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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Here you go Mom. (Angie's Mom)
Here are plenty of pictures to tame your heart in case you forgot what we looked like over the past week. Ha ha! You know I love ya!
Kenidi on the beach yesterday. She found some young teenage girls (there were about 6 of them in this one group) who just so happened to have a radio out on the beach next to us. Needless to say...Kenidi was jammin' and shaking those hips to all of that hip hop music that they were listening to. She had us all cracking up. At one point she laid down in front of them on her belly and tried to mimic how they were laying out. It was hysterical. As Brent said, she just wanted to be "one of the girls." :) Daddy trying to bring Kenidi in from the ocean with his one healthy arm after about her 57th dive underwater. The child has no fear and that is really scary.
Kenidi trying to escape and go back to the group of teenage girls again.
Brennen and his digging.
Below: The finished product.
He dug far enough down that was he able to get down into the sand causing only his head to show.

Having a blast. Wish you were here!


Anonymous Grandma Sue said...

Well everyone seems to be pretty pink. Please don't let the kids bury each other in the sand, didn't you see where the little boy died from his friends burying him in the sand? Why are you not in a bathing suit? I am sure you are the most beautiful woman on the beach, just ask Brent! Now... I do want to be thankful for the pictures so go have fun, send more, eat a wonderful meal for me, and tell my handsome grandson to send me a good looking man(postcard optional) ha ha . Brent is the next best looking man on the beach next to Brennen, well since they look so much alike, I will let it be a tie.xoxoxo

3/30/2008 4:56 PM  

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