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Friday, March 28, 2008


Hi everyone. No real pictures to post as of yet. However, I don't like updating the blog without some sort of picture to post with the update. Therefore, this is a little taste of South Florida for you this morning. I took these from the back of the house earlier after we got up. With the pink flower photo, I was testing the 12.1 megapixel resolution on my point and shoot camera - trying to get the dew spots in the photo to show up as a test to see how well the camera could represent the water spots. I know-I'm weird! These are "raw" unedited pictures so just bare with the clarity and such as I'm away from my normal editing software back at home.
This is the pool and hot tub.This is the view from the pool off the back of the house. Great little pond with perfect palm trees for a backdrop out the lanai. The high today is supposed to be 84 degrees and sunny. Sure beats the heck out of those 35-40 degree temps that we left back in Indy.

For now, I'm off to get ready and hit the camera store to try and exchange my camera - as promised by the manager today. I called a few minutes ago and reminded them that I was coming so they are expecting me. I pray there are no issues and the exchange goes smoothly. Wish me luck! Once I have that camera back and working, I'll have GREAT pictures to post. We are hitting the beach after I do the camera exchange so I can't wait to post some of those photos.

Until then, enjoy your Friday. Blessings always, Angie


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