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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Brennen is away on a field trip for school. I already chaperoned one field trip this year and was not allowed to do both. This irritates me as a parent but what can I do? Instead of staying home while sick and aimlessly fretting over whether my child is behaving during the trip, whether he is representing his school well while not with his Mother, and whether the chaperones are keeping a close enough eye on him-as I would their kids-I have elected to mull over new fabrics and try to focus on new design ideas while he is gone. Kenidi is away at school this afternoon too so the house is completely silent. It's just me, my soooooo not needed Mountain Dew, the fireplace going here in my office that is working 24/7 to keep me warm the last few days while enduring this dreadful fever, the typing of my keys - and well - you of course. I needed something to take my mind off of this massive migraine and the chest cold that causes pain to even breathe at this point. Thankfully, the vomitting seems to have passed and as of late last night, I now have a Z-Pak antibiotic that is flowing thru my system. By gosh it better be working. I am beyond ticked at this point. I've lost almost a whole week of my life due to this illness and I am refusing to loose another second at this point.
So...this is the fun part of my job...
Getting new fabrics in and scheming up a plan in how I will use them. I love designing something from nothing. I don't enjoy the construction or sewing aspect of a collection as much as I do the design part of it. Sometimes I will look at an array of fabric swatches for weeks before deciding what I ultimately want to do with them. Then, after the sketches have been drawn and the piece comes to life...its like a kid in a candy store for me. I really don't have any other way of describing it.
Thanks for letting me ramble. This is just another pacification post/update until my mind decides to return to something more productive. Have a spectacular Thursday!
Blessings, Angie


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