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Friday, February 15, 2008


OK...either Kenidi and I have been cooped up waaayyyyyy tooooooooo long inside this week or this is really as cute and funny as her and I believe it to be. I kid you not...she has watched this video of little "Charlie" over and over and over again. I happened to stumble upon it over on another blog. She loves it and so do I. We showed it to Brent and Brennen last night after our Valentine's Day dinner out and they too thought it was cute. Maybe she and I aren't so dalerious after all. HA HA! (If you are reading this in an email update rather than on the blog itself, go here to view the quick little video that has kept us rolling all week. Trust's funnier like the 47th time....)
This was Brennen and Kenidi's stash from Mommy and Daddy for Valentine's Day yesterday. I remember being younger and my own Mom always having little toys and gifts for me as a kid on any and every holiday. I would always come home and find them laying on my bed after school. Looking back on those days, its amazing how much those little bitty gifts and notes/cards of love stick with me today. I try to do the same things with our kids. let's talk feet. Yes, feet again. Not falling - but just feet. I'm so sorry if this grosses you guys out. I pray none of you are eating lunch or anything as you read this post. HA! Anyhow Brent and the kids surprised me yesterday with two beautiful cards and a "Ped Egg" for Valentine's Day. A ped egg you ask???? What is that??? Well, let me explain. First off, if you know me well, you know that Angie has a HUGE issue with people and dry feet. If there is one thing I can't do in life - its dry feet. I hate after you've been in sandals or flip flops all summer long and your feet become tired, dry, and cracked. I hate it. The sand on a beach is the "devil" to your feet. It has the same effect-leaving your feet dry and scaley. There is nothing I cringe more about then when dry feet are noticeable under the covers. UGH! Therefore, I've always had "issues" with making sure my feet feel like a baby's behind. Brent will tell you that it is nothing for me to rub lotion on my feet nightly before bed as well as when I come out of the shower. If I forget to, sometimes I can't get to sleep - period! I've been known to get up in the middle of the night and put lotion on my toes and feet. I know - I'm weird. The secrets are coming out. :) It is also a constant complaint of my girlfriends and I about these pedicure salons now days that are not using razors on your feet anymore. Apparently it has become a "health hazard." We scour salon after salon looking for the ones that still use the old razor on your feet during a pedicure. If you have not had this done during a pedicure treatment, YOU MUST! Find a salon now that does it because you are truly missing out. Once my girlfriends and I find a salon that does it, we are continuously telling one another about it. (right Krissie?) See I'm not alone in this scaley, dry, feet issue. I've got friends as weird as me. I guess that is why they are my friends.

So, when I opened this gift and saw that it was the ped egg yesterday, I was in heaven. Here is the link to the ped egg website in case any of you are interested in getting more info. Brent was so excited because he upgraded and got the "platinum edition." He was more excited about pointing out the box read "platinum edition" than he was anything else. Yes, he - Mr. salesman himself - got suckered by the phone rep on the other end of the line and bought in to her "platinum edition" speech. Ha ha! Granted, given my ankle and knee issues right now (from the hard fall), my feet have gone neglected over the past few days and I'm dying because of it. I don't dare touch anything to my left one right now especially. Either way, I can't wait to dig into this ped egg and use it. It simulates the razor that these salons use. I tried the lotion out on my hands and boy is it to die for. The miracle lotion as they call it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Brent and I had been watching tv one night and an infomercial came on for this whole ped egg package. I was instantly interested. He apparently went in on our home computer and emailed himself the phone # to his work email address and then ordered it that very next day. Have I told you how much I love my husband? On top of all the big things he does, he does so many little things that add up too. The other day he came home from work with a UPS box that housed all new brightly colored "Turbie Twist towels" for me. Now, don't get me started on the turbie twists either. That is a whole other story in itself. I swear by those things. I've not put a regular size bathroom towel on my head/over my hair in years. I take the turbie twists with me everywhere we go if an overnight stay is required. I dispise big ol' towels on my head that are meant for your body. Not to mention the fact that they tear up your hair around the hairline because they are so dang heavy. With fine thin hair like mine, you need to keep all you got. I don't need some big ol' towel damaging it and ripping it off. My old turbie twists had been worn and worn and worn. They were way overdue for the trash can. I needed to throw them out but I just hated spending money on new ones when the old were still doing their trick. They just didn't look very pretty anymore. However, Brent went out and searched the internet and found the turbie twists. He had them shipped to his office and then brought them home as a little surprise for me. The turbie twist link can be found here if you'd like to order some:

Again, have I told you how much I love my husband? Thanks for a great Valentine's Day babe! I love you guys!



Blogger chickadee said...

my kids and i have watched that video probably 10 times. they think it's hilarious. you think it would be as funny if my southern accent kids did the same thing?

2/15/2008 12:00 PM  
Blogger SEW GRACIOUS said...

LOL I used to make Turbie Twist style towels several years ago when I did craft shows! They were always great sellers! ;-)

2/15/2008 6:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got the ped egg at Bed Bath & Beyond the other day.(or Bed Bath & Body Works) My Mom & I call it that cause we always get the 2 diff. stores messed up when we are chatting about going to one or the other HA! Anyways, I cant wait to try it! My heels are always dry dry & lotion is not my potion, no matter how much I I hope this little thing works for me! :)

2/17/2008 1:09 AM  

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