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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


OK...beings that I still feel as though I've been run over by a mack truck and I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, I thought I'd just take today and post some of my all time favorite photos of Kenidi in my all time favorite sets for the fun of it. You may have seen some of these designs or photos in the past and some of you might be seeing them for the first time. If there is a set that strikes your fancy and you are wondering if it is still available for purchase because you don't see it on the website, just email me. I can let you know for sure. Some sets aren't advertised anymore but we can still make them if you MUST have them. Not all are that way - but some are. Hope you have fun and enjoy looking back with me. I pray that this flu bug hits the high road soon so that I can get back into a normal blogging routine. Until then, just bare with me. Thanks for your patience!

ABOVE: Can you believe that these ribbon shirts are actually how I got my start with sewing? Yeap...I learned how to sew by starting out with these. Gosh help the poor customers that were ever the "first few" to order from me when I began back in November of 2004. HA!

ABOVE: Yes, another ribbon shirt and even ribbon jeans to match. :)

ABOVE: Believe it or not...this was one of my all time BEST sellers.

ABOVE: This was a set I did for an EBAY launch party that was themed..."The Brady Bunch days." Too fun!

I loved this shot of Kenidi back then. :)

Thanks for the memories and for all of the support along the way. With that said, we are getting ready to reach our 200th post here on the ol' AGD blog. I'm still amazed at that number. Either way, in celebration of our 200th post, we are going to do a great give-a-way. I'll release more details in the coming posts/updates about it as we get closer. However, just know that for all of you blog stalkers out WILL require audience participation. Therefore, in other must play to win!!! Stay tuned!


Anonymous Nina said...

Hey girl,

Congratulations on 200 posts!! That is just amazing!! Love the pics of Kenidi, amazing how much she has grown thru the years. I can't believe how long it has been that we have been computer friends (lol). I remember when you had your family site, and I emailed you when I was laid off from my position as a nurse recruiter. I was pregnant with Aiden (and now he is almost 4!), had an almost 2 yr old at home, and was about to become a stay at home mom (my dream). You were such a great source of encouragement to me. You reminded me to hold on to my Faith, and helped me to stay to strong. That was great for me, as I so admired your Faith, which you proudly talked about on your site. You have been an amazing friend. I hope I have been there for you as much as you have been there for me!

Again Congratulations on your fantabulous blog! And your equally fantabulous Angelica Grace line!!

Hope you are feeling better too girl!
Love ya

2/28/2008 8:00 AM  
Anonymous Debbie Z. said...

Angie, I sure hope you're finally feeling a little better today! Also, I just loved seeing all those past photos of Kenidi on your blog. She's so photogenic and beautiful and all those beautiful outfits!!

2/28/2008 8:02 AM  
Anonymous Missy M. said...

I just had to tell you Angie, that I was one of the ones that bought a couple of the ribbon shirts from you WAY back then!! They were great!

2/28/2008 10:34 AM  
Blogger JEN said...

Your daughter is so lovely. What a wonderful blessing your talent is and having her is.

2/28/2008 7:39 PM  

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