefore, just know that I'm blessed to have read your words and shared your most precious stories regarding love, life, inspiration, faith, betrayal, etc. I'm always so humbled at the words from strangers that share what an inspiration we are to them. That is a BIG word to live up to and one that I don't feel we are deserving of. I've said it before and I'll say it again...I get just as much, if not more from you guys - my blog readers and visitors. I have pages and pages of collected emails that have come across my computer over the years from readers and strangers as well as from people I know that I keep and save as "inspiration" to me. So...although your comments and kind words about us inspiring you mean the absolute world to us - know that you inspire our family even more~!
(notice the personalized menu's they gave us at Oceanaire last night for our dinner. They read HAPPY 14th ANNIVERSARY at the top with the date and everything on them)
Lastly, dinner was great last night. We ate downtown at the Oceanaire restaurant. I've posted photos of the menu's and the anniversary card that the wait staff signed for us. Although, no restaurant will ever top my favorite (Ruth Chris), I found Oceanaire to be exquisite. This is one of Brent's favorite places but I had never been there because I'm not much of a seafood gal. It was so worth trying something new. He takes business clients there a lot. Even though I'm not big on seafood, I thought that the whole dining experience was Top Notch! Our waiter, William(Bill), at the downtown Indianapolis location was phenomenal. Should you visit the Oceanaire restaurant in downtown Indianapolis anytime soon, be sure to ask to be seated in his area. Tell him that the Seaman's sent ya. Or better yet...tell him that the girl who couldn't eat the muscles with her husband on their anniversary sent ya. Ha ha! He and Brent tried and tried to get me to experience the taste of muscles. However, I am convinced, after disecting them and watching Brent chow down on them last night, that God did not intend for us-as humans-to consume anything with a visual as gross as muscles. It's just wrong-just wrong! I stuck to my filet and enjoyed every minute of it. (Even though Brent reminded me that I wouldn't eat a muscle but I'd eat a cows behind) :)
With that said, I'm off to tan, then grab a shower, then take Kenidi to school, then get to a hair appt. that is much needed but was missed last week because I was so sick, then I HAVE to come home and pack for our Chicago trip tomorrow, and then last but not least - head off this evening to a pizza party for one of Brennen's basketball leagues that ended this week. I hope to post some photos of that pizza party and our evening in general tomorrow before we head out on our weekend trip to Chi-town.
Again, thanks for everything! I have the best blog readers/visitors and best AGD customers ever! Thanks to our parents and friends for the years of support as well as the phone calls, cards, and gifts yesterday. You guys are way too good to us. We couldn't have made it this far without each of you.

PS...That anniversary blog post must have caused quite a stir in the internet world yesterday. According to the sitemeter that tracks all of our blog hits, the visitors and where they come from, how long they stayed on the site, what pages they visited on the site or blog, etc., showed that our site stats were up tremendously yesterday. We had a ton of new visitors to the site and numerous people who either signed up or requested to be added and subscribed to the blog yesterday. So, for those of you faithful followers of the AGD blog that just so happened to forward the blog around to friends, family, etc. yesterday....we thank you!!! Whatever you did caused a "GINORMOUS" spike in our blog stats regarding our visitors.

PSS...This is post #198 of our approaching 200. The big REVEAL and the details of the give a way are just a day or two away. Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled!
Much love, Angie


Anonymous Angie's Mom (Sue) said...

Thank you Angie! You know if you don't write a book in this lifetime, I am going to feel like the world was cheated, you have such a way with telling a story. It would be a best seller especially since you already have a following. I see a nobel peace prize somewhere in your future! They might even make a movie! Anything is possible with God in charge! I love you, mommy

3/06/2008 4:36 PM  
Blogger Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

OK - now I'm cracking up Mom. Between you and Brent's Mom (Debbie) urging me to write a book, I'm on the floor rolling aat this point. You guys make me smile. Thanks for all of the confidence in me. However, why on earth would anyone buy a book I wrote and what on earth would I even put in it? Well, nevermind...lets not go there. Ha ha! We'd probably all end up in therapy after it was all said and done. :) We'd be the epitome of disfunctional! Ha ha! I love you!

3/06/2008 4:39 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

Love love love your blog. Maybe your mom is right...a book might be right up your alley, ha! Thanks for sharing your stories and giving us all something to look forward to! xo - Sara

3/06/2008 7:53 PM  
Blogger Sew Gracious said...

Happy Belated Anniversary, Angie! Wishing you many, many years of happiness together! :-)

3/08/2008 6:15 PM  

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