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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Yes, you knew I wouldn't be. When you heard her name called last night, I just know you thought of me. And you are right...I'm officially "peeved" that my girl - Amanda Overmyer - was voted off of American Idol last night. I'm having guilty feelings about the possibility that I jinxed her by featuring her as a blog conversation. Now, I'm not the type of person to mention names and bash others but we all know who should've went before Amanda went. As a sewing employee (Hi Karen) of mine said last night..."Amanda did what she does better than ______ does."

With that said, here is to Amanda. To being bold, to demanding to be different, to being out there with your own sense of style and not caring what anyone thought about it, and's to being a ROCK STAR sista! I loved ya' - skunk stripes in the hair and all. You are the epitome' of the life I try to preach - Live BOLD - BE DIFFERENT - GET OUT OF THE BOX - BE UNIQUE - BE FUNKY - SET YOUR OWN TRENDS and ultimately JUST LOVE WHO YOU ARE-NOT ALLOWING OTHERS TO INFLUENCE OR CHANGE WHO YOU ARE. Thanks for showing us that we don't have to worry about going against the grain even if others disagree with our look. Thanks for being brave. Who else could wear those black and white striped pants you are embracing in the photo above and still look rockin'? Thanks for bringing down the house for us those few weeks sista! :)

Now, I'm off to a hair appointment at 1pm today where I had planned to go dark and remove the blonde highlights from my hair anyhow. However, now I'm thinking I just might have my stylist add a bleached out skunk stripe in protest for Amanda Overmyer. Go DAVID COOK!

PS...I added a little Janis Joplin music to the playlist in honor of Amanda today. If you are reading this in an email update, you'll have to go to my actual blog to hear the music.


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