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Sunday, January 06, 2008


Just work with me here. I realize it is only a "camera" to most of you. (You are probably wondering what the amazement is in the shot above of my great room mantle) To me however, cameras have been my life since birth. Whether it was surviving a Mother who snapped 500 pictures of anything and everyone or now enduring similar groans and moans from my own kids (well Brennen anyway) when I do the same things to them/him in my own adult life behind a camera. I'm definitely being paid back for all of the crooked little cheesy stubborn grins I gave my own Mother when she told me to smile. Paid back and then some. For example, I am able to look back and document my childhood from start to finish because of shots like these....that my own Mom snapped of me. First up, my Halloween party back in 3rd or 4th grade. We sure did love MaDonna back in the 80's didn't we? (By the way, did I ever mention that my own Mother's name is MaDonna? No joke! Total truth!) Anyway....oh come know we all experienced deep down inside - in some secret way - wanting to be that "Material Girl." Funny enough, all of these girls and I are still very close friends so it is a blast to revisit these traumatizing and extremely paralyzing photos with each of them from time to time.Left to right: Nicolle Sutton, Carrie Stevens, Joanie Riddle, and Me
Left to right: Nicolle, Joanie, & Me
Then below, we have a perfect example of that stubborn look I mentioned above. You know the one - when my Mom is telling me to smile but her and her camera are on my last nerve. Ha ha! This is of Krissie and I riding my 4-wheeler back in middle school. (8th grade) We had been mudding and apparently Mom thought it was a MUST to capture a shot of the evidence for blackmail later in life. Needless to say, I'm the one with the cocky stubborn look in front. Thanks Mom for taking all of these shots thru the years and for teaching me - in a twisted sort of way- to love being behind the lens of a camera. :)

It doesn't matter if its shooting a colorful bowl of oranges (as shown below) or shooting shots of my family, I have a passion for the frame of a viewfinder inside the camera. I love to study certain angles and look at certain architecture in order to find a "new view" or a creative angle other than the typical vertical and horizontal traditions. I guess you could say that I see things sideways, upside down, cock-eyed and so forth when getting ready to snap a photo.

So...bare with me as I play and experiment with my new baby. It's so cold outside right now that all I have to resort to are oranges and the interior of my home. Boring I know. Again, just work with me while I work through my excitement in the coming weeks. I promise it will all eventually pass. Ha ha!

PS...Yes, I collect crosses. Anything with crosses. I'm sure that is evident by some of the interior shots of my home above.
Much love~Angie


Anonymous Grandma Debbie said...

What a great camera! Hey, I'm already thinking about what I want for Mother's, not a new camera, but one of your "professional" photos of all my adorable grandkids!!
Have fun with your new toy!

1/07/2008 8:43 AM  
Anonymous Kim Springer said...

Hi Angie,

Well it looks like you had a wonderful vacation! The wedding pictures were great too, ( I wish we would have gotten married on the beach, it just makes for a beautiful and simple background) I am envious, I AM NOT a winter girl either!! I was wondering if you could tell me what condo you stayed in? was it on Sanibel Island? we absolutely love that area too, the pictures on your blog looked beautiful!!

I have also been meaning to ask you where you got the bench that you have in your entryway? I have been looking for something like that since we built our house (2 years ago) everything I find seems to be "country looking".

Also I had to tell you that I had total flashback after looking at your blog with the "Madonna" pictures on it, I totally remember having that vest and those jeans with the stripes on it that you had on in that picture, Ha! Ha!, thanks for the laugh!!!!

Just email me back whenever you get a chance no hurry,

Take care and talk to ya soon,


1/10/2008 8:57 AM  
Blogger PamperingBeki said...

Those are great shots!

I just got a Canon Rebel and I'm having a blast taking pictures with it too. Many are of random things around my house. Haha! Now I just have to figure out how to upload them to my computer....

1/11/2008 7:06 PM  

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