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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Well, we survived the Hummer Limo party for Brennen's 9th birthday last night. I sure hope it will be a night those boys never forget because I know us as the chaperone's never will. Ha ha! We had a spectacular time and the boys seemed to as well. By the time we handed them back to their parents (around 8:15ish last night), they were nice and sugared up. Hopefully, they went home and dropped like flies for their Moms and Dads. Otherwise, Brent and I are in trouble. :)
We had Brent and our friend Joe ride in Brent's truck with the cake and with Kenidi. Tamara and I braved the Hummer limo with 11 little boys. Below, our driver is chit chattin' with the kids before our departure from the house. He was a great driver and put up with a whole lot. He had a great personality and even cut up with them by dancing along with the kids as he drove. (to their hip hop music station which was blaring in the back)
Three football pals. I truly love this shot!
These three studs were on the same winning SUPERBOWL championship team last Fall together. I'm sure a lot of you remember reading all about that last season on the blog. We are counting down the days until July when the Fall football season begins this year and they can do it all over again. This photo below is the three of them last season. I loved this shot too and just had to include it here beings that it was the three of them together again. They always look like they are on a mission in this picture. A superbowl championship mission which they came, took, and won! Some of the boys checking out the drivers area before we left.

ABOVE: The sign in the party room when we arrived at the X-Site laser tag facility

BELOW: Our dear friends Joe and Tamara (Derek's parents) who happened to be so kind and brave this night with us as extra chaperone's. We owe you two B-I-G!!! Kenidi loves hanging out with Joe and Tamara. We spent our Spring Break cruise to the Caribbean with them this time last year and now Kenidi feels like they are all best buds!A couple of the boys signing the birthday shirt that the X-Site staff gave Brennen to take home.
Having fun eating pizza together in between the three laser tag games that they were allowed.

ABOVE: Tamara and I after braving the fog, the loudness, the haze, the party itself. We were having to much fun. (so was Brent behind the camera lens again - playing what...."THE PAPARAZZI!!!")
And here is the latest creation from our awesome cake lady, Cheryl. She took on the challenge of baking a "Hummer Limo Cake" for us this time. Ironically, the little boy hanging out the sunroof was wearing the same color of shirt Brennen wore. Way to go Cheryl! The cake was awesome and the kids loved it. We even had people and employee's inside the X-Site facility stopping us and asking about it.
ABOVE: Giving the peace sign with your fingers has apparently returned with a vengeance!
ABOVE: I absolutely loved how this picture of Brennen blowing out his candles on the cake turned out! The staff at X-Site put a bit more than "9" candles on his cake though. :)
Derek eating a wheel off the hummer limo cake
One of the boys requested the head of the little boy on the cake. They were intrigued with the removal of the sugary substance. Boys will be boys! (and men will be men) Ha ha!
Playing some arcade games at the end of the night...
These boys won more tickets off these games than anything I've ever seen in my life.
I once saw a dateline NBC special on TV where they had a doctor that did a study on kids and what sugar does to them after consuming it. This particular doc swore that there was "no such thing as a sugar high." Well, after last night, I beg to differ. As you can see in the picture above, this was Kenidi on one of her "HIGHS" after eating that cake. Maybe we should have invited that dateline NBC doctor to this party. And yes, her shirt does read: "My Moms blog is better than your Moms blog." Too funny, eh?
At one point in the limo on the way home last night, Tamara asked what intersection we were at. We both looked at each other and somewhere it was mentioned that maybe we could just get out and walk home from there. Ha ha! I thought the photos below gave a great indication of what we experienced on the way home. Just add some hip hop music blaring at notch ten on the radio speakers - which sounded like they were going to blow at any moment - and then you should have a mere perfect visual on the environment itself. Clothes were missing, shoes were off...there was a party going on in the back of that thing! No doubt!

No such thing as sugar highs, eh? THINK AGAIN!

Lastly, I wanted to give a HUGE thanks to all of the parents who entrusted their kids with us last night and allowed their sons to attend the party. Brennen had a wonderful time and was so happy that they all got to experience his special day with him. He loved each and every one of the gifts too. His buddies really spoiled him with their numerous gift cards, under armour attire, Tennessee Vols items, colts footballs, etc. He had a shear blast! Brent and I talked about how polite and well mannered all of the boys were during the night. We are so glad that Brennen has chosen to surround himself with such stellar young men that were so well behaved. That says a lot about their parents! Thanks again!

Also, an even B-I-G-G-E-R thank you to Joe and Tamara for being the extra eyes and ears we needed for the night. We make a great team, don't we? Brent and I truly appreciate all of your help and the laughs last night. Your friendship means the world to us. We had a great time with you two and look forward to dinner again soon. (just not a hummer limo party) HA!

Much love, The Seaman's


Anonymous Shara (angie's aunt) said...

Angie, you're still alive? You and Tamara are brave, very brave. It looks like you planned this birthday very well and Brennen from the look on his face loved everyone minute of it but, the picture below of Kenidi is PRICELESS. Did you just start screaming (just to be screaming as kids do) or was she screaming because she could no longer be heard amongst all of the noise?
(ha ha).

Does Cheryl the one that created Brennen's cake have a website, or does she just do the business on the side? The cake was definitely impressive in it's appearance and I'm sure that it tasted great as well. Don't forget the next time you want to rent a limo that our cousin Kathy (Catherine's daughter) owns Presidential Limousine and I'm sure I could get a discount.

The boys in the picture below will probably be talking about this party for a some time to come.

Let me know if you have any plans this coming Thursday (since you said that Thursday evenings would be a good time to visit, If not, maybe I can come by something in the evening after the kids get out of school and see you and the kiddos.

Gotta go for now. Talk to you later.


3/16/2008 12:42 PM  
Anonymous Bruce & Ruth said...

Hello Brent and Angie. All the thanks goes to you two! Our son had a blast! How many 9 year olds get to ride in a hummer limo?!

We feel as you do, that this an especially nice group of boys and we hope they'll be in each other's ives for many years to come. Thanks again for inviting him and for taking such good care of him.

Bruce and Ruth
P.S. Your blog is outstanding. How fun to see all the photos.

3/16/2008 2:21 PM  
Blogger Sew Gracious said...

Wow! I can tell a good time was had by all! You are one brave mom to do this kind of party! I love the cake too! Very cute! Happy Birthday to your little guy!

3/16/2008 6:29 PM  
Blogger Stacey Moore said...

looks like a great time!! love the picture of the screamer!!!!!!

3/16/2008 7:05 PM  
Anonymous Jennifer H. said...

Thanks so much for sending the awesome photos of the party! I especially love the one with the 3 Vols! Is there any way I could get a copy? Also, thanks so much for including Trevor! He had a blast and can't stop talking about it!


3/17/2008 10:41 AM  
Anonymous Krissie said...

WOW..What a memory you have givin Brennen! I am so glad he had fun!
Happy B-day "power arm"

3/20/2008 12:32 AM  

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