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Saturday, March 29, 2008


Now that title got your attention didn't it? CHERRY STEMS, shots, and showers??? Sounds like some sort of XXX movie or something doesn't it? In reality - its hardly not. However, I wanted to give you an attention grabber this morning. Let me explain.
The above picture of the cherry stem tied in a knot is from our dinner at the Watermark Grille here in Florida last night. The Watermark is a favorite of the Seaman family whenever we come to Naples. Therefore, we had a late dinner there with the kids last night. Whenever someone brings out a dish or glass with a cherry in it, Brent MAKES ME- yes I said MAKES ME - tie the stem of the cherry in a knot with my tongue. Through the years, the kids have come to enjoy this little freak show as well. I personally think its quite silly but Brent and the kids seem to be stoked by it. I've done this for years and it is just something we all get a good laugh at when out together. Brennen always looks at me and goes...."How do you do that Mom?" My reply - "Mommy's got skills!" HA HA! Not! Anywho, this was one of the many highlights to our dinner last night. Brent packaged all of the components to that shot above and brought them back to the house ever so safely. He insisted that this would make good blog material. I think me blogging has messed up his brain a bit. :)
SHOWERS you ask....? Well where does that play in the title?
Long story short - Kenidi has found a new home - in the master bedroom shower at the house. I took this picture yesterday because she would not come out of there. She loves the roominess of the shower and the little seat in there. She took her bag of funyons in and just hung out and ate in there while we all chuckled. She thought it was the best thing ever. I've literally had to change her brand new dry/clean clothes twice now because she dives in the shower with whomever is in there just because she can't stand to not be in there herself. She just walks right in-clothes, shoes, and all as we are showering.

And the SHOTS you ask? Where do the SHOTS play in to the title above?
Well, unfortunately I couldn't show you a photo of that one. It definitely isn't a shot glass or the SHOTS you are thinking of. This shot was administered not thru the mouth by drinking but rather through a needle in Brent's heiney yesterday. Yes, you heard me. Brent got a shot in his butt yesterday at the immediate care center here in good ol' Florida. It just wouldn't be a vacation without one of the four of us having to visit the urgent care while here. I told him if I had to blog about the cherry stem trick than I was going to blog about his shot in the butt too. He just laughed! Apparently, he messed up his rotator cuff while moving some things recently. By the time we got to Florida, he couldn't even lift his left arm hold onto the steering wheel and drive. He NEVER goes to the doctor so when he said he needed to go to the urgent care, I knew for sure that he was in some serious pain. Two prescriptions and a shot in the butt later, he is doing much better. Can you imagine? A shot in the butt? Hysterical! Glad it was him and not me. It made him real loopy afterwards and the kids and I got a good laugh at him during the whole experience. Poor guy even sent an email reply back to an employee of his that she SHOULDN'T have gotten. You know those moments when you hit reply but you meant to send it on to someone else??? Well, he replied back to her email instead of sending it to where it should have gone. He was so out of it that he wasn't thinking. Brent, not thinking....NEVER! We laughed all the way through the grocery store with him as he tried to do damage control. Thanks for the laughs yesterday honey. You are a hoot!
FYI to each of you reading this - Brent did offer up a booty shot for the blog visitors in case you wanted to see his boo boo or his band aid rather on that heiney of his. I figured this blog is G rated - not XXX. No need to go there. :) You can thank me later.
While I had you on here, I thought I'd share some pictures of that outdoor mall in Bonita Springs that we love so much. It's called the Coconut Pointe mall. This mall has the open air concept and the architecture of it all is nothing short of amazing. Here are some random shots around the mall that DO NOT do the place justice whatsoever.
This is one of their outdoor restaurants at the mall. Why can't we have things like this in Indiana? Oh thats right - because we'd be sitting outside in the snow and rain if we did this in Indy. At least the curtains would be pretty to look at though. HA! The ambiance is so totally different here. Brent would move to Bonita or Naples in two seconds if I'd do it. Every time we vacation here-he starts in on trying to get me to pack up and move here. I could never leave my family though-my parents and Brent's Mom & Step Dad. It would be too hard to move away from them. Not only that but what about my girlfriends? I couldn't leave them behind either. I'd be so miserable. At first it would be fun, but when reality set in - it would turn out to be a totally different story.
More photos of Coconut Pointe......It's a shoppers dream - tons and tons of awesome stores. The stores line these old town streets that create such an ambiance or atmosphere for the experience when you go there.

Lastly, here are two extra pictures I found on my camera of the entry way here at the house. Thought I'd share these too.

For now, I'm off to the beach with the fam for the day. I promise to post more personal pictures as I get them uploaded to the computer. I know you probably want to see something other than buildings, flowers, and pools. (as stated word for word by my Mother when she saw that there weren't any pictures of us and the kids in my blog update yesterday) Who wants to see us when they see us all the time? People want to see Florida....not us.
Can I get an AMEN to that???


Anonymous Nicole Ryan said...

Looks SO nice!!! I'm jealous to be stuck in cold Columbus Ohio
I haven't heard anything about your cute little dog, Sydney...was that her name??? Is she still around?!?

3/29/2008 8:33 PM  
Anonymous Yolunda said...

Thanks for all the updates.! Everything looks very nice there.! We have never been to Florida but, I'm trying to plan a vacation for my family this summer. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We left Indiana after being here for 12 years and moved to the east coast for 5 years and now we are back in Iindiana and kids missed the beach life!
So, continue to enjoy!!!!!!
And God Bless,
Yolunda and Carl McDonald and Family

3/29/2008 8:34 PM  
Anonymous Krissie Broaddus said...


3/30/2008 10:31 AM  
Blogger Deidra Brown said...

Look nice! Can you share where you guys stayed while at the beach! Glad to see that you had fun.

3/31/2008 9:11 AM  
Anonymous Missy Mouton said...

How fun Angie! Somehow, I too have been blessed with the knot tying in Cherry stems.? My 4 year old daughter thinks it is quite fun and tries to do it herself! Since her and my husband both have these massive cow tongues that they can literally touch their noses with, at least I have ONE thing I can do with my tongue that they cannot!


3/31/2008 10:07 AM  

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