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Thursday, November 15, 2007


As I type this blog post, I am eagerly awaiting news from Kenidi's neurologists and doctors at Riley hospital regarding her EEG last Thursday. I've had a flood of emotions this week but in the end...I'm remaining true to my faith. Many of you who know me well and even those who frequent my blog from time to time are aware of my Faith and how much Christ means to me. I never hesitate to share those feelings - especially in times of possible worry or term oil within life. I've said it many times and I'll say it again....with God, I wouldn't have made it this far.
With that stated, I'm sure you are wondering where this post is going today. Truthfully, I don't even know. I'm all over the board at this moment. I guess the blog is my sounding board today and that is what you guys are reading - my moments, my emotions, my thoughts, etc. What prompted this blog you ask? Well, many things. Kenidi's testing, the realization or thoughts of loved ones that we lost this year who won't be there with us for the holidays for the first time ever, communication with friends or family members who are struggling with certain instances in life right now, etc. It's a ray of emotions that prompted this post. However, last night....I had just dropped Brennen off at basketball practice and was driving with Kenidi to our local store to pick up some groceries. It was about 7:30pm-dark, dreary, and cold here in Indy. On our way there, I was listening to our local Christian radio station - KLOVE! All of a sudden, they began discussing a young boy (13 years old), that called into a radio station recently with a special message. They played the recording of his message and it opened the flood gates for me. I don't know if it was his little voice or if it was the moment of the week in which I'm walking in/through, or what. However, it was amazing to me to hear a 13 year old have such profound wisdom at his age. It was amazing to me to hear that a child could already know what it has taken me years to figure out. I literally had to pull into the store parking lot and regroup. The recording brought me to tears that were almost uncontrollable. Again, it was probably the moment and the stress of the week unleashing itself in a simple moment with God. Either way, it hit home for me even though it was basically just a reminder of something I already knew. I came home and dug around on the Internet in hopes of finding little Logan's recording online. Low and behold...guess who had it? Youtube did~!!! So...if you are interested in hearing it, click the link below and come on back for the rest of the blog... guys might not find that as moving as I did but I still wanted to share it. I also wanted to share some amazing ornaments that my girlfriend Tracy out in California made for the holiday season. She is selling them on her blog here:
I just had to pick one up for our tree. I guess it's one of my favorite holiday finds this year. As Tracy mentioned in her blog, we believe Santa is overrated. We are bringing Christ back to Christmas this year. They look incredible all grouped together on a small tree as she has displayed in her photos.

So...I'm off for now. I just felt the need to ramble and share the faith for a bit. I pray that as each of you enter this holiday season and everyday for that matter, that you are reminded and feel Christ's love. I'll end it here with an old saying a very dear friend gave me several years back. It was during a time of difficult struggles for me and a time when I was asking a lot of "Why's?" She said..."There will be years that ask, and there will be years that answer. In the end, God never wastes pain!"

Enjoy your week. I'll be in touch and will post again on Friday sometime once I speak with Kenidi's doctors and learn of her exact test results. In his grip, Angie Seaman

PS...If you've never heard the music of the Christian band, Casting Crowns, you MUST! I've attached a link to a new song that they have out which reflects a lot of what I'm speaking of above. Should you desire to hear this incredible song, its called East to West and should begin automatically playing if you click this link:

My other favorite song on there is "Praise you in this storm." It's truly one of my all time favorites and couldn't be more fitting for us this week as we await Kenidi's test results. In order to hear that song, you have to use the little scroll button and scroll down on the right until you see it. Click that song title and it will then begin playing for you too.

Their CD would make a great stocking stuffer this year.


Anonymous Tracy S. said...

What an awesome post on your blog! I have been so busy laitly that I have not been on your blog, so Im all caught up now. lol I didnt realize your little sweetie was going through such tough scary times. I'll be praying for strength and courage for her and for Him to give you peace and guarded emotions! Love ya, Tracy

11/15/2007 10:29 AM  
Blogger Cindi said...

Angie, I have been admiring all your designs from afar for a while. I stumbled upon your site while looking at boutique clothing. I make outfits and bows for my daughters and love to see what you have created. I was touched by your blog today and had to respond. Thank you for sharing Logan's story. It is amazing that God can use songs and stories like Logans to remind you that he is in control even when it seems as if life is so out of control. Know that I am praying for you and Kenidi. God Bless! Cindi from Ga.

11/15/2007 7:17 PM  

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