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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I am flattered and honored to have been notified that AGD is featured on the Trendy Mommy Blog Spot today. Jen, from the Trendy Mommy, contacted me and alerted us that Angelica Grace, our story, and our products would be their featured story today. We were thrilled to say the least. Pop on over and say hi to Jen and the crew at The Trendy Mommy Blog Spot. They have great posts and truly ROCK! Thanks guys!

Speaking of features, we were also given the honor of being featured over on the
"Girl Indie-Mommy Designers Blog" back on January 16th. Thanks to Lisa, Bobbie, and the clan over at the Mommy Designers Blog for featuring us there as well. We are so stoked! Here is the link to their humbling feature on AGD:
Blessings always,
Angie Seaman


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