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Thursday, February 14, 2008


OK...this one is for all of you who sent me emails this week about falling. I so enjoyed reading all of the notes I got regarding your own personal experiences in life and how falling has managed to humiliate you at one time or another as well. Some of your emails had me laughing out loud in hysterics as I read them. Thank you - Misery does love company, right???? This video pertains to our misery together. Only this poor woman had millions of viewers watching on network television. How the reporters keep from laughing during the event, I have no idea. You MUST watch the very end and listen to her as they play the tape back in slow motion. This woman is now my hero!

For those of you receiving this update in an email rather than reading it here on the blog itself, go to in order to view the "fall."


Anonymous Krissie Broaddus said...

Now that is some funny stuff, I cant help it, when peps fall it cracks me up! I am soo bad! What on earth kinda noises was she makin? HA HA!

2/17/2008 8:24 AM  

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