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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Here is a very close up - sneak peek at another new Spring/Summer 2008 design. It might be a few days before I get this one shot, photographed, and listed.'s snowing here again and two...I don't dare take Kenidi outside given the fact that she is finally getting back to normal now (health wise). So...if you can be patient with me a bit longer, I'll introduce this adorable little number to you soon. Think coulottes - think ruffles - think S-A-L-S-A!
Also, I had a special client request a custom tee recently. She wanted it and a coordinating bow band for her daughter's hair. I don't have a shot of the bow band with the set but I did snap a quick looksie at the personalized tee for you. I added these as a new product on the website and in my etsy store. They come in tanks, long, and short sleeves from sizes 12 months thru size 10/12. The colors of tee's available are black, brown, pale pink, pale blue, and white. We can use any color of fabric combinations on the tee's that you'd prefer. Too fun and too perfect for the up and coming Spring season!Again, you can purchase these customizable tee's at the following locations:
Happy shopping!!!


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