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Sunday, January 27, 2008


(Left to Right: Damon, Derek, Brennen, & Michael. Kenidi is at the bottom)
Basketball, basketball, basketball. We live, breathe, sleep, and eat basketball in our house these days. With Brennen playing on three different leagues right now, we are gone 5 nights out of the 7 a week doing something that has to do with his basketball teams. On Monday nights he has games for the ISSA league, Tuesday nights are practice night for his basketball league at his old school, Wednesday nights are practice night for his league at the school he currently goes to. Friday nights are practice nights for the ISSA league. Then on Saturdays, he has two games in one day from now through March. (one game at his old school and one game for the league at his new school) Yes, this is a ridiculous schedule. We knew that going into it. Sometimes my brain bleeds from how ridiculous the schedule is. However, in the end, Brennen assured us that he wanted to tackle this daunting schedule and we obliged so long as it didn't affect his grades, sleep, etc.
I promise this story is going somewhere. Just bare with me.
When he plays football, it is a well known fact that I'm the Mom on the sidelines routing him on, pacing the yardage with him, and screaming a little "umph or pick me up phrase" to him from time to time when I can tell he is "zoning out" while on the field. My husband, Brent, is usually always the quiet one who is laughing at me as he witnesses the manic running I do up and down the field with their team. I'm sure there is horrendous video footage from last seasons Superbowl game proving my craziness as a football Mom. In fact, lets just forget I mentioned that and move on. Ha ha!
Anyhow, as much as I love watching Brennen play "basketball," I've never felt like I can get as boisterous or loud inside the gym like I am allowed to out on a football field. Every now and again, I will yell out to him to "slow down" as he is running the court with the ball at 90 miles an hour all while approaching the basket for a shot. Brent always tells me to quit telling him to slow down because he is engaging in what is called a "fast break" and needs to go fast. HA! I will also tell him to "look alive Brennen - look alive" if I sense he is "zoning out" again. I will yell "hands up" as he is playing defense and guarding another player and so forth. However, with each time I say something to him, Brent is always there to tease me and tell me to let him "just play." Its an ongoing joke between him, me, my parents, his parents, and anyone else sitting around us at the games. (our friends, other family members, etc.) He continually tells me that Brennen can't hear me out on the court anyhow and that I just need to sit back and be quiet. (I know he'd love to say sit back and "shut up" but he never does. It's always a bit more respectful. "Just sit back and be quiet Ang!" Ha ha!) I'm convinced however, that any child involved in sports CAN hear a Mothers yell from the sidelines - no matter how loud the roar of a crowd. Brennen has been in a slump before in certain games and all it takes is my voice from the stands to WAKE HIM UP. He then looks over and nods his head at me in confirmation that he heard and understood my comment, and then he livens up and does exactly what I yelled for him to do. Hummm....I think I'll keep yelling. :)
Again, my comments during his basketball games are nothing like the YELLING I do while he is playing football. Maybe its because I have 15 other football Moms yelling with me to their own kids on the sidelines and therefore I don't feel so "alone" like I do when yelling or "commenting" during his basketball games. Us football Moms - we stick together now! Again, I'm sure there is several hours of video footage floating around to prove that. Oh that is right. We aren't going there. I forgot....lets just keep moving on.
Again, I promise this story is going somewhere. ;)
Let me preface the moral to the story by saying that Brennen had another high scoring game on Saturday at his 2nd basketball game of the day. In fact, like the week before last, he was the highest scoring player on his team. However, even with that said - his father, yes I said his FATHER-my husband-did a total role reversal at the game Saturday. Brent came out of his shell and assumed my position at that game. Although Brennen was playing well and scoring the points, Brent felt the need to remove his heiney from the bleachers and go stand right on the sideline of the court. He then began yelling and shouting comments to Brennen from the sidelines. Exhibit A below (the photos) reflect the evidence at hand.
Yes, notice Brent...hand in pockets...looking on. Even Grandma Cathy (in the black coat) can't take her eyes off the game. At least she is "sitting and being quiet" though. Right Brentster? Please other parents are standing here. All parents remained "quiet" with their heineys on the bleachers.
Oh yes...that is Brent....STILL STANDING and pacing the sidelines. Neck stretched - trying to see it all.
Oh no...this can't be. He has now convinced my own Father to stand up with him. Now they are both antsy and unable to focus. The game is getting intense at this point. Everyone is peeking around - trying to get a glimpse of the players and what will happen next. Brent's arms are crossed-the heat is getting hot-he is having trouble being "QUIET" at all at this point. Now, everyone around us is noticing that he has "changed" and is completely out of the box-out of control is more like it. Ha ha! He has burst out of his shell and become a "sports Dad" yelling from the sidelines. The other parents on the bleachers are cutting up with us and agreeing that Brent is fired up today. Where has my quiet, reserved, and oh so proper husband gone? Who is this man? Oh that is right...he is the man married to the not so quiet, loud, yelling, boisterous, sports Mom. I knew the day would come when he couldn't take it anymore and Brennen's sports would get the best of him. Like him, I always swore I'd never be one of "THOSE" parents. Well, I lied! Looks like he did too! HA! I love it! the end, it was a great day with a great game. I can't wait to see what the future holds. All I know is that I better N-E-V-E-R hear you to tell me to "sit back and be quiet" E-V-E-R again B-ster!You've cracked and now your one of us! Welcome to the club! I love you!
And for all of you nay-sayers that say you aren't ever going to be one of those loud and boisterous sports parents....forget that you ever said it. Because if you leave this earth without ever digging deep and mustering up a big yell for your child from the stands, you'll spend eternity wandering around in a silent defening and disorienting, scream/yell-free haze.
And I don't want that to happen to you.

PS...This photo above is of Kenidi with her two Grandmas. (Grandma Debbie on the left which is Brent's Mom and Grandma Cathy on the right of her-my Step Mom)
The photo at the tip top of the page is of Brennen with a few of his favorite little buddies from the league at his old school. The basketball patches you see on their shirts are awards they receive each week for doing and completing their bible devotional. Kenidi wanted to stop in and say hi during that photo op too. She is at the bottom.

Until the next post, happy shouting to all of you sports parents!
Blessings, Angie


Anonymous Ellie said...

A caution...

My brother and sister-in-law Amy have three sons who play(ed) sports--they were/are all three season athletes, though their main sport is baseball. Jake played at U of I, Luke is at U of Alabama-Birmingham, and Brock is in HS. Anyway, Amy permanently damaged her voice due to being a, shall we say, vocal, sports mom.



1/28/2008 10:35 PM  
Blogger Kristine McKowen said...

We are in the middle of wrestling season - which for us is 3 teams - and usually 7 days a week. It's crazy - but we love it.

I am also one of those moms - always yelling on the sidelines in football - and trying to be quiet in wrestling because I video his matches and it sounds really bad on tape. I do lose it sometimes and just have to yell.

I do have a "yelling friend" - her son's are on all three teams too and we yell for them all.

At least I'm not the only crazy in the bleachers!

I'll come cheer with you anyday!

1/29/2008 8:59 AM  
Blogger Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

Thanks Kristine and Ellie. Ellie, I could easily see how one of us Sports parents could ruin our vocal cords with the yelling we do. Ha ha! It all comes with the territory. I look at it as part of the job I guess. And Kristine, I'll come yell with you anytime too girlfriend. Thanks for the support! :) I truly appreciate your post!

1/29/2008 9:10 AM  

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